How Much Does Paint Correction Cost?

The car body requires, like the other components, a permanent concern from the owners. Damage and scratches require repairs and additional costs.

In the event of damage to the body, drivers must be prepared and take action. This is all the more important as the damage often occurs without being the fault of the driver.

Paint correction is also known as polishing imperfections on a car. What does paint correction really mean? Paint correction means a multi-step process, applying in systematic order various compounds, like polish, wax, and sealant pastes to achieve unbelievable results. The paint will look like new.

How much does paint correction cost?

The average price of Paint correction starts from $350 and goes up to $1,000, for a small car. For larger vehicles such as trucks, or SUVs expect to pay $1,200 up to $3,000. The final price will mostly depend on the vehicle’s condition.

What is Paint Correction?

There are two distinct practices when it comes to car pain care: Preserving and protecting paint, and correcting paint. As you can see, the latter clearly describes a kind of “correction” for an imperfect finish. The solution is, of course, cleaning or the process of auto polish.

But why do imperfections come out so strongly? Because they are defects existing on a reflector surface, especially that of cars with a glossy finish. They are so visible to the human eye because the light is scattered/refracted when it hits the scratches.

This is the part where the paint correction process comes into play. Through polishing, the edges of deep scratches are rounded and can even be wiped, by removing a sufficient part of the transparent layer, so that it reaches the lowest point of the scratch. Anything deeper than that is then covered and smoothed very well with filler, varnish, or other materials.

There is also the situation where some scratches simply cannot be removed at all, due to the very deep impact of the paint layer or the varnish. In the event of a deep impact on the lacquer layer, if you insist on removing the scratch, you risk burning your paint.

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So, the idea of correcting imperfections on the car is good overall, but it is not without challenges. That’s because no matter what tool you use, rotary polisher, or orbital, you use something abrasive. Because of this, what you do with this procedure is to remove microns of lacquer layer from the body and UV protection along with them.

Paint correction stages and additional costs

At the Northeast Auto Salon in Boston, for example, the prices are as follows:

For a single sage expect to pay around $400-$600. This stage removes 50% to 60% of light scratches and swirls on the car paint.

For two stages of paint correction, expect to pay around $600-$800. This procedure removes 60% to 80% of moderate scratches and swirls from the car paint. This stage can also be combined with ceramic coating for $1,299 or $1,499, depending on what type you want.

For a three-stage paint correction, expect to pay $900 to $1,200. This procedure can remove up to 80-99% of heavy scratches, swirls, or light marring. Here, they can also recommend ceramic coating for about $1,499- $1,599.

Factors that influence the paint correction cost

Benefits of Paint CorrectionHere are some factors to consider when thinking about the paint correction price:

The condition of a vehicle plays a major role. A brand-new car won’t need the same work as an old car does, with major paint damage.

The size of the car matters too. The larger the car is, the more paint and work will be needed, so the paint correction will cost more.

The paint correction stage. Never forget to be clear on the type of stage you want so you can be sure of the price you’ll pay. The type of stage determines the time and work that will be needed.

Cost for DIY paint correction

If you want to try DIY paint correction here is a list of the needed materials:

  1. For an automotive buffer/polisher, you will pay around $35-$50. This will help you remove the outermost layer of paint. A more powerful buffer can cost you over $200.
  2. Paint Correction Compound costs between $20 and $50 per bottle. This is the liquid that will smooth out surface blemishes.
  3. Wax will protect the paint and make the car shine and costs between $10-$20 for 16 ounces.

Paint Correction Prevention

Car wash and shade are the best friends of a car’s paint.

In the end, we recommend you follow some useful tips if you want to keep your car paint in good condition for as long as possible. First of all, washing it as often as possible, as soon as you see that a layer of dust has been deposited, will protect the paint from chemical action.

Parking the car in the shade instead of leaving it in full sun will ensure the paint retains its properties and thus is more resistant to weather and wear factors. And from time to time, maybe once a year or every two years, treatment with special solutions that make a protective coating on the car is welcomed.

Especially during winter, a layer that completely isolates the body from harmful external factors, such as defrost solutions from the streets, will protect both the gloss of the paint and the body from rust. So, as you can see, things with paint are not that simple, and also not so cheap.

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