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Cost of Replacing a Passenger or Driver Side Window

Last Updated on November 25, 2021 | Written by CPA Alec Pow
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Regardless of whether you have an older or newer vehicle, it can happen that for various reasons the passenger or driver side windows suffer damage. Breakage or cracking of the windows can be caused by hits with various harder objects, deformations of the car body, or thermal shocks. Also, the windows can be replaced due to the fine scratches that can reduce the visibility, especially at night when the headlight lights can highlight the scratches.

How Much Does Replacing a Passenger or Driver Side Window Cost?

The cost of a passenger or driver window replacement is greatly influenced by the type of vehicle, but the average is anywhere between $110 and $360. Expect to pay more for an exotic or rare vehicle. However, most people pay $75 to $190 for a standard car side window replacement.

Depending on the make and model of the car, the year, and the complexity of the job, the price for a small, triangular side window (also known as quarter glass window or vent glass window if it moves) replacement is anywhere between $110 and $510, or even more. The replacement costs for these windows are higher than for standard-size door windows because they are not so common.

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If you want to repair a crack or a chip of a front car windshield, be prepared to pay $35 to $160. In case you need to replace this window expect to spend $190 to $420. Also, a factory or rare windshield will cost anywhere between $520 and $1,550.

Replacing a Passenger or Driver Side Window details

When replacing a passenger or driver side window, there are some steps to be followed:

  1. The certified mechanic will explain in detail the service performed.
  2. The mechanic will also carry out a prior inspection to check that the vehicle is not damaged.
  3. He will then remove the door or boot panel in order to gain access to the shards left there and to reach the window lift and lower mechanism, in the case of rear-view mirrors, in order to get to the terminals of the demisting system.
  4. Then he will vacuum all glass debris inside the vehicle.
  5. After that, he will install the new window. In the case of the rear window, he will remove the old adhesive, clean, and decontaminate the surface on which the new rear window will be glued. Prior to applying the adhesive, an activator or primer will be applied to both the rear sight and the body to accelerate the adhesion.
  6. The mechanic checks the window lifting/lowering mechanism to make sure it works properly, and in the case of rear windows, he will check the demisting system to also make sure it works properly.
  7. Then he will reinstall the door or boot panel.
  8. Finally, the mechanic will inspect the installation of the new window and make sure that it complies with the installation standards.

Any other costs to consider?

There are situations when the old window is completely broken and small pieces of glass fall into the door. If this is the case, a power window repair is required. This job will be charged at a higher rate.

Important things to consider

Broken Car WindowUnlike the windshield, the side windows and rear windows break into small pieces. This type of glass, called safety glass, is used to prevent personal injury to occupants of the vehicle involved in a high-impact road accident or violent event.

Safety glass is formed by the process called thermal hardening and is used for the safety of drivers and passengers. The glass is heated and immediately cooled. The outside of the glass is compressed, while the inside is under tension. This process is the reason why, on impact, the glass breaks into small pieces.

As the glass breaks into small pieces, such a window will need immediate replacement in order to be able to use the vehicle safely.

How can I save money?

According to the Insurance Information Institute, glass replacement costs are usually covered by comprehensive auto insurance, either with a $100 to $300 deductible or with no deductible amount due at all.

From time to time, some of the auto glass shops are offering discount coupons for 5% to 10% off or $7 to $27.

You can do this job yourself with the help of online tutorials. Also, you can purchase a window glass from a junkyard for around $20, instead of paying almost $170 at a retailer.

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