Dryer Vent Cleaning Cost

Last Updated on March 24, 2022
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Dryer vent cleaning will have an expense somewhere between $100 and $170, or $135 as the general average. Have a look at the information provided below to know the best price for this task.

As you make use of your dryer regularly, the vents will collect a great deal of lint, hair, and other particles. This debris rapidly builds up as the clothes spin around in the device. You must clear it after each load, however, regrettably, not everyone has the necessary time to do it. If you forget to take away the lint, it can ultimately block the dryer vents and turn into a fire threat. You can avoid this with comprehensive yearly cleaning.

  • National Average $135
  • Normal prices – $100 – $170

The majority of people wind up paying their plumbing professional $130 typically for clothes dryer vent cleaning, as the cleaning procedure hardly ever takes a lot of time. They have the tools and competence to fully clear the lint out of your clothes dryer vents. If the plumbing technician finds that the pipes need replacement, you might pay considerably more.

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Roof vent cleansing expenses tend to run $130 typically also unless issues emerge. Many houses have clothes dryers that vent out at the side of your home near the ground. Others have roof vents. No matter your clothes dryer vent setup point, the quantity of time it requires to clear the clog will identify the cost you pay.

Typical Clothes Dryer Vent Wizard Expense

Dryer Vent Wizard will make sure that your system is up to code prior to cleaning up for an initial fee of $40. Utilizing their findings from the examination, they will write a quote. This price quote will show you all the services needed to keep your clothes dryer working effectively and with very little fire risk.

Rooftop Dryer Vent Cleaning Rate

The majority of roof clothes dryer vent cleaning businesses or professionals charge $130 as their typical rate to clean roof vents as they do for vents on the side of your home. You can be sure that they will completely check out these vents also, in spite of their reasonably inconvenient placement.

These vents are very likely to develop blockages from debris build-up and damage from severe climate conditions. This actually means that the chance of having additional fee increases when having roof dryer vents cleaned up. You can change the place of this vent by choosing to spend on brand-new vents and ductwork.

Risks of a Clogged Clothes Dryer Duct

When particles start to block the clothes dryer vent, the exhaust gases produced by the dryer will accumulate and lead to a possible fire threat. This can turn an otherwise handy device into a disaster waiting to happen. Practically 5,000 fire examinations each year lead back to clothes dryer vents loaded with lint and other combustible particles. This can result in:

Worst case scenario: Clean-up expenses for fire and smoke damage can cost anywhere between $3,200 and $28,000.
Somewhat less serious issues: Short-circuiting of the electrical system and other significant electrical issues expenses.
Small problems: Getting too hot in the house and pricey energy fees will become a common occurrence due to the fact that the clothes dryer works harder with each spin cycle to dry your clothing. You might be deceived into paying the expense of a brand-new home appliance because of its bad efficiency.

What Triggers a Clogged Dryer Vent?

By taking all the risks of a failed clothes dryer vent into consideration, it is pretty clear to see it can cost you a lot more than the typical vent cleaning rate of $130. So, it is wise to understand that the most significant reason for a clogged-up clothes dryer vent is a lack of upkeep – and try your best to prevent it.

Being proactive is simple:

  1. You should always empty the smaller-sized lint trap prior to starting every new load. This will pull the majority of the debris out of the equation before it can drop into the vent pipes.
  2. You should also check the length of the exhaust vent at the very least once a year to make sure that debris is not accumulating. If it is, book a check from your clothes dryer vent cleaning company right away to prevent a partial or complete obstruction of the vent pipes.

Other aspects that affect clothes dryer vent performance will be:

The positioning of Your Clothes dryer

When the clothing dryer is far from an exterior wall, it needs a longer vent pipe to release hot air. The longer vent pipes can be more difficult to clean up, particularly when they wind around corners and other structures.

Potential for Limitations

Long, winding clothes dryer vents can quickly accumulate restrictions that obstruct airflow. Debris tends to gather at those points, leading to a clog.

Outside Interference

Birds, squirrels, and other wildlife frequently try to make nests in vents, particularly ones that exit at the roofing system. At that point, debris from your clothing can rapidly create a clog as it catches on the nesting materials.

If you can actively avoid these issues, you can successfully protect the function of your clothes dryer vents and avoid paying the cost of vent cleaning.

Increasing the Energy Performance of Your Clothes Dryer

Beyond preventing fires, spending on dryer vent cleaning can also aid to enhance the performance of your device. When a dryer’s vent is partly obstructed or even fully blocked for that matter, it needs to work a lot harder than it used to, to get rid of wetness from clothing, create heat, and dry the materials. This can mean additional damage to the clothes dryer and the need to cover the expenses of home appliance repair work. In addition, as you compensate by running the clothes dryer for a longer time, your utility expenses will begin to build up, costing you more each month.

In addition, as the clothes dryer runs for extended time periods, the additional heat it produces might lead to greater temperature levels throughout your house. This is particularly true if the exhaust vent pipe runs through more than one room before getting out of the house. A higher indoor temperature level will mean that during the summertime, the cooling system typically should work harder too. So, when you clean your vents each year, you boost the effectiveness of your clothes dryer and the whole home.

How Do You Know If Your Clothes Dryer Vent is Blocked?

A few of the indications that a clothes dryer vent will need to be cleaned up are:

  • Clothes come out of the dryer much hotter than they should
  • The drying cycle takes longer
  • Clothing perspire after a typical cycle
  • The laundry room feels much hotter than normal
  • The lint filter fills too fast
  • Energy costs increase without a clear cause
  • Clothing from the clothes dryer will smell moldy
  • The dryer sheets smell odd or easily break down

If you notice any of these signs, you should better pay the expenses of cleaning up clothes dryer vents before they end up being a fire threat. By doing so, you can also reduce your energy expenses and home appliance repair work expenses, keeping more money in your pocket.

When to Contact an Expert to Clean a Clothes Dryer Vent

How to Clean a Dryer VentTo decrease their clothes dryer vent cleaning expenses, numerous property owners choose to clean up the vents themselves for about $30 to $70 for the dryer vent cleaning set. Others choose to employ an expert straight away.

In either case, as soon as you see the indications of a dryer vent clog developing, it is time to figure out if you can cover the needed dryer vent cleaning expenditures. In the long run, nevertheless, you actually can not afford to avoid this crucial service.

There are a number of specialists who can supply this service, including plumbers, A/C professionals, and businesses that focus particularly on vent cleaning. Given that some dryer ducts can be quickly damaged, it is essential that the professional has the tools and experience needed to do the job as well as possible.

How to DIY a clothes dryer cleaning task yourself:

  • Disconnect the clothes dryer from the wall outlet and get rid of the vent exhaust pipe from the clothes dryer
  • Vacuum or manually take out the debris from both the clothes dryer and pipes
  • Check the interior of the vent pipe for obstructions and damage
  • Also, check the outside of your house for any obstructions where the exhaust vents come out

You need to know what to look for and how to know the vent pipe is cleared of all particles to make this Do It Yourself task a success. Even when all works out, this can be a lengthy procedure, and it is not always efficient. A much better idea will usually be to call an expert.

Instead of just calling a handyman, it is a better idea to look for a plumbing or clothes dryer exhaust specialist licensed by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. These experts are very familiar with the most significant fire dangers and can aid you to prevent blockages, decreasing your costs for clothes dryer vent cleaning.

How to Keep Your Clothes Dryer Vent Clean

Make use of these suggestions to decrease the build-up of lint and other particles in your clothes dryer vents.

  • Switch from dryer sheet to a liquid fabric softener.
  • Let the clothes dryer cool for 15 to 20 minutes in between loads
  • Move the clothes dryer closer to an external wall
  • Change the flexible vent pipe with a strong metal one

Even with these preventative methods, lint and other particles gradually build up inside the vent pipes. Try to remember to clean your clothes dryer vents at least one time every 12 months to get rid of the particles, avoid obstructions and reduce clothes dryer vent cleaning costs.

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