Cost to Dry Clean a Suit

Last Updated on August 15, 2022
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Most of us have the perfect suit that fits us like a glove and we’ve taken great care of it, but it’s inevitable that it will get stains and smells. After all, it’s a piece of clothing like any other.

Suits are the type of clothing that requires dry cleaning. Under no circumstances should we put them in the washing machine or wash them by hand with cold or warm water.

How Much Does It Cost to Dry Clean a Suit?

Plan on spending anywhere between $15 and $40 for dry cleaning a suit. The cost will be affected by some factors such as the place where you are living, the type of suit and the dry cleaner you choose. In the table below you can find the average costs of dry cleaning different types of suits.

Type of Suit Price Range
Men’s 2-piece dinner
$25 to $35
tMen’s 3-piece suit $17 to $35
Men’s 2-piece suit $12 to $27
Men’s 3-piece
evening suit
$28 to $39
Women’s linen/silk
$16 to $33
Suit dress $16 to $33
Women’s 3-piece suit
with ves
$20 to $35
Women’s 2-piece suit $12 to $30

For instance, Spit Spot, a dry cleaner from Maryland, charges around $18 for dry cleaning a three-piece suit, while the cost of cleaning a two-piece suit is almost $14.

According to an Angie’s List article, the average cost of dry cleaning a two-piece suit in Massachusetts state is $16, while in Texas you will have to pay around $11 for the same suit.

What are the additional expenses?

Expect to pay 50% to 75% more if you like to have your suit dry cleaned on the same day you drop it off at the cleaner.

Depending on their policy, some cleaners may charge an additional fee for suits that are made of silk or wool.

The majority of the dry-cleaning services provide pick-up and delivery for a small extra charge that depends on the distance traveled. In general, this will be a flat rate which is anywhere between $20 and $25.

Dry cleaning overview

To clean the suits, a liquid solvent called perchloroethylene is used, which removes preparation oils and dirt from the fabrics.

This clothes cleaning process was accidentally discovered in 1825 by Jean-Baptiste Jolly. One evening, Jolly accidentally spilled a lamp containing turpentine on a table. After it dried, the place where the turpentine had flowed was much cleaner than the rest of the material. This is how this dry cleaning known as the chemical cleaning method was born.

Important things to consider

Suits Recently CleanedA very important specification that you should bring to the attention of a cleaning company (in case they don’t already know this) is the fact that buttons and other elements that can be damaged during dry cleaning must be taken down and then put back exactly as they were before. Also, if a suit contains 2 different colors, during washing it is possible that one of the colors will fade, which is why these types of suits should be treated differently than those in a single color.

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To avoid cleaning the suit as much as possible, it is recommended to take it outside from time to time so that the odors come out, especially after being in places that are very crowded or where smelly food is served.

If you don’t use it regularly, it’s best to keep it in a fabric cover that allows the fabric to breathe. Those who do not use the suit daily are recommended to keep it in a suitable cover so that it does not catch dust.

How to tell if a suit needs to be taken to the dry cleaners

It is true that there is no exact method by which to realize when it is necessary to take our jackets and trousers to the dry cleaners, but most of us do it far too often.

A suit should be taken to the dry cleaners only when brushing, airing and lint cleaning no longer succeed in removing unpleasant odors, dirt, and stains. If you rarely wear a suit, then it is most likely necessary to take it to the dry cleaners only once a year. But if you have to dress in a suit every day, then, of course, you have to take it to the cleaners several times, but without going overboard. If a suit is cleaned too many times, the wool threads will lose their quality and become brittle, causing the material to deteriorate much faster than it should.

How should I choose a suitable dry cleaner for a suit?

When it is necessary to take your suit to the dry cleaners, it would be best to look on the internet at the comments and reviews that the dry cleaners in your city have received from other customers, to be able to see if they were left a good impression or not. Also, you should try calling some of the cleaners nearby. If they are willing to answer, it could be a sign that they care about their customers. Never forget to ask a cleaning company if they work in their own workshop, or if they send their products to a larger factory. This may seem unimportant, but you may be in for an unpleasant surprise when your clothes get lost on the road.

How can I save money?

If you are used to working with certain cleaners regularly you may be offered some discounts. Make sure you ask what benefits you have as a loyal customer.

Take into consideration looking for coupons online because this is a very competitive industry. Though, before choosing a dry cleaner make sure it has good reviews.

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