How Much Does Commercial Window Cleaning Cost?

Last Updated on April 8, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Keeping a business’s windows spotless and streak-free greatly enhances its curb appeal, brand image, and interior environment. But contracting high-quality commercial window cleaning requires specialized techniques, equipment, and strict safety protocols beyond basic residential washing.

This guide explores typical costs for professional commercial window cleaning services, factors that influence pricing, tips for budgeting and savings, and how to choose a qualified provider.

While investing in regular commercial window cleaning exceeds residential fees, the benefits for your business’s reputation and operational efficiency make the expenditure worthwhile.

Expect to spend around $200 to $1,000+ per service depending on the property’s size, number of windows, accessibility challenges, and cleaning frequency. We’ll break down average prices for storefronts, office towers, educational campuses, hospitals, and everything in between.

Partnering with insured and licensed commercial window washing professionals utilizing proper methods, gear, and safety training yields superior results over DIY attempts. Consistent window care ensures your business always puts its best face forward.

How Much Does Commercial Window Cleaning Cost?

The average commercial window cleaning costs for typical buildings are:

  • Small storefronts – $100 to $300 per cleaning service. This assumes low-rise accessibility.
  • Mid-size office buildings – $300 to $700+ per service depending on total window area and multi-story cleaning needs.
  • High-rise buildings – $500 to $1,500+ per service with costs rising significantly for buildings requiring specialty high-access equipment, more cleaning time, and extensive safety precautions.

Many window cleaning providers also quote pricing on a per window basis, usually $5 to $10 per window, or hourly rates ranging from $50 to $100 per man-hour. Packages and monthly maintenance plans offer discounted rates versus one-off services.

Jobber reports that commercial cleaning prices vary from $0.07 to $0.15 a square foot or $50 to $100 an hour. For specialty commercial cleaning services like window cleaning, the cost is $2 to $5 per windowpane.

Squeegeezy states that professional window cleaners generally charge $2 to $7 per window pane for residential cleaning services.

MarketWatch reports that professional window cleaning for a home’s exterior windows typically costs between $150 and $300. However, window quantity, size, type, and accessibility can influence the cost. For a professional to clean an average window, the cost is between $10 and $15, or between $4 and $11 per pane of glass.

How Commercial Window Cleaning Works

Commercial window cleaning encompasses external and internal washing services tailored to business needs:

  • Exterior window cleaning – Washing outside windows, frames, ledges, and sills. This removes dirt, grime, mineral deposits, and other buildup.
  • Interior window cleaning – Scrubbing inside glass surfaces, frames, and sills. This enhances light transmission and ambiance.
  • High-rise cleaning – Utilizing rigs, scaffolding, lifts, and ropes to safely access windows on tall commercial buildings.
  • Post-construction cleaning – Thorough restoration cleaning after new builds or renovations.

Beyond aesthetics and sparkling glass, diligent window cleaning also improves visibility, natural light access, HVAC efficiency, and interior cleanliness.

Factors Impacting Commercial Window Cleaning Costs

Several factors influence the pricing for commercial window cleaning projects:

  • The total number, sizes, and heights of windows needing cleaning. Large window volumes take more time.
  • Frequency and intensity of scheduled cleaning. Restorative versus standard maintenance cleaning has different costs.
  • Specialized equipment needs for multi-story buildings like boom lifts and scaffolding.
  • Any additional services required like screen, sill, frame, or skylight cleaning.
  • General geographical region and prevailing local labor costs.
  • Volume discounts offered for larger commercial properties and bundled interior/exterior cleaning packages.

Evaluating these cost factors allows window cleaning companies to provide accurate quotes based on the specific building’s needs. Expect to pay more for tall high-rise buildings with extensive window volumes versus shorter low-rise storefronts.

Additional Commercial Window Cleaning Costs

Window Cleaning ServicesSupplementary services that can increase standard cleaning costs:

  • Specialized equipment rental for multi-story access such as scissor lifts, rigs, scaffolding, and articulating booms – $50 to $300+ per day generally.
  • Comprehensive construction clean-up or deep restoration cleaning for older buildings – Often double the rate of standard maintenance cleaning or higher.
  • Screen, frame, sill, and skylight cleaning – Added fees ranging from $50 for limited additional cleaning to $500+ for entire building packages.
  • Added travel fees for companies servicing remote commercial locations requiring significant transit time or overnight stays to access.

Saving on Commercial Window Cleaning

Strategies to reduce business window cleaning costs include:

  • Scheduling regular exterior maintenance cleaning such as monthly or quarterly to avoid more expensive deep restoration services needed after years of neglect.
  • Bundling interior and exterior cleaning packages into a single discounted price rather than individual services.
  • Checking for first-time customer discounts and seasonal cleaning specials when scheduling.
  • Obtaining quotes from several highly-rated providers in your region to identify the best overall value.
  • Inquiring about contracted pricing for large cleaning projects or ongoing maintenance agreements.

The most cost-effective approach is establishing a budget-friendly regular cleaning schedule to keep all exterior and interior windows looking their absolute best year-round.

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How to Choose a Commercial Window Cleaning Service

Seeking an insured, licensed, and highly experienced provider that specializes in commercial window cleaning services ensures you receive quality outcomes. Important credentials and indicators to look for:

  • Proper licensing, bonding, and insurance specifically for commercial jobs. This protects you from liability issues.
  • Deep expertise washing windows on commercial properties such as office towers, hospitals, and retail buildings rather than just homes.
  • Use of top-tier commercial cleaning equipment and methods for the most efficient, streak-free cleaning.
  • Adherence to all standard safety protocols and training programs. This is crucial for multi-story buildings.
  • Stellar reputation based on business testimonials, reviews, and referring property managers or architects.

Comprehensive service contracts detailing the agreed scope of work and clearly defined pricing terms help avoid surprise charges or service issues.

Final Words

Although costs for commercial window cleaning services exceed residential pricing in most cases, the benefits for your business’s reputation, occupancy experience, productivity, and aesthetics make the investment in professional cleaning worthwhile.

Following a regular exterior and interior cleaning schedule maintains pristine windows, enhances natural light, and keeps your business looking its absolute best. Partnering with fully insured specialists who use proper methods and safety protocols results in superior outcomes over DIY attempts when addressing unique commercial window care needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the profit margin for window cleaning?

For an efficient commercial window cleaning business charging competitive market rates, experienced window cleaners typically see a profit margin of 30-50% after factoring all operating costs like labor, supplies, equipment, insurance, transportation, licensing, and overhead. Variables impacting window cleaning profitability include:

  • Pricing structure and rates – Charging enough per service to cover all business costs and leave a suitable profit margin. Premium pricing for add-ons and specialty services boosts margins.
  • Client base and efficiency – Developing an optimized cleaning schedule and route density that maximizes daily productivity keeps profits consistent.
  • Cost control – Finding the optimal balance of pricing, staffing levels, equipment investments, and operating costs to protect and maximize margins.
  • Specialization – Premium services like construction cleaning, waterfed poles, high-rise access jobs, and strictly commercial work command higher profit margins than basic residential cleaning.

Many full-time professional window cleaners report target earnings of $40 to $70 per service man-hour after all equipment, supplies, transportation, and overhead costs are covered. Proper business planning, pricing, and cost management is crucial to maintaining strong profit margins in the window cleaning industry.

How often should commercial windows be cleaned?

Most commercial window cleaning contractors recommend exterior window cleaning at least every 1-3 months and interior cleaning every 3-6 months as ideal maintenance intervals. However, the optimal cleaning frequency depends on factors like:

  • Building location and exposure to environmental elements – Urban areas with more dirt, dust, salt, and pollution often demand professional cleaning every 1-2 months.
  • Accessibility and height – High-rise buildings with extensive equipment needs may only require specialized cleaning a few times per year, while low-rise offices may be cleaned monthly.
  • Window materials, coatings, and ages – Modern treated glass facades resist dirt buildup longer than older untreated windows. Historic buildings likely need more frequent servicing.
  • Business type – Retail display windows, storefronts, and interior entryways require higher cleaning frequency than office towers or back areas with minimal traffic.

Professional cleaners offer building-specific evaluations to tailor ideal exterior and interior cleaning intervals based on usage, materials, environmental factors, and appearance goals. Consistent cleaning routines deliver the best results.

How many houses does a window cleaner clean a day?

For residential window cleaners, the typical number of homes serviced per day averages 5-10. Output depends on several factors:

  • Home size and total window area – Larger houses with expansive window square footage naturally take more time per project.
  • Travel distances between jobs – Having tightly clustered neighborhoods and clients along an efficient route increases jobs completed daily versus scattered rural homes.
  • Overall window condition and cleaning needs – Heavily soiled windows requiring deep cleaning, chemical treatments, or screen cleaning reduces daily completion rates.
  • Crew size – Solo window cleaners must handle all tasks which limits daily output versus larger teams with specialized roles.
  • Individual cleaner skill and experience – Faster and more efficient cleaners maximize productivity from each job.
  • Optimal scheduling and density – Carefully planned cleaning routes with neighboring jobs boosts daily production capacity.

The typical time window a solo cleaner spends per average residential home is 1-3 hours. With drive times and breaks factored in, most solo cleaners complete 5-10 standard homes daily while achieving quality results. Larger crews with van transport and equipment can often double individual output. The goal is maximizing homes serviced without sacrificing client satisfaction.

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