XBox One Repair Cost

Cost to Repair an Xbox One

Last Updated on December 27, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

The Xbox One, like lots of other gadgets, is bound to stop working at one point or another, specifically if it is constantly being used for gaming and movie watching.

While a lot of repairs can be done by yourself by following how-to videos on YouTube, some usually prefer to avoid the stress and anxiety and allow the experts to deal with the task.

Whether it’s Microsoft or a third-party expert, the expenses will certainly differ significantly depending on the kind of repair work that will be needed.

The standard reported Xbox One repair work expenses

The expenses to fix your Xbox One will certainly depend on the sort of repair work needed, the expert you work with, as well as if your Xbox One is still under the producer’s service warranty. One of the most usual repairs, from what we managed to find online, was fixing or changing the console’s hard disk drive, HDMI port pins, or the CD tray if you were to work with a third-party source.

If you were to send out the Xbox straight to Microsoft outside of warranty, which, most individuals commonly do, then Microsoft will usually bill a flat $115 to fix the console, no matter what type of repair will be needed.

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Nonetheless, if Microsoft considers that the repair work is needed because of a maker problem and your console is outside of the warranty, after that there is a great chance they will cover the whole repair work, according to some records we managed to stumble upon online.

While optional, Microsoft also provides a solution, referred to as “advance exchange,” which will set you back an extra $15 plus a $400 hold charge. Once more, this is optional, however, it enables Microsoft to send you a reconditioned device as soon as possible, with some individuals reporting getting their brand-new Xbox in just 2 days.

From what we could gather, if you were to pick a third-party company, the expenses would be close, however, rather than waiting weeks for your Xbox to return, you might have the repair performed in just a day, depending on the service provider you’d work with. In our table below, we added a few of the quotes we received online:

Repair Average Price Quoted
Blu-Ray drive replacement/upgrade $85
Blu-Ray drive laser repair $65
Hard drive recovery (E200 Error) $50
Update problems $30
Green screen $50
Taking too long to load error $30
Error codes $50+, depending on error code as there are many
Spindle problems $65
Won’t turn on $50+, depending on the exact cause

KEEP IN MIND: These were quotes from third-party resources, not Microsoft. As said before, Microsoft will usually charge a flat $115 for all out-of-warranty repairs., as an example, noted on its main rates sheet that it would set you back $129 to fix the disc drive, whereas the website GamersRepair had a cost of $99.

The warranty repair work process

If your console is under service warranty, then you will first want to make sure that your Xbox is registered under your Microsoft username. If you’re not sure, you can do so directly online.

XBox One ControllerWhen registered, you can click the “request repair service” button, where it will then ask you a bunch of questions, such as the issue you are facing and also your contact info.

After you input the info, Microsoft will offer you a collection of alternatives, varying from only dealing with the issue or changing it with a reconditioned one. These choices can differ, however.

When the info has been sent and received, you will get a service order number as well as an order verification e-mail that has the delivery details. You will then need to make sure you deliver your Xbox immediately because if you do not deliver within one month from entry, the order will be terminated and will no longer be valid.

When your package reaches the Microsoft service, you will be able to track the state of the repair by clicking the “order standing” tab.

Other tips to remember

If you do send your Xbox to Microsoft, they estimate that the time to completion will be anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks.

If you pay with a bank card, there could be a likelihood that the card has warranty benefits, which will prolong the service warranty past the maker’s service warranty policies. Talk with your credit card provider or check out the small print to see if your acquisition qualifies.

Try to fix the Xbox before sending it in., for instance, sells full repair kits for less than $10, and practically every problem can be detected by following a Youtube video clip or checking it on

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