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How Much Does Cypress Lumber Cost?

Last Updated on February 16, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Cypress lumber is prized for its beauty, durability, and versatility, making it a popular choice for many construction and woodworking projects. However, like most high-quality woods, cypress lumber does come at a cost.

This article provides an overview of current market prices for cypress lumber, including a comparison of retail versus wholesale pricing.

We’ll also discuss the variables that can cause cypress wood prices to fluctuate, and provide tips for calculating your lumber needs and getting the best value when purchasing cypress boards. Read on to learn what goes into the cost of this desirable, sustainable lumber species.

How Much Does Cypress Lumber Cost?

The price of cypress lumber, like most building materials, can vary quite a bit depending on the source you use to buy it. At the high end, expect to pay around $6.50 per board foot when purchasing cypress from a local specialty lumberyard or woodworker supplier. This pricing is common for high quality, kiln dried cypress intended for fine woodworking.

For more budget-friendly cypress, big box home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s offer the wood for around $3 to $4 per board foot on average. This range reflects the lower grades and quality that large retailers carry to meet general construction needs.

Purchasing cypress lumber wholesale directly from sawmills or distributors provides an opportunity to get better prices, often starting around $2 per board foot for new, unplaned lumber bought in bulk. This wholesale cypress lumber pricing means significant savings, especially for larger projects.

Cline Lumber, for example, provides cypress pricing for various dimensions, such as 1 X 12, SEL & BTR, at $4.99, $5.70, and $7.06 per board foot (bd ft).

The Forestry Forum discusses rough-cut cypress lumber prices, which can be found at around $1.00/board foot (bd ft) but have been offered at $625.00/thousand board feet (mbf) for 4/4 random width.

AA Lumber offers a current price list for kiln-dried, smooth-select, and rough-sawn cypress lumber. The prices are subject to change without notice, and customers are encouraged to call for special pricing.

For example, a 1″ X 8″ rough-sawn cypress 12′ long is currently $29.60 per board foot (bd ft).

Shell Lumber lists cypress lumber prices, such as VSHE11010CY at $86.90, VSHE11012CY at $104.28, and VSHE11016CY at $139.04.

Cypress Depot LLC provides a price sheet with various cypress lumber dimensions and prices. For example, 12′ #2 Rough Cut GREEN Cypress Post/Beams are priced at $3.25 per board foot (bd ft).

Factors Influencing Cypress Lumber Prices

Several key factors impact the retail and wholesale pricing you’ll encounter when buying cypress lumber:

  • Availability – As a domestically grown wood, availability of cypress is subject to seasonal harvesting and demand fluctuations. Times of lower supply can drive prices higher.
  • Location – Regional cypress lumber prices reflect local availability and transportation costs to population hubs needing building materials.
  • Grade – The quality grade of the lumber factors heavily into cost. Knots, checking, warp, and other defects drive down the grade.
  • Preparation – Milling, drying, planning, and other processing done to prepare raw cypress timber adds cost.
  • Volume discounts – Buying larger wholesale volumes lowers the per-unit price substantially.
  • Sustainability – Eco-certified cypress costs 20-30% more than uncertified sources due to sustainable forest management.

Calculate Your Cypress Lumber Needs

Having an accurate board foot measurement of your cypress lumber needs is crucial for budgeting any project. When calculating board feet:

  • Carefully measure the dimensions of each piece (width x thickness x length)
  • Total the board feet for all pieces
  • Add 15% to allow for cutting loss and waste

Use your total board foot estimate to compare costs across various cypress lumber suppliers. Prices between $3 to $6 per board foot are reasonable for quality cypress for furniture, flooring, siding, and other uses. Budgeting $5 per board foot is a safe average for cypress lumber.

For a large custom home project requiring 5,000 board feet of cypress siding, that equals a cypress lumber expense of approximately $25,000 at $5/foot. Understanding your needs now prevents budget shock later!

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Tips for Buying Cypress Lumber

Follow these best practices when shopping for cypress lumber to maximize value:

  • Inspect boards carefully for defects, checking, and warp that will increase waste.
  • Buy direct from sawmills or wholesale suppliers when possible to avoid retail markups.
  • Consider having lumber delivered to avoid transport costs and hassles.
  • Buy sustainably certified cypress when feasible to support responsible forest management.
  • Compare prices from multiple sources using your board foot estimate.
  • Buy in bulk to get volume discounts if storage space allows.
  • Consider quality versus purely lowest cost to avoid excessive knots.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Considerations

Cypress lumber offers sustainability advantages versus other common softwood construction lumber:

  • It’s durable for long-lasting buildings and furniture.
  • Sourcing certified cypress supports responsible forestry practices.
  • Cypress lumber is biodegradable and non-toxic.
  • Using local cypress lumber reduces transportation impacts.

While certified cypress lumber comes at a 20-30% premium, the environmental benefits are significant. Supporting sustainable forestry helps ensure cypress availability for future generations as well.

Final Words

Cypress lumber ranges from $3 to over $6 per board foot, with wholesale pricing starting around $2/foot. Careful planning, calculating your board foot needs, buying directly from suppliers, and purchasing sustainably certified boards can bring significant cost savings.

Consider both price and quality characteristics like knots and warp when selecting lumber to get the best results for carpentry and woodworking projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is cypress a board foot?

On average, cypress lumber costs between $3 to $6 per board foot at retail. Wholesale pricing can be as low as $2 per board foot when buying directly from sawmills or distributors in bulk quantity.

Higher grades of cypress suitable for fine woodworking can cost up to $6.50 per board foot from specialty suppliers. Always calculate your specific board foot needs and compare prices from multiple vendors.

Does cypress make good lumber?

Yes, cypress is an excellent lumber choice. It has a beautiful grain pattern, appealing light color, and exceptional durability. Cypress is naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insects thanks to its high cypressene oil content.

It is easy to work, takes finishes well, and can last over 100 years even when exposed to weather. These qualities make cypress a coveted lumber for siding, decking, outdoor furniture, and other applications.

Is cypress cheaper than pine?

On average, cypress lumber is comparable in price or slightly more expensive than similar grades of pine lumber. At big box stores, pine can cost around $2-3 per board foot, while cypress ranges from $3-4.

From lumberyards, pine may run $3-5 per foot versus $4-6.50 for cypress. In terms of durability and lifespan for outdoor uses, cypress is generally a better value than pine despite the small premium.

For fine indoor furniture or woodworking, the richness and beauty of cypress is often worth the extra cost over pine.

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