Davids Bridal Alteration Cost

David’s Bridal Alteration Cost

Last Updated on March 17, 2023 | Written by CPA Alec Pow
First Published on November 3, 2020 | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popivker

You will most likely need an wedding dress alteration if you want to look perfect for your dream wedding. And this will usually be an additional cost to consider, regardless of whether you’re going to a local seamstress or a professional bridal boutique.

This is the situation with the David’s Bridal business as well. According to brides that have made their voices heard online, even if you purchase your wedding dress from one of their locations, you will still have to pay for the alteration.

According to their official website, they have designated alteration specialists in all of their 300+ locations, that are ready to alter your wedding dress regardless of whether you purchased it online or from their stores.

How Much Does David’s Bridal Alteration Cost?

Based on our research, David’s bridal alteration cost is likely to be somewhere between $20 and $400. The actual cost will vary based on several factors, including how fast you need the alteration of the dress to be done, the garment you will need to change, how much the professional will have to work on it, and the overall complexity of the alteration project.

David’s Bridal Alteration price list

Although you won’t find any specific rates on the official David’s website, which is obvious as each job is unique, we were still able to find some brides-to-be online and offline, that wanted to share their experience and final price quoted. You will find everything in the list below:

What was done and the quoted price

  • Fancy bustle after the hem – $300
  • Taking in the sides, the necessary hemming, as well as beaded sash with  the first 3 bustle points – $300
  • Skirt hemmed, corset taken in, cups put in, veil bustle and bodice back – $375
  • Slight take-in of the sides and a hem – $100
  • Chiffon and liner hemmed, as well as the take in of the leading and bustle – $275
  • Removal of 8 inches from the waist – $200
  • Take in the waist and down towards the hips, bustle, and take in the bust and top upper body – $180
  • Sash sewn in, 9 points of bustle added and hemmed  – $250
  • Add a pre-made bodice back and corset ties – $175
  • Hemmed, bustled, and taken in a bit – $350
  • Only the bustle – $120
  • A hem, hip area modified, 10-point bustle, and cups – $360
  • 6-point bustle and liner layer hemmed – $101
  • Bustle, moving up the shoulders and cups – $100
  • Hemming of a bridesmaid dress, closing a small slit and moving up the shoulders – $125
  • A hem, shoulder strap tightened up, and a bustle – $100
  • Shoulder straps moved up and a bustle added – $115

Alteration and the starting cost

Alteration Minimum price
Bra cups $30
Hem $75 for single layer hems. If you have a gown with multiple skirt layers then you are likely to spend $150 or more.
Over bustles $35 for just the first few loops. Any other ones after the initial amount will cost an additional $5.
Shorten sleeves $50
Take in/let out sides $45
Take up shoulders $30
Under bustle $60 for as many as three loops, and $7 additional for each one after that
Rush fee $35
Add corset back $220+

What dress modifications can you do at David’s Bridal?

You will be able to create a unique bustle, replace the zipper closure on the back of the corset, adjust the sleeves, and adjust your dress to fit you properly, according to information found on David’s official website.

The fittings will be free if you purchase the dress from one of their stores or their official website, but you will have to pay for any needed alterations. So based on everything we went through in this article, you should expect prices between $100 and $200 for smaller jobs, although a more extravagant dress or a more complex alteration will likely cost $400 or more.

What will be included in the alteration quote?

David's Bridal storeThe quote you will receive should include the whole alteration, of course, based on your needs and measurements, and of course, professional press and steam to end it all. As you’d expect, any of their stores will have the possibility of customizing the gown so that it is perfect for you and your event.

Whether it’s adding a brand-new style to a strapless gown, putting full cap sleeves and/or changing your back zipper with a lacy corset, all stores will be able to offer you a full list of the modifications they provide for you.

The total cost will be due on the day of your fitting, and if you go for a rush shipment, which typically completes in less than 2 weeks, then this will be included in the final cost too.

Tips to keep in mind

The business suggests you make the visit the day you buy the dress as it can take up to 4 weeks for the modifications to be completed. Depending upon your geographical area, the expert that works there will be able to say more about your alternatives. The very first fitting normally takes anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the kind of dress altered.

On the day of your fitting, you should consider bringing the specific underwear you intend to wear the day of your wedding event to guarantee the dress is a perfect fit.

You should always bring a friend or relative who is in your bridal celebration so she can find out how to bustle the train.

EverAfterGuide suggests starting the alteration project about 4 to 6 months before the wedding event, mainly due to discovering a great seamstress as many will be reserved for this amount of time.

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  1. Pamela Mortimer
    Pamela Mortimer says:

    These may have been the prices charged for specific projects but they aren’t across the board. I worked as an alterations specialist at DB. Each item is priced separately, often based on difficulty and the construction of the dress. Also, I’ve never put in a bustle unless it was needed.


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