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How Much Does a Dutch Bros Coffee Franchise Cost?

Last Updated on April 12, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

With its lively, high-energy atmosphere, speedy service, and loyal local customer base, Dutch Bros Coffee has emerged as one of the hottest growing franchises in recent years. The popular West Coast drive-thru coffee chain has expanded rapidly across new markets through franchising, drawing strong interest from prospective franchisees enamored with the unique Dutch Bros vibe.

But exactly how much does it cost to open a new Dutch Bros Coffee franchise location? What is the total investment required? And what are the ongoing fees and profit potential for franchisees? Understanding the Dutch Bros franchise investment levels and return prospects enables determining if this opportunity matches your financial capabilities and ownership goals.

While not an inexpensive undertaking, Dutch Bros offers tremendous upfront guidance and ongoing operational support to help franchisees build thriving businesses in prime markets nationwide. Here we’ll break down the expected startup costs, outline the training and expertise Dutch Bros headquarters provides, overview site selection factors, and project potential earnings based on top performers.

How Much Does a Dutch Bros Coffee Franchise Cost?

The initial franchise fee to open a new Dutch Bros Coffee shop is $40,000. Total startup costs range from $350,000 to $1,600,000, depending on factors like location and size. Ongoing fees include a royalty of 5% of gross sales.

The total investment required to open and launch a new Dutch Bros Coffee franchise location can vary substantially based on factors like real estate markets, site construction needs, equipment selections, and more. But the basic investment components include:

Franchise Fee – $40,000

This one-time fee provides the rights to operate as a Dutch Bros franchisee in your designated region.

Site Acquisition and Construction/Buildout – $200,000 to $1,200,000+

Securing properly zoned real estate in a highly visible location and constructing the new shop with Dutch Bros’ customized floorplan, systems and décor represents the largest portion of the startup budget. Costs vary greatly by local real estate costs and buildout size.

Essential Equipment and Signage – $75,000 to $200,000

Outfitting the new shop with specialized beverage equipment, point-of-sale systems, signage, furniture and more runs $100,000 on average.

Initial Inventory, Supplies, and Working Capital – $35,000 to $120,000

Having ample working capital on hand is crucial for the first few months of operations before the business becomes self-funding. This provides an operating buffer.

Additional Funds Required by Dutch Bros – $100,000 to $500,000

Corporate requires franchisees to verify at least $100k-$500k in additional capital beyond the initial investment, to prove adequate funding to operate and grow the business.

The total ranges from $350,000 up to $1.6 million+ for a single Dutch Bros franchise location. This capital-intensive model aims to set each new franchise up for success.

Franchise.com states that there is a $30,000 franchise fee upfront for a Dutch Bros Coffee franchise, with royalty fees amounting to 5% of gross sales or $1,300 a month, whichever is greater.

FranchiseHelp mentions that the liquid capital required to open a Dutch Bros franchise is $150,000, with an investment range of $120,195 to $1,074,500.

TopFranchise.com reports that the Dutch Bros franchise fee can be up to $30,000, with a total initial investment range of $150,000 to $500,000.

ProfitableVenture indicates that new Dutch Bros franchisee applicants must have a net worth of at least $500,000, including $125,000 in cash, with a $30,000 franchise fee upfront and royalty fees of 5% of gross sales or $1,300 a month.

SuperMoney highlights that Dutch Bros requires a minimum of $150,000 of liquid capital to open a franchise, with additional costs to consider.

Overview of Franchising with Dutch Bros

Dutch Bros Coffee strategically utilizes franchising to expand its successful homegrown brand into new regions nationwide, while allowing franchisees to independently own and operate their local coffee shops. This allows developing a national footprint and impact while still focusing on community connections.

As a franchisee, you essentially license the established Dutch Bros Coffee name, logos, products, and operating systems. In exchange for an upfront franchise fee and ongoing royalty payments, franchisees gain access to corporate training programs and guidance for executing the Dutch Bros model in their exclusive territory.

Ideal Dutch Bros franchisees are hands-on business owners passionate about customer service with an entrepreneurial spirit, leadership skills, and the financial means to both open and continually operate the business. Dutch Bros in return provides everything necessary to replicate their proven coffee shop systems.

Ongoing Franchise Fees and Royalties

As a franchisee, you pay an initial franchise fee to secure your new shop, but also ongoing royalties back to the Dutch Bros corporation in return for their continual training and expertise supporting your success. These ongoing fees include:

  • Royalty Fee5% of Gross Sales
  • Marketing Fee2% of Gross Sales

So, for example, on $100,000 of gross monthly sales, you would pay $7,000 in royalties and marketing fees to Dutch Bros corporate. This grants you full access to corporate resources.

Franchisee Training and Support Provided

Dutch Bros is dedicated to setting their franchisees up for success by providing immersive training and ongoing support. Initial training includes:

  • 4-6 weeks of hands-on instruction at Dutch Bros University training facility and established high-performing shops. This covers all aspects of operations.
  • Additional time shadowing managers at an existing Dutch Bros. Learning their proven systems is invaluable.

Ongoing support encompasses:

  • Guidance on store operations, management practices, and proven customer service principles from corporate teams.
  • Marketing and promotional program development.
  • Menu innovation and new product rollouts.
  • Technology systems maintenance.
  • Field operations support with frequent store visits and advice.

You gain access to all resources that have made Dutch Bros so successful to apply in your own store.

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Ideal Location Site Selection

Choosing the ideal real estate site and territory is critical to the success of any retail business, especially a drive-up coffee concept like Dutch Bros dependent on traffic flow. Dutch Bros provides immense guidance by:

  • Performing in-depth demographic analysis to identify the very best potential market areas for a franchise based on target customer density, traffic counts, visibility, area draw, and growth forecasts.
  • Leveraging internal data on ideal site attributes to select a location matching proven traffic patterns and accessibility.
  • Providing expert support in lease negotiations to secure favorable terms.
  • Custom designing each shop’s layout, flow, and equipment specifications for optimal operations.

They help franchisees make extremely informed, risk-minimized site selection decisions to set up their investment for the highest probability of prosperity.

Projected Profit and Revenue Potential

Dutch Bros DrinkAs one of the most popular and fastest-growing franchises in recent years, Dutch Bros offers strong sales and revenue potential in prime, high-traffic markets. The top quarter of Dutch Bros shops average over $2 million in gross annual sales. Other performance metrics that provide profitability expectations:

  • The average shop reports just over $1.5 million in gross annual sales.
  • Profit margins for successful locations generally reach 15-20% before taxes, depending on costs.
  • The combination of royalty fees and other expenses reduces net profits to approximately 7-12% of gross sales, though an efficient operator can achieve higher margins through tight management.

Of course, your individual results depend entirely on successful execution and local market response. But the Dutch Bros model presents sizable money-making potential under the right conditions.

Legal Obligations

To legally open and operate a Dutch Bros Coffee franchise business in compliance with all regulations, you must:

  • Obtain all required local business licenses, sales tax permits, food service permits, and other state/city credentials. Dutch Bros provides guidance on fulfilling each.
  • Strictly comply with all Dutch Bros operational protocols, policies, and standards outlined in your franchise agreement. This maintains brand consistency.
  • Pass all health department inspections and satisfy food safety regulations. Dutch Bros assists with New shop checklists ensure you meet codes.

Dutch Bros corporate provides the step-by-step legal and compliance guidance franchisees need to feel confident in all government requirements and avoid missteps.

Financing Options for Franchise Ownership

As with any small business venture requiring substantial capital investment upfront, financing options to cover the total franchise investment amount may include:

  • Traditional small business loans from banks or credit unions, including SBA-backed loans which can offer favorable terms.
  • Rollovers of retirement savings from 401(k) accounts or IRA funds.
  • Personal assets derived from the equity in real estate holdings or other investments.
  • Capital raised from private investors through pitches on the attractive Dutch Bros opportunity.

Dutch Bros also proactively connects qualified, approved applicants with lending partners to help make financing the initial costs smooth and structured.

Final Words

For entrepreneurs with the necessary financial means and excitement for the growing Dutch Bros brand, the profitable franchise opportunity offers an accelerated path to business ownership success. With smart planning, an ideal location, dedication to operational excellence, and embracing the vibrant Dutch Bros community spirit, your franchise outlook shines bright.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Dutch Bros Coffee stop franchising?

Dutch Bros halted franchise growth for over a decade to focus on perfecting operations and building a strong company-owned store foundation before strategically expanding into new markets nationwide through franchising. This ensured a proven model for franchisee success.

How long does it typically take to open a Dutch Bros Coffee location?

From site selection to opening day, the entire process usually takes 6-12 months for most franchisees. The construction period itself averages 3-4 months. Timelines vary pending permitting, construction variables and equipment installations. Dutch Bros supports efficient openings.

How profitable is owning a Dutch Bros franchise?

While specific financials vary, top-tier Dutch Bros franchisees generate over $2 million in annual gross sales on average, with net profit margins reaching 20% or more. Prime locations in high traffic areas offer the greatest revenue potential when executed well.

When did Dutch Bros Coffee start franchising?

Dutch Bros began offering franchises in select Western states in 2010 to facilitate broader expansion, before ramping up nationwide franchising efforts in 2016 to fuel the company’s rapid growth across the country. To date hundreds of franchised locations have opened successfully.

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