Edina Country Club Membership Cost

Edina Country Club Membership Cost

The Edina Country Club was founded in 1923 and is located in Edina, Minnesota, only a few minutes away from Minneapolis downtown. In the beginning, this club was known to have a nine-hole golf course, but after one year it was redesigned as an 18-hole golf course by the famous architect Tom Bendelow. The golf course got a new appearance in 2011 when new grass, bunkers, and greens were added.

When comparing Edina Country Club with other country clubs in this area, it distinguishes itself through a casual and hospitable environment, ideal for families.

How Much Does an Edina Country Club Membership Cost?

The cost of an Edina Country Club membership is greatly influenced by the type of membership you would like to choose. There are three available options: social, pool/tennis, and golf. However, according to a former member of the club, the initiation fee starts at around $56,000 and for the monthly dues, you will have to budget $160 to more than $350 per month.

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On the other hand, according to the Prestwick Country Club website, the initiation fee at Edina Country Club is $105,000 and you will have to wait three to four years on a waiting list. Plus, in order to become a member, you will have to go through some screening committees.

This is why it is recommended to always contact the club for an exact price offer.

Edina Country Club details

Among the amenities offered by the Edina Country Club a two-paddle tennis court, a swimming pool, two hard tennis courts, an 18-hole golf course, four clay tennis courts, and a driving race are included. The clubhouse is 65,000 square feet large and includes six dining options, a fitness center, a pro golf shop, and locker rooms.

Edina Country Club organizes social events all year round and according to their calendar, the summer period is the busiest.

Some of the members’ favorite events include Cribbage Nights; Oktoberfest; Karaoke Nights; Father-Daughter Dinner Dance; Beer, Bourbon and Football Party; Book Club; Children’s Holiday Party; Easter Egg Hunt; Turkey Bingo; Easter Sunday Buffet; Kid’s Camps; Prospective Member Cocktail Reception; Micro-Brew Tastings; Mother’s Day Buffet; Ladies Tea; July 4th Pool Party, featuring picnic fare, decorations, and games; Creative Wine Dinners; Cigar Smoke & Beer Sampling and Kid’s Cinema Nights.

In the cold season, the winter area is transformed into a winter play area, where various activities can be carried out such as playing hockey, sledding, or ice skating.

Also, the club offers many junior, Women’s, and Men’s Leagues golf programs.

What are the extra costs?

Edina Golf CourseYou will have to pay an extra fee for most of the social events organized at the Edina Country clubhouse.

Members can use the bag storage service by paying an additional fee.

Each quarter, members have to pay a food and beverage minimum fee.

Plan on spending additionally for the private instructions/lessons, golf leagues, clinics, and tournaments.

If you don’t have golf privileges or if you are a guest, you will have to pay a green fee.

Both members and non-members will have to pay a non-refundable deposit if they want to organize an event at Edina Country Club. This will be quoted at the time of the booking and will be included in the final bill.

Important things to consider

According to an online post, Edina Country Club has more than 680 members.

Edina Country Club has earned the distinction of being in the top 2% of private clubs in the United States of America. They got this recognition thanks to the outstanding gourmet cuisine and exceptional service, but also thanks to the many redesigned, updated spaces for all your events and wedding needs.

You can be sure that your next event, whether it is small or large, extravagant or simple will be a success if it is organized by the experienced event planner from Edina Country Club.

Edina Country Club is also a perfect place for your business meeting. They have private spaces that can accommodate groups of 2 to 325 people, along with most visual and audio equipment.

You should know that you are not allowed to smoke inside the clubhouse. But there are outdoor areas where members and guests can go and smoke cigars and cigarettes.

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