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Eegee’s Menu With Prices

Eegee’s is an American restaurant chain with locations across Arizona, that is specialized in serving submarine sandwiches. Also, they are known for their frozen fruit drink, titled the “eegee”, and their signature ranch dressing, which comes in many different flavors.

The prices charged by Eegee’s are affordable and reasonable. For instance, you can get a delicious meal at Eegee’s for less than $45. Their menu includes food items such as subs, grinders, salads, cookies, and kid’s meals; and drinks like Eegee’s fizz, soda, Eegee’s tea, and others. But you can get a better idea about their menu and prices by taking a look at the table below.



All subs available with your choice of white, wheat or rye rolls.
BLT (12″) $10.75
BLT (5″) $4.77
BLT (8″) $8.8
Club (12″) $10.52
Club (5″) $4.77
Club (8″) $8.8
Ham & Cheese (12″) $9.49
Ham & Cheese (5″) $5.12
Ham & Cheese (8″) $6.96
Meatball (12″) $10.06
Meatball (5″) $5.35
Meatball (8″) $7.07
Pastrami (12″) $10.64
Pastrami (5″) $5.69
Pastrami (8″) $8.22
Roast Beef & Turkey (12″) $10.87
Roast Beef & Turkey (5″) $5.35
Roast Beef & Turkey (8″) $9.03
Roast Beef (12″) $10.06
Roast Beef (5″) $5.46
Roast Beef (8″) $7.07
Salami & Cheese (12″) $9.14
Salami & Cheese (5″) $5.12
Salami & Cheese (8″) $5.58
Tuna (12″) $9.49
Tuna (5″) $5.69
Tuna (8″) $7.19
Turkey (12″) $9.49
Turkey (5″) $5.12
Turkey (8″) $6.96
Turkey, Ham & Cheese (12″) $9.6
Turkey, Ham & Cheese (5″) $5.46
Turkey, Ham & Cheese (8″) $7.3

Sandwich Options

Add Bacon $2.06
Add Cheese (12″) $2.4
Add Cheese (5″) $1.55
Add Cheese (8″) $2.01

Our Grinders

Deluxe Grinder (12″) $9.49
Deluxe Grinder (5″) $5.35
Deluxe Grinder (8″) $7.3
Original Grinder (12″) $9.14
Original Grinder (5″) $5.12
Original Grinder (8″) $6.96
Veggie Grinder (12″) $9.49
Veggie Grinder (5″) $5.35
Veggie Grinder (8″) $7.3

Hot Dogs

Chili Dog $4.13
Hot Dog $3.21


Chili $4.13
Kraft Mac & Cheese $4.08
Potato Chips $2.63
Ranch $1.44
Side Salad $2.63


Buffalo Ranch Fries $4.7
Cheese Bacon Fries $5.16
Fries (Large) $4.01
Fries (Small) $3.67
Garlic Parmesan Fries $5.16
Ranch Fries $4.7


Your choice of house, ranch or fat-free Italian dressing.
Antipasto Salad $8.38
Cobb Salad $8.38
Garden Salad $5.74
Tuna Salad $8.38


Cookie of the Month (1 Pc.) $2.86
Large Cookie (1 Pc.) $2.86
Sugar Cookies (2 Pc.) $2.29


Cheese Pretzel $3.21
Chili Cheese Pretzel $4.01
Pizza Pretzel $3.44
Plain Pretzel $2.86
Salted Pretzel $2.86
Kid’s Meals
Comes with a kid’s Eegee and your choice of a sugar cookie, fries, or a health snack!
Kraft Mac & Cheese (Per Child) $4.93
Kids Turkey Sub (Per Child) $4.93
Kids Ham Sub (Per Child) $4.93
Hot Dog (Per Child) $5.74
Eegee’s (Bigee) $5.05
Eegee’s (Kids) $2.75
Eegee’s (Large) $4.59
Eegee’s (Medium) $4.24
Eegee’s (Small) $3.44
Eegee’s Fizz (Bigee) $5.05
Eegee’s Fizz (Kids) $2.75
Eegee’s Fizz (Large) $4.59
Eegee’s Fizz (Medium) $4.24
Eegee’s Fizz (Small) $3.44
Iced Tea (Bigee) $3.44
Iced Tea (Kids) $2.29
Iced Tea (Large) $3.32
Iced Tea (Medium) $3.21
Iced Tea (Small) $3.09
Iced Teagee’s (Bigee) $5.05
Iced Teagee’s (Kids) $2.75
Iced Teagee’s (Large) $4.59
Iced Teagee’s (Medium) $4.24
Iced Teagee’s (Small) $3.44
Soda (Bigee) $3.44
Soda (Kids) $2.29
Soda (Large) $3.32
Soda (Medium) $3.21
Soda (Small) $3.09

Brand history

Eegee’s business was founded by Robert Greenberg and Edmund Irving in 1971. They started with a used vending truck, where they offered their lemon eeggee’s frozen drink at concerts, sporting events, and in front of high schools. The name of the restaurant Eegee’s comes from the founders’ names, “G” from Greenberg and “E” from Edmund.

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In order to ensure they deliver the highest quality of freshness, in 1989 Eegee’s started to bake all of their own bread.

The first brick-and-mortar location was opened just one year after the start of the business, and within two years four Eegee’s restaurants were opened throughout metro Tucson. Over the years, Bod and Ed transformed their vending trucks business into a large restaurant chain with 25 locations across Southern Arizona.

Our review

Eegee’s menu includes a wide variety of delicious food items. Here you can enjoy grinders such as veggie grinders, deluxe grinders, and spicy grinders in four different sizes such as three-foot, five inches, twelve inches, and eight inches. Also, their menu includes kid’s meals, crispy fries, kraft mac & cheese, and chili.

Eegee's Menu ItemsOne of their famous food products is the sub. For example, the tuna sub, turkey & provolone sub, and ham & swiss sub. All of these come in different sizes from five inches to three feet.

You shouldn’t miss their healthy and fresh salads as well. Some of these include antipasto salad, fresh garden salad, and tuna salad.

You can quench your thirst on a hot summer day with Eegee’s or soda. Also, you can try their ice-cold frozen fruit drink that can be ordered in many different flavors and contains real pieces of fruit.

If you are a tea lover, at Eegee’s you can find a tea named “Teagee’s” that can be mixed with many special flavors. Also, they offer other drinks like iced tea, soda, coffee, etc., that come in different sizes such as biggie, kids, large, small, and medium.

In case you organize a party and want to serve your guests with food from Eegee’s, they offer fun packs and party packs, that are enough to feed 25 to 50 people and include drinks with eight different flavors of your choice. The average cost of a meal would be around $26 per person.

Eegee’s FAQs

At what time does Eegee’s open?

Most Eegee’s restaurants open at 09:30 a.m. Monday through Sunday. Though, it may vary from one location to another, so you should visit the company’s official website to see which are the opening hours of the location you are interested in.

At what time does Eegee’s close?

In general, Eegee’s units close at 08:00 p.m. every day. But again, it depends on the location and the day of the week. You should verify this information on their official website.

What is Eegee’s best known for?

Eegee’s is best known for its signature flavored drinks teagees and eegees. They offer many flavors such as skinny berry, lucky lime, pina, lemon, and strawberry.

Does Eegee’s offer an online delivery service?

Yes, Eegee’s offers an online delivery service. You can order your favorite food from their official app or their official website. Also, you can win rewards when ordering food online from this restaurant.

How can I order online from Eegee’s?

If you want to order online from Eegee’s, you can do it through their official website, iOS app, and Android app. Also, you can use some of the leading food delivery services apps such as Uber Eats, Doordash, Postmates, Grubhub, and Seamless.

Does Eegee’s ship gift cards?

Yes, Eegee’s delivers all of their gift cards within 1 to 3 days free of charge. The available gift cards include $100, $5, $50, $10, $40, $15, $30, $20, and $25.

What are Eegee’s best specialty drink pairings?

The best specialty drink pairings at Eegee’s are dew the tango, tango trifecta, tango mist, and spicy tango palmer. All of these drinks are prepared with a mix of Eegee’s signature drinks.

What are the best Eegee’s food pairings?

The best food pairings you can serve at Eeggee’s are turkey sub with skinny berry eeggee, ranch fried with strawberry eegee, sw chipotle ranch chicken with pina colada eegee, chocolate chip cookie with lemon eegee and blt with mango eegee.

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