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Eldorado stone is the most realistic architectural stone in the world according to its official website. This revolutionary product captures all of the subtleties that make a real stone so unique and creates a space unlike any other.

How much does Eldorado stone cost per square foot?

Eldorado stone costs, on average, anywhere between $3 and $13 per square foot for flats, and anywhere between $13 and $18 for corners, depending on the place you buy it from, but also on other important factors. The size of your project will also impact how much money you’ll be spending.

From what we saw, there were multiple types and series of artificial stone products to choose from with different price points per square foot – but each type has its own characteristics that make it worth choosing over another one. For example:

Ashlar $18 $12
Bluffstone $13 $10-$13
Cliffstone $13 $3-$13
CoastalReef $13 $10
Country Rubble $13 $10
Cut Coarse Stone $18 $12
Cypress Ridge $13 $10
European Ledge $18 $13
European Ledge Single Stone $14 $13
Fieldledge $15 $10
Hillstone $15 $10
LedgeCut33 $18 $12
Limestone $15 $10
Longitude24 $18 $12
Marquee24 $18 $12
Mountain Ledge $13 $10
Ridgetop18 $18 $12
River Rock $13 $10
RoughCut $13 $10
Rustic Ledge $13 $10
Shadow Rock $13 $9
SierraCut24 $18 $12
Stacked Stone $13 $10
Vantage30 $18 $10-$12
Weather Edge $13 $10
Zen24 $18 $10

Keep in mind: These are the prices just for material with no account taken for labor cost yet. As we mention below though, add another $5-$15 per square foot on average to the numbers above when considering the full cost of materials and professional installation. If you don’t know exactly what Eldorado Stone’s models will look like, then this brochure can give you a better idea of what to expect.

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Most contractors will charge an estimate of $6-$10 per square foot for these types of services. The cost can vary depending on a number of factors, including geographical area and complexity level. Additionally, the contractor and their general experience in jobs like this could also influence the final cost.

In conclusion, materials can range from $7 to $11 per square foot with installation costing an additional ~$5 – $15 per square foot making the grand total anywhere between $13 and as much as $21 for a professionally installed project that you will be sure to last.

The actual difference between real stone and Eldorado stone

A manufactured stone veneer, such as Eldorado Stone, for example, can be cast from a mold of real stones to give it the look and feel of natural rock while maintaining a considerably lighter weight. The stone veneer will usually adhere a lot easier to any structurally strong surface, which means that it will facilitate selection and reduce installation – you’ll get those beautiful stone features in your home without having to spend all day on installation.

The benefits of artificial stones are many. For starters, they’re about 50% less expensive than natural stone and can be sized to facilitate selection for a custom installation which saves time on labor costs. The waste factor is also 8% less than the natural stone when they are cut to size.

What to expect in terms of size

With a thickness of 0.625″ to 3.625″ depending on the texture, this adhered veneer weighs approximately 10-12 pounds per square foot and has an installed weight under 15 pounds per square foot qualifying it as one that is easy to install.

Furthermore, there will be 0.5 to one inch of mortar thickness behind the stone making an overall average depth of 2-3 inches depending on how thickly it is applied and which kind of substrate was chosen for installation.

The weight of a stone, when installed, varies depending on the mortar, grout technique, and type. The company states that stones can weigh up to 15 lbs per square foot because of these factors.

Shape and color variations

Eldorado Stone BuildingThe most important feature of the most known veneer in the world is its authenticity. Because shapes and colors can be controlled exactly, Eldorado stone can be made in these cases both in the form of panels and singular modules.

Artificial stone is made of special resins reinforced with high-density additives and fiberglass and can be arranged both inside and outside. So, Eldorado’s veneers are available in a variety of versatile earthen tone palettes.

Their product line offers ledge stone or mountain ledge panels for the exterior, but at the same time, you can use them for a more contemporary look in a coastal or residential area. You can opt for artificial stone to order in any color you want and in any form.

Where to buy it from?

Eldorado Stone is available for purchase at more than 1,000 authorized retailers. You can find one in your area by going here and inputting your address to see its availability near you. At an authorized center, they’ll also connect with a knowledgeable Mason who’s able to help out through the installation process for all those interested as well.

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