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Last Updated on December 27, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Fieldstone is a natural stone that can be used for many purposes. It comes in various colors, including brown, gray, and moss green to name a few. Fieldstones are great as exterior walls or stepping stones because they give off an earthy feeling with their rustic look.

How much does fieldstone cost?

Fieldstone is available in a range of prices, from $80 to as much as $180 per ton. The price will depend on your geographical location and the type you purchase; some places sell it for a bigger price than others.

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One company that sells fieldstone in Tennessee offers many different types of stone, including thin stack and cap pieces. The cost per ton ranges from $89 to a whopping $169 depending on the type and amount you want to order.

Mike’s Landscaping Supplies is located in Maryland and lists its pricing online. According to the website they charge by the pallet; however, the thickness of the material won’t matter, because all orders will cost $255 per pallet.

The members of found themselves in a heated debate about the price of Pennsylvania fieldstone, but it seems most are agreeing that $128 to $200 per ton is worth paying for. However, many noticed when they saw what actually showed up at their doorstep that one ton wasn’t all that much to work with.

Details on fieldstone

The size of stones and the thickness can vary, but most are at least one inch thick. This stone usually comes in palettes that weigh about 1½ tons each. However, if you purchase from an individual seller they might charge by the ton or sell them individually according to the price per piece (usually charged by square foot). The stone is typically sold with markings on it so buyers know what they will get, to make sure it will be enough for building something like steps or walls.

Some suppliers may also offer boulders in their natural form, which can be good for those looking to build a more rustic style. Keep in mind that the bigger they are naturally, the more expensive it will end up being for you. In its natural state, fieldstone will usually be found flatter than other stones and comes as rounded rectangles or ovals.

Any extra costs to consider?

Natural FieldstoneIt is not uncommon for homeowners to hire a professional landscaper for any type of job. For example, you may need one if you are trying to install fieldstone walls or patios in your backyard. On the low end, installing field stones could cost $12 per square foot while on the high-end it would be closer to $20 per square foot.

The cost to hire a contractor will depend on the scope of your project, the contractor you contact, and where they are located. If you want an exact quote for your job, we highly recommend using services that provide free bids. On these types of websites, you just describe what type of work is needed and contractors will offer ballpark estimates for free.

Landscape suppliers often charge a delivery fee if they have to deliver outside of their area or you don’t meet the minimum purchase requirement. Some contractors may work with your budget and do not impose this extra cost, but it is something worth considering when looking for landscape materials in bulk quantities.

Important tips to consider

If you want to be sure that your fieldstone is cut or split just the way you need it, there are a variety of sizes and types available. You can order large stones, small stones, or even mix them up for an interesting look. If a natural-looking stone is important to you in construction projects like patios and fireplaces alike then smaller rocks will ensure they stay looking as realistic as possible; larger ones may have been polished too much with cutting tools which could make them seem fake.

Due to its irregular shape and size, it can be hard to install. The inconsistency may also lead to an uneven surface if installed on a patio or used as stepping stones in your yard. Northeast Stone Works states that one square foot of stone will weigh around 14 pounds.

Is there any way to spend less?

If you’re looking to save on your project costs, be sure to look for a nearby dealer. This will help reduce the cost of shipping and it is important because we all want our homes or buildings built as cheaply as possible! One way that many people use fieldstone in construction projects is by painting the upper half of the wall while placing large natural stone slabs on the lower part – creating an elegant but budget-friendly look. You can also cut costs by mixing fieldstone with cheaper but similar-looking material.

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