How Much Does a Freedom Boat Club Membership Cost?

Last Updated on October 26, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

The Freedom Boat Club is a dream for many people who may not have the opportunity or financial freedom to own their own boat. The club offers an unforgettable boating experience, with many options to choose from and minimal hassle in terms of maintenance costs when compared with buying and owning your own boat.

The Freedom Boat Club not only provides a place for people to rent and take a boat but also offers the opportunity to have fun in an escape from everyday life. The club owners believe that boating should be more than just “a nuisance,” because it can provide relaxation and help create memories with friends and family members alike.

Freedom Boat Club is owned by Brunswick Corporation. Brunswick is a well-known American corporation that operates in the marina and recreational industry. They are involved in various aspects of boating, including boat manufacturing, marina parts and accessories, and recreational boating services.

How much does a Freedom Boat Club membership cost?

From what we were able to gather during our research, the cost of membership at The Freedom Boating Club has a one-time entry fee that can be between $3,200 and more than $11,000, with an average cost of $7,000 when discounts apply. The monthly costs stand anywhere between $220 and $450 For example, the monthly membership that includes you and your spouse, access to 250+ locations, and unlimited boating with 4 advanced simultaneous reservations costs $385.

The prices for the weekday-only plans are usually around $220 per month, but the weekend and holiday ones can be twice that or more, at around $450 per month. The membership fees can vary drastically depending on what level you go for and the location you are joining.

Note: This is just an estimate and the entry fee and monthly membership cost will vary from location to location, depending on what you choose.

According to a member of TheHullTruth.com forum, the costs to join The Freedom Boat Club for three years are around $18,000, with a one-time membership fee of $4,200 and monthly dues of around $380.

Also, a member of the TripAdvisor.com website said that he had to pay $270 per month to join the boat club members.

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In a FloridaToday article, it is noted that new members of Freedom Boat Club have to pay a lifetime initiation fee that is $6,000 and after that, the monthly costs are $260.

From Yelp, we found out that if you want to become a member of the Freedom Boat Club you must pay a one-time initiation fee that is $4,000 and $200 in case you want only weekday access. If you want to have access on the weekend as well, you must pay $100 more, bringing the total cost to around $300 per month.

The article also mentioned the fact that the initiation fees can vary greatly by location. For example, the initiation fee for the Tampa location is almost $4,000, while in Miami you pay more than $9,500.

Freedom Boat Club details

Yachts at Freedom Boat ClubWhile paying the monthly fee, a member will have unlimited access to boating at his/her homeport location, plus four outgoings anytime throughout the year at any location. You can make an appointment 6 months in advance and have a maximum of four active reservations at a time.

One of the primary benefits the boat club offers is access to a diverse fleet of boats, which typically includes various types such as center consoles, pontoons, bowriders, and fishing boats. Members can choose the type of boat that suits their boating preferences and needs.

Boat sizes at the Freedom Boat Club vary between 16 and 24 feet and include deck boats, kayaks, floats, pontoons, skiffs, sailboats, and bow rides, but options vary by location. Most of them are newer than three years.

You don’t have to worry about cleaning, maintaining, or storing the boats as the club will do all this work on its fleet.

There are dock staff and captains who typically offer unlimited training and orientation for members to ensure they are comfortable and safe while operating the boats in their local club. This can include instruction on boating regulations, safety procedures, and boat operation as long as you want.

It is important to know that a two-million-dollar insurance policy along with a $3,000 deductible is included. However, this may vary from location to location.

The opportunity to meet other members is one of many perks that come with being part of a club. The monthly social dock parties are where you can find all sorts of people.

Members may have the option to bring guests on their boating trips, allowing friends and family to share in the experience.

What are the extra costs?

The fuel used to power your boat is not included in the costs. Most members have to pay anywhere between $20 and $50 per outing, depending on the current gas prices and distance traveled. As a general rule, the majority of the boats in the fleet would need three to five gallons of gasoline burned for every hour.

In case you need to transfer to another location, be prepared to pay a transfer fee that is around $550.

Important things to consider

Clubs typically operate from sunrise until 5 p.m. each day Monday through Friday (with some exceptions) and from dawn till dusk on weekends. Openings may change based on weather conditions, boating season, or if there is higher demand than expected.

How can I save money?

Groupon’s daily deals can be a great way to save on your day at the boat club. For instance, the club in Venice, Florida offered at some point a $159 trial membership which you could have taken advantage of.

For those who are looking for a good deal, it may be worth traveling 15 to 25 miles to another location where you could get a better deal by joining a club. For example, in Florida, there are more than 10 different Freedom Boat Club locations where you can get a quote.

It’s always a good idea to ask about promotions before committing. You might be able to take advantage of lower rates if you negotiate.

There are many ways to get a discounted membership plan. Some members will sell theirs at reduced rates on Craigslist and eBay.

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  1. William T. Kennedy
    William T. Kennedy says:

    We had been members for five years at Burnt Store Marina, Florida. It was a fantastic club under the direction of Jon Giglio, that is until he sold out to the stogie Brunswick Corporation.

    Monthly social gatherings were cancelled, the 20:1 member to boat ratio gone by the wayside, and the reservation system became clogged with over-bookings. After three years of continuous disappointment, we decided it was time to stop the bleeding and walk away from our sizable membership fee. Instead of allowing a mutual parting of the ways, the heavy-handed Brunswick organization misled us into cancelling at the end of the following month in which we had intended to cancel but failed to inform us that that month wasn’t eligible for rentals due to it being outside our six-month rental window. Then they informed us that there was a 60-day cancellation period, and we would have to pay an additional three months before they would allow us out of our contract.

    Of course, we stopped payment on the auto debit of our bank account, but they duplicitously attacked our debit card on file for “fuel purchases only”. We will undoubtably end up in small claims court rather than roll over for an additional $900 loss.

    Be very cautious with this snake of a company, read the fine print of the contract knowing that they can and will screw you over given the opportunity. You may contact me at capn.dragonfly”at”gmail.com for a complete briefing.

    Bill Kennedy

    • Ken Steblen
      Ken Steblen says:

      Thinking of joining BSM freedom boat club. Do you k ow if thinks have improved or same. We are at BSM 4 months Jan-apr can you get a 4 month contract? Look forward to hearing from you. Kenny


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