Home Depot Carpet Replacement Cost

Home Depot Carpet Installation Cost

Last Updated on December 27, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

If you’re seeking to have carpet set up quickly, there could be a great chance you wander over to the Home Depot to have a look at their list, or maybe you saw an ad announcing free installation.

Whatever the case might be, Home Depot, by outsourcing its work to certified, regional professionals, has the ability to install your carpet as long as it’s bought from them.

Just how much does carpet setup cost at the Home Depot?

An expert at-home measurement is usually needed before buying carpet from a regional Home Depot. This measurement service will cost about $35 to $55; nevertheless, if you commit to the purchase, they will credit your last total with this measurement charge. When the partner will come to your house, this will be the time when they will check the place, check out all measurements, and figure out if any special setup is needed. At that time, when the measurements are done, Home Depot will then have the ability to provide you an installation quote, although it will not be a guaranteed one.

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When it comes to the expenses to have your carpet set up by the Home Depot, it will significantly differ depending upon the promotion being held at that particular time and the kind of carpet you’re acquiring. The majority of the time, from what we could see from the past promos, as long as you met a particular costs requirement, you might have the carpet set up by a local designated professional by Home Depot free of charge. The “totally free” setup, nevertheless, will be for a standard set up as later in this guide we will discuss the extra expenses you have to know about. A standard set up essentially means the professional will set up the brand-new carpet on the existing subflooring utilizing the already-existing tack strips.

For instance, at the time of this publishing, the main Home Depot page mentions complimentary carpet setup will apply to any carpet priced $1 per square foot or more and clients will have to spend a minimum of $699.

If you do not receive the totally free carpet setup deal, then, from what we could gather, the expenses of the set up would, once again, differ on a couple of elements, like the size of your house, the kind of carpet bought and the complexity of the installation. For the most part, individuals reported paying an extra $199 to $550 or about $99 a room for the average-sized house if either no promos were being held or, again, they didn’t fulfill the requirements.

Members on this BiggerPockets thread wrote about the “totally free” setup and were questioning if there was any catch with the offer. While many noted what we already said – you needed to spend $699 or more or get a particular carpet – one member did say that they will upcharge a fair bit on the specialized products such as tack strips and transitions.

Is it really free though?

The “free” setup consists of no covert charges, rip up of the old carpet, and removal, however, the deal is not valid in all markets. As long as you satisfy the qualifications as defined by the Home Depot partner, you shouldn’t see any surcharges.

According to the small print, the discount rate will apply to the overall setup project – product + set up + pad.

The extra expenses to keep in mind

Home Depot Carpet InstallationChecking out the small print, it appears any glue-down and/or commercial setups will not be included in the complimentary setup quote. This deal will only apply to domestic family houses.

Specialty tools which are needed in order to finish the task are extra expenses to think about.

Purchasers, for the most part, are accountable for moving all of the furnishings off of the carpet before the set up can begin. According to a partner, if they need to get a drill in order to take apart any furnishings, such as a bunk bed, then they will be charged about $20 ~ per piece.

Stairs, the majority of the time, will be an extra expense and will not be part of the complimentary setup bundle. Previous consumers reported paying $8 to $12 per step.

Some individuals report that if you live on a higher flooring of an apartment or home, a service charge might be applied.

Other costs such as cushioning, dump costs, removal charges and recycling charges might also apply.

Tips to remember

If you do want Home Depot to install your carpet, remember that Home Depot will not complete the installation. Rather, it will be a regional, certified, and bonded professional who Home Depot screens for the task.

Regional floor covering businesses, for good reason, advise consulting them also since the majority of the time, they can come close, if not beat the cost. Even if they have the ability to match the cost, the interaction between the businesses, from what we could gather, will be far better. Plus, you’re supporting a local company.

Home Depot carpet setup evaluations

While it might be prejudiced, seeing it’s originating from the main Home Depot site, over 9,000+ clients provided their experience that took the ranking to a whooping a 4.4-star.
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