Bubble Slides Cost

How Much do Bubble Slides Cost?

Bubble slides are a very popular type of slipper or sandal that come with a unique sole that is made of cushioning material like foam. This gives the sola the raised appearance of a bubble. Nowadays, bubble slides see more and more popularity as a very trendy but also a very comfortable replacement for casual footwear. They are often worn to the beach, pool, or around the house.

Bubble slides first appeared in fashion news in the early to mid-2010s. They even got to the runways in 2012, a moment when they became known as very trendy footwear for the next few years. This trend took off even further in 2017 when fashion influencers and celebrities were seen in public and on social media boasting bubble slides. The trend has only continued to grow since then, as bubble slides are currently very popular among both women and men, especially during the summer.

How Much do Bubble Slides Cost?

The cost of bubble slides is anywhere between $15 and $130 or more depending on several factors like the level of customization, the design of the footwear, the materials used, and the brand behind it.

As a general idea, you shouldn’t spend more than $15 to $25 for low-price options, especially those made of synthetic materials. Mid-range options are those made of rubber or more durable materials and are usually priced between $35 and $60, while higher-end bubble slides usually come under designer names or known luxury brands and would cost $100 to several hundred dollars a pair.

If you want to make sure you get the best value for your money, it is a good idea to shop around and compare prices before you go ahead and buy the one you like.

There are several factors that will determine whether bubble slides are worth the price for you or not. Among these are your lifestyle needs, your budget, personal style, and so on. Below, you will find some pros and cons of buying and wearing bubble slides:


  • Affordability – Bubble slides are an affordable option for the summer if you’re going for lower-end models of less-known brands and lower-quality materials.
  • Style – Bubble styles are a trendy and versatile choice for casual outfits as they come in a variety of designs and colors.
  • Comfort – Also called massage bubble slides slippers, these are among the most comfortable to wear, especially when you need something on your feet for longer periods of time, as they have cushioned soles.


  • Fashion trends – Bubble slippers might not be a very versatile option for long-term use when it comes to fashion. Even though they are currently in trend, they might become less popular in the future.
  • Limited use -Bubble slides aren’t appropriate for any kind of event or occasion. You should avoid using them for outdoor activities in which you have to wear supportive shoes and formal events.
  • Durability – Some types of bubble slides might not be as durable as you might think. Depending on the materials they are made from, they might last a lot less than other types of footwear, especially when you use them in harsh conditions or frequently enough.

Our personal needs and preferences will ultimately dictate whether bubble slides are for you or not. Bubble slides might be a good choice for you if you are ready to accept the potential drawbacks in exchange for a trendy option that is comfortable enough to become your go-to casual summer wear.

Styling bubble slippers

Being this versatile, bubble slides are a type of footwear that you can wear with a multitude of outfits, for many personal styles and different occasions. Below, you will find some ideas for clothes you can couple with bubble slides.

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You can pair your dress with bubble slides to get a trendier, more feminine look. Sundresses or maxi dresses, for example, are great options, especially dresses with flowy or bohemian styles.


Bubble Slide ExamplesAthletic wear also goes great with bubble slides. For example, shorts, joggers, or leggings. These will make the sporty wear look a lot more comfortable, being perfect for heading to the gym, or going out for errands.


Bubble slides are especially popular for going to the pool or beach. They work great with a swimsuit or its’ cover-up giving it a stylish, but comfortable look.

Casual outfits

You can couple your bubble slides with everyday outfits for a casual look as well. These can include a sundress or a combination of shorts and a T-shirt. Wearing them with cropped pants or jeans will also give a summery, relaxed look.

Statement pieces

You can even show your bold side and use bubble slides paired with statement pieces like brightly colored accessories or graphic t-shirts, to make an eye-catching, unique outfit.

Among the most known celebrities who were seen wearing bubble slides at least once are Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, Hailey Bieber, and Belle Hadid. All of them used bubble slides with casual outfits. While this footwear keeps staying in trend, more celebrities will probably adopt it as well.

Alternatives to massage bubble slides

If you don’t like bubble slides or consider for one reason or another that they aren’t great for you, there are similar types of footwear that you might like, that you can use in the same casual style,

  1. Mules – These are a type of slip-on shoes that don’t have a back strap. they are very similar to slides. They are also made of different materials and are known to go perfectly with dressy or casual options.
  2. Crocs – These are very popular slip-on shoes made of foam resin material. They are very popular for their durability and comfort. Most people use them as casual footwear and for outdoor activities.
  3. Flip-flops – Flip-flops are those sandals that have a Y-shaped strap going between the toes. They are made either of foam or rubber and are great for going to the pool or the beach.
  4. Espadrilles – These shoes usually have a jute sole and a cotton or canvas upper side. They can have ankle ties or be slip-on, being great for casual styles and comfortable as well.
  5. Sliders – Sliders are very similar to bubble slides. They are a type of sandals that are slip-on and have bot an open back and an open toe. They don’t have that raised bubble sole though.
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