How Much Do Escape Rooms Cost?

An escape room is a new concept of “real-life” play that requires you, along with a group of friends or colleagues, to escape from a themed room. Each room has its own story, a unique set of puzzles, intelligence games, and riddles that will lead you through their results to a great escape. You and your team will have 60 minutes to solve all the puzzles. If you fail, the door will open automatically when the 60 minutes have expired.

Each game is different and has its own story. The puzzles will take you through a whole adventure designed by the creators and you will be faced with surprises at every step.

Who invented the escape room?

Although it is very hard to say who invented the escape room concept, what we can say for sure is that the first official escape room was opened in Budapest in 2010, by Attila Gyurkovics. In an attempt to find new variants for corporate team buildings and, inspired by PC games like “Escape Games”, Attila decided to try to build such a game in real life. He didn’t know at the time that it would start a global trend that would bring escape room games to more than 2,800 locations worldwide.

How much do escape rooms cost?

Escape room prices start from $25 and go up to $50 per person, with an average price of $36 per person. The average price for a 60 minutes escape room game, with a team of 4 persons, is around $34 to $40 per person on weekends.

The price varies so much because it depends on different factors like location, size of the place, difficulty level of the room, whether it is played on weekdays or weekends, but most importantly on the number of people in the group team.


Most companies have different deals, discounts, or special offers. For example, if you are a group of 8 people, they can charge you the price of 4 tickets. Don’t be embarrassed or afraid to ask whether they offer this type of discount.

What are the most popular escape rooms?

As expected, the escape room game has been taken to a whole new level in recent years. From electronic puzzles to ultra-tech escape rooms, to actors ready to play certain roles during the game, escape room creators around the world have done everything humanly possible to give players the most intense and unique experience possible.

Some of these rooms, however, stood out and became some of the biggest attractions among escape room lovers.

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1. Trapology – Boston, USA – Here for a group of 4 players you get to pay $39 per person, while for a group of 5 to 10 players, you get to pay $38 per person.

2. The Basement – Los Angeles, USA – Here the price ranges from $40 per person with 2-person minimums to $34 per person with a team of 8 maximums.

On weekends the price goes from $36 per person for a group of 8 to $80 per person for a group of 2.

3. Trapped in a Room with a Zombie – Chicago, USA – The price of a ticket is $28 per participant whether you go in a group of 2 or in a group of 12.

Who can play escape room games?

Chicago Escape RoomsIt is relatively simple: Almost anyone! The only limits are those imposed by each escape room creator, and they depend on the theme and level of difficulty of each room. Taking a generic example, an escape room based on the ‘Saw’ series will certainly have some restrictions for minors, while a Harry Potter-inspired room will probably be accessible to people of all ages.

Escaping from an escape room is a unique experience that anyone, who is willing to test their limits, test their skills to solve puzzles, and wants a little adrenaline can enjoy, regardless of age.

How difficult is it to escape from an escape room?

The degree of difficulty differs from one escape room to another. You will be able to find both rooms from which escape is relatively easy, and rooms from which you will be able to escape only if your team is united, works at full capacity, and has some experience with escape rooms. It is important to choose an escape room that matches your abilities and the team’s abilities and take into account the number of rooms you have previously escaped from.

Puzzles are different from one escape room to another, but the principle is the same. Each room you escape from will teach you something that you can apply later in another game. The important thing is to tackle every challenge with an open mind, the right mindset, and the desire to have fun and succeed.

Final words!

Escape rooms may be an expensive experience but at the same time a very challenging one. This type of game is a team game which may be stressful to some, as it requires a lot of planning and coordination, but also brings a lot of fun.

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