How Much do Knotless Braids Cost?

The hairstyle with braided tails, “knotless braids”, is a trend adopted more and more often by stars around the world. The advantages of afro braided tails are that they accelerate hair growth, do not break, and do not have a weight that causes scalp injuries. The hair in the braids is not caught at the roots, leaving them free, without overloading them or even breaking them.

How Much do Knotless Braids Cost?

The average knotless braid installation would cost anywhere between $320 and $650, depending on the color mix, technique, style (boho with curly ends), length, size, and others. Remember that you are not only paying for someone’s expertise but also their time which is a major factor. The whole process can take between three and seven hours, depending on the amount of hair, the hair strand, the weaves used, and the length.

Which knotless braid size is right for you?

Knotless braids come in various sizes, that range from jumbo to teensy tiny. If you are going to have knotless braids for the first time, it is recommended to choose a medium braids size because there is less hair to work with.

But, if you really want to take advantage of the protective nature of the style, you should go for smaller braids. These offer more versatility in styling, last longer, and have a fuller look.

Is it possible to DIY knotless braids?

Yes, it is possible to do knotless braids yourself, but is highly recommended to leave this job to the professionals because a professional will know how to premeditate the amount of extensions used. It will take them less time than it would if you did it yourself, they would make the pigtails and the parts between them equal, and they would know how to “behave” with the hair, and how hard to tighten it so that it does not unravel during sleep. However, you will pay more for the labor, but also for the supplies needed to make this hairstyle.

How can you style knotless box braids?

Knotless Braids HairstyleThere is no limit when it comes to style options. You can opt to pull your knotless box braids into a ponytail at the top of your head or one at the nape of your neck if you’re going to exercise or run and pull it all up in a bun for dinner. Another idea is to hold only half of the braided hair, and you can let the other half flow over the shoulders, the braided tails also being pinned together in a larger braided ponytail and tied in a knot with a flower accessory.

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There are also varieties of cornrows and braid options, and this gives you the opportunity to choose the style that you think suits you best. Even the paths of the braids can have different shapes, from triangles, squares, or even diamonds. The stylist gradually weaves the extensions in with your natural strands to create a simple finish that will help avoid root breakage. Natural, beautiful, and feminine knot-free braids are the perfect way to show off your free spirit, creativity, personality, and even sensuality.

How to care for knotless braid locs once you have them?

Depending on their care, knotless braids can last up to two months, but that depends on how you wash your hair and your hair type, especially. It’s important to keep your hair hydrated by using weekly mousses or oils with natural moisturizing ingredients like coconut milk, shea butter, and argan oil. You should also try to focus on washing your scalp rather than the length of your braid.

It is also recommended to tie your hair with a silk scarf at night and use a bonnet to keep your braided tails intact. This helps to avoid rubbing the hairs in the pillowcases. Another tip is to straighten your hairs daily if the tresses are also made of natural hair, in order not to melt them because this will give a fresh look to the hairstyle.

What happens if knotless braids are not properly cared for?

The first thing that happens is the unraveling of the strands from the tails. The Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology emphasizes that, beyond the aesthetic aspect, it is essential to periodically remove the grease and dirt that accumulates on the scalp to avoid developing infections. Negligence also leads to dryness, which compromises the health of the hair.

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