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How Much Do Quick Weaves Cost?

Last Updated on February 15, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

A quick weave is one of the most popular protective hairstyles for achieving a dramatic hair transformation. With the right quick weave, you can get any hairstyle you want – from long, voluminous curls to a chic blunt bob. But how much should you expect to pay to get a fierce new ‘do? Read on for a comprehensive guide on quick weave pricing.

A quick weave involves attaching hair extensions to your natural hair to create fullness and length. Unlike a traditional sew-in weave which can take 6-8 hours, a quick weave can be installed in just 1-2 hours by experienced stylists. This speed makes quick weaves a go-to choice for those who want an instant hair change without a big time commitment.


  • The average cost is $150-$300 but prices vary widely
  • Major factors include hair quality, stylist skill, and salon location
  • DIY can save hundreds but risks damage if done improperly
  • Proper maintenance adds costs but extends the lifespan
  • For dramatic results with less damage, quick weaves can be a smart investment

How Much Do Quick Weaves Cost?

The cost of a quick weave can range widely, but on average expect to pay around $150-$300 for a typical install with mid-range human hair extensions. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Low end – $100-$200 – Synthetic or low-quality human hair, basic style, new or inexperienced stylist
  • Mid-range – $150-$300 – Decent human hair, simple customizable style, skilled stylist
  • High end – $250-$600 – Premium human hair, celebrity-style look, expert stylist

Salon packages including a cut, color, and styling with the install can drive up the price as well. Customized coloring and styling for an extra glamorous look could cost $500-$800 or more.

Quick Weave Cost: Salon vs. DIY

Getting a quick weave at a salon ensures proper installation and a professional finish. But doing it yourself at home costs a fraction of the price.

  • Salon quick weave$150-$600
  • DIY quick weave$50-$200

Clearly, installing a quick weave at home can save you hundreds. But keep in mind the risks of DIY, like potential hair damage if applied improperly. If you want guaranteed quality and precision, a professional install is best.

The Nadula website reports that hair weave costs between $200 and $600 at a reputable salon, depending on the brand. Hair extensions that are clipped in or taped in cost about $200, while sewn-in, glued-in, fusion, and micro-bead extensions cost $300 to $600.

Glam Hair Beauty offers a Closure Quick Weave for $175-$270. The product includes a 12′ hair length and is priced at $25.

D.D. Daughters Lace Wig Beautique provides Quickweave Top Units for $125, with a regular price of $300.

Factors That Influence Quick Weave Pricing

Type of Hair Extensions

Weave EssentialsSynthetic hair is the most affordable option, with bundles ranging from $10-$100. But synthetic hair can’t be styled with heat tools. For added versatility, human hair bundles start around $80-$100 but can cost up to $500+ for premium “virgin” hair.

Experience of the Stylist

Inexperienced stylists may charge $60-$100 for a basic install. But for expert application and detailed customization, top salon stylists can charge $200-$500 or more.

Salon Location

Salons in small towns or cities charge less than upscale, metropolitan salons. Expect to pay $100-$300 in most areas, while larger cities like New York or Los Angeles average $200-$600 for a quick weave install.

Choosing the Right Hair Extensions

The extensions you choose make a huge impact on the look, feel, and cost of your quick weave. Consider these key factors:

Synthetic vs. Human Hair – Synthetic hair starts at $10-$50 for a bundle. It’s an affordable choice but can appear shiny and fake. Human hair offers a natural look and feel, usually ranging from $50-$500 per bundle.

Hair Quality – Low quality human hair gets knotted and tangled. Investing in premium quality hair ($150-$500 per bundle) means less shedding and longer lasting style.

Hair Texture – Match the texture of your natural hair for the most seamless blend. Curly textures like kinky curly or deep wave start around $150-$250 per bundle.

Maintaining Your Quick Weave

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Proper maintenance is crucial for making your quick weave last 4-6 weeks. Be prepared to invest in some hair care:

  • Quality shampoo/conditioner – $15-$40
  • Edges control gel – $5-$20
  • Bonding glue – $5-$15

You’ll also need to budget for a stylist to re-tighten the cornrows and re-apply the weave every 2-4 weeks, which costs around $50-$100 per appointment.

Final Words

While quick weaves range dramatically in price, you can expect to spend around $200-$400 for a quality install with natural-looking hair extensions. With proper maintenance, your new look can last 1-2 months. For an instant hair transformation without drastic chemical processing, splurging on a fierce quick weave may be well worth the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a quick weave last?

With proper maintenance like regular shampooing, conditioning, and re-tightening, a quality quick weave can last 4-6 weeks. Using high-quality human hair extensions and bonding glue will help the style stay secured for up to 1-2 months.

How damaging are quick weaves?

Quick weaves are less damaging than chemical relaxers or hair dye when installed correctly. But tight braiding and pulling on the hair roots during application can cause breakage, thinning, and hair loss over time, especially with very heavy extensions.

See a skilled, experienced stylist and avoid overly heavy hair bundles to prevent damage.

What removes quick weave?

To safely remove a quick weave, use bonding glue remover or oil to loosen the bonded extensions. Never rip out the weave, as this can pull out your natural hair. After loosening the extensions, gently remove them starting from the bottom upward.

Finally, take down the braided cornrows underneath. Be patient and cautious to avoid hair breakage during removal

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