How Much Do Tooth Gems Cost?

Last Updated on December 27, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

The first people to inlay their teeth with gems were the Mayan tribes. They fused their teeth, giving them a certain form that had to prove their status and belonging to a particular tribe, and then incrustation appeared. This consisted of drilling a tooth and inserting precious gems into the void.

Just as there is a tattoo fashion, piercing fashion, and oversized ring fashion, so it seems, there is also the fashion of dental jewelry. A small gem applied to one of the front teeth equals 100 smiles, some women say.

Tooth gems are usually gemstones or semi-precious stones that are applied by non-invasive techniques to the teeth. The process is short and quite simple, without pain.

Dental jewelry can be made from a wide range of materials like precious metals (symbols of gold, platinum, silver), precious gems (diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald), semi-precious (there are also glass variants), or crystals. They come in various shapes, and sizes so everyone can choose the right accessory. The dentist is the one who can help you choose a suitable accessory, analyzing aspects such as the shape of the teeth on which the gem will be applied, the face, the color of the eyes, etc.

How much does a tooth gem cost?

Tooth gems are dental jewelry, so the prices vary depending on the type of stone, size, design, quality, and quantity. The average price ranges from $35 up to $100. If you want a real diamond or gold, it will definitely cost you more than a crystal, with prices that can reach a few thousand dollars.

Some dental clinics do not include de application fee, which can cost you another $150 to $200, regardless of whether you buy the dental gem from them or not.

The best tooth gems for your smile:

  • Swarovski Crystals – depending on color and size the prices start from around $60.
  • Shaped Swarovski Crystals – if you want crystals in different shapes like stars, hearts, and more, expect to pay somewhere from $65.
  • Crystal Designs for 1-2 Teeth – if you want to create a model like a flower, or a butterfly on 1-2 teeth, using Swarovski crystals expect to pay at least $160.
  • Crystal Designs for 4-6 Teeth – if you want a crystal design for 4-6 teeth the prices start from $250.

Diamonds – depending on the diamond cut and whether it is embedded in 22K/18K yellow or white gold expect to pay a low of 0.02ct $150 | 0.04ct $180.

Factors that influence the final cost of a tooth gem

If you go to a qualified dental clinic, it will cost you more than if you get the tooth gem applied in a local store, and of course, it will be much safer.

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On the market, there is a vast variety of tooth gems, so it’s all about your choice. It all depends on whether you want a crystal or a diamond, gold or platinum, etc., the size, quality, quantity, and design.

How are tooth gems applied?

Heart Tooth GemDepending on the technique of applying the tooth gem, they can be temporary or definitive. Definitive ones require preparation in the tooth, a hole, where the gem will be implanted. Although the procedure is not painful, it affects the structure of the tooth beyond repair, so if you want to remove the jewelry, dental reconstruction treatments will be necessary.

It is advisable to opt for temporary jewelry that can last on the tooth as long as you want because even if they come off after a few weeks they can easily be glued back by the dentist, or dental esthetician.

The technique is simple, non-invasive, and painless, and consists practically of bonding the gem on the tooth with a special adhesive. It is preferable to choose a front jaw tooth, as this area has maximum visibility. A professional brushing is performed to effectively remove food residues and plaque. Then the chosen tooth will be dried and a small amount of demineralizing will be applied strictly on the area that will be covered by the adhesive.

This step is intended to provide good adhesion between the tooth and the adhesive. Over the demineralized area comes a small amount of special adhesive called bonding and over it, the jewelry is attached. The adhesive is photopolymerized until it hardens. The whole procedure takes no more than 15-20 minutes and you will get a smile that stands out in the crowd! If you ever decide to give up the accessory, the dentist can easily remove it, leaving the tooth as it was before the jewelry was applied.

Are tooth gems safe?

There are no studies to prove that tooth gems are harmful to the oral cavity, but, at the same time, no studies to prove that wearing them long-term is harmless either.

However, dentists are not against the use of these types of accessories. In fact, they consider them more suitable as jewelry than piercings because the latter cause a multitude of problems. This safety, however, depends on the motor chosen for the application of the tooth gem. When the jewelry is applied by a dentist, the probability of damage is quite small. The same safety cannot be guaranteed when applying a tooth gem at home or at the store from where you bought it.

Advantages of tooth gems

  • Are minimally invasive and the application procedure is painless;
  • You can give them up at any time without any signs.
  • The models are also varied for any budget;
  • They have a long-life period (depending on the model varies from 6 months to several years);
  • They are not toxic;
  • Does not affect the quality of dental enamel;
  • They are suitable for both electrical brushes and traditional brushes.

Disadvantages of tooth gems

  • It can only be applied to the natural tooth;
  • If strict hygiene is not followed, tartar can be deposited around it;
  • Hard foods cause masticating stress, which can cause unwanted accidents.

Dental jewelry is a type of accessory that makes your smile shine. They can be added at any age and on any tooth you want, as long as the tooth is healthy. This method of improving the appearance of the smile is simple, and for any budget, but do not forget that it is only performed in the dental office with specific aesthetic dentistry.

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