How Much Does a Homecoming Ticket Cost?

Last Updated on January 22, 2024
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Homecoming is a long-standing, highly anticipated annual tradition at many high schools and colleges across the United States. As students excitedly plan for homecoming festivities like dances, football games, parades, pep rallies and more, one of the most important questions families and student groups ask themselves is: what is the typical cost and price range for a homecoming ticket?

This in-depth article will break down the complex factors that influence homecoming ticket pricing, provide price comparison data across different types of institutions, and outline the additional expenses that should be accounted for when budgeting for the memorable homecoming experience.

Additional costs like attire, dining, and transportation can add an important amount of money to the final cost. Following savvy budgeting tips allows you to enjoy homecoming traditions without financial stress.

How Much Does a Homecoming Ticket Cost?

Average pricing trends for Homecoming tickets are from $15 up to $125 and more per ticket, although costs fluctuate year-to-year tailored to specific events.

High School Dance Tickets – For high school homecoming dances, ticket prices broadly cost between $15 to $50 per person on average. More budget-friendly high schools in small rural areas or small towns tend to hit the lower end of that cost spectrum. However, large high schools in expensive metro areas often trend toward higher-end pricing levels to account for higher operational expenses.

College Dance Tickets – Meanwhile, college homecomings with bigger venues, entertainment demands, and attendee volumes regularly price tickets ranging from $50 up to $150 per person. Larger state colleges and universities generally host events on the higher end of that pricing curve. Small private campuses tend to offer lower-cost ticket options under $100.

Of course, every school has unique needs, budgets, and fundraising goals that move target pricing up or down. But overall, the typical cost of college dance tickets exceeds high school rates.

On TicketSmarter, Cheap Homecoming Concert tickets typically start around $49 or less.

On MVSU Sports, Homecoming tickets and RV/tailgate spots are on sale, with RV/tailgate prices starting at $100.

What Exactly is Homecoming?

Homecoming is a special celebration held each autumn by high schools, colleges, and some universities. It usually revolves around a major sporting event such as a football game. Other highlight events can include a parade, pep rally, fundraising carnival, alumni reunions, and of course, a homecoming dance.

The history of homecoming traces back over 100 years. The University of Missouri hosted one of the first documented homecoming celebrations in 1911. Since then, the tradition has flourished across educational institutions. Modern homecoming festivities can span over a full weekend or week.

Factors Influencing Homecoming Ticket Prices

Several considerations impact what homecoming committees and schools charge for tickets:

Event Scale and Venue – A small high school gym dance will have a lower overhead than hosting an event at a hotel ballroom. The cost to rent venues helps determine ticket pricing.

Entertainment, Decor, and Other Costs – DJ services, catering, and decorations also contribute to budget needs which ticket sales must support.

Fundraising Targets – Homecoming events double as fundraisers for clubs and school programs. Goals for net revenue shape the math of what admission tickets will cost.

Regional Variations – The local area’s average prices and incomes result in cost of living differences that filter into homecoming ticket rates.

Other Homecoming Costs to Budget For

Beyond direct homecoming event tickets, attending all the activities like dances, games, and formals often incurs additional expenses that families should anticipate as they budget and plan for these nostalgic fall festivities:

Formalwear Costs – While some teens repurpose existing dresses or suits, many high schoolers and college students invest in new formalwear pieces, especially for homecoming weekend events. Between elegant cocktail dresses, tailored suits, accessories like shoes and jewelry plus hair, makeup, and tailoring, looking photo-ready for the big dance can cost $200 to $800+.

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Dinner Before Dances or Games – It’s a long-standing tradition for high school friend groups or college cliques to gather for dinner together before heading to key homecoming events. Tabling for groups at popular local restaurants usually costs $25 to $50 per student.

Transportation – Coordinating rides to and from homecoming events adds up too. Whether it is rideshares splitting costs or a lavish party bus for an entire squad, transportation runs from $30 to $250+ per group.

Professional Photography – Many teens and college kids pay professional photographers for pre-dance couple or group photography sessions to commemorate the iconic occasion. Photo packages span $200 to $500+ for digital images.

The cumulative costs around the primary ticketed events can amount to significant budget line items as well. It all contributes to the full experience.

Purchasing Homecoming Tickets

Red Homecoming TicketHomecoming tickets are sold by a school’s homecoming planning committee, student council, or dance committee. Here are some tips on securing tickets:

Buy Early – Most schools offer discounted early bird ticket pricing to incentivize sales. Buying early also guarantees event admission.

Group Sales – Gather a group of friends to see if your school offers special group ticket pricing. The more attendees, the better the rate.

Financial Assistance – Students with financial limitations can inquire discretely with the student council about scholarship tickets or payment plans.

Purchases can be made in person or online through a ticketing website. Be sure to bookmark key dates for any sales deadlines.

Planning Homecoming on a Budget

Attending homecoming should be a fun experience that doesn’t break the bank. Here are budget-friendly tips:

DIY Enhancements – Get creative with hair, makeup, nails, and boutonnieres by doing them yourself or trading skills with friends.

Rent Attire – Consider renting formalwear instead of buying brand-new outfits. This saves hundreds while still looking photo-ready.

Pre-Party – Gather with friends to take photos and get the partying started before paying for dinners and entertainment.

Most importantly, focus on enjoying quality time with friends rather than overspending on material extras. The memories made will last much longer than any expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Homecoming tickets transferable or refundable?

Most homecoming tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable due to limited capacity and fundraising targets. Check with your school to confirm policies.

Is there a deadline for purchasing Homecoming tickets?

Yes, homecoming tickets typically have an advance order deadline 2-3 weeks before the event. Purchase before the cut-off date to ensure admission.

Do I need to bring identification or a student ID to buy a ticket?

You may need to present a student ID if purchasing a ticket designated only for enrolled students rather than general guest admission.

Can I purchase tickets for guests who do not attend my school?

Typically, students can buy one or more guest tickets for non-students. Check if guest passes have any age or eligibility restrictions.

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