How Much Does a Lip Lift Cost?

How Much Does Lip Lift Cost

One of the newest aesthetic procedures that have rapidly grown in popularity is lip lift. Internationally known for its amazing beauty results, the beauty procedure is now among the most demanded interventions.

The beauty technique is a lightweight aesthetic operation that basically makes a discreet lifting of the upper lip, leaving the mouth slightly intertwined.

A lip lift of the upper lip is a surgical procedure that involves removing a small strip of skin from under the nose. The surgeon actually shortens the distance between the base of the nose and the upper lip (called the philtrum), and the achieved effect is for one to have more sensual and beautifully contoured lips.

A lip lift of the upper lip is a short procedure performed under local anesthesia and usually takes about 30-60 minutes. After the procedure, a discreet scar remains temporarily, which heals within a few months and becomes imperceptible.

Patients may also opt for a lower lip lift, but this is done much less often in patients who have particularly thin lower lips or oversized upper lips.

Types of Lip Lift

There are several types of lip lifting. It is important to know the types and techniques so that you can have an informed discussion with your plastic surgeon about what is right for you.

  1. Direct lip lift: This lip lift creates a more defined upper lip edge. A thin strip of skin is removed just above the upper lip, and the skin is pulled up, creating the illusion of a more pronounced vermilion border (the pink part of the lips).
  2. Bullhorn lip lift: This is one of the most common lip lifting procedures. A surgeon will usually make an incision that is hidden along the base of the nose where it is less visible. The incision is often made in a special form, and the center, right, and left of the lip are all pulled up toward the nose.
  3. Central lip lift: Reduces the space between the nose and lips through an incision in the lower nose.
  4. Corner lip lift: A lift of the lips from their corner is sometimes called “raising the smile” because it gives the face a more smiling look. The procedure consists in making two small incisions at both corners of the mouth and removing a small amount of skin. Some people will get this look at the same time with another lip lift to have slightly fuller lips. It is an option for people who feel like their lips are inclined.
  5. Italian lip lift: This procedure requires two incisions under each nostril, and apart from this detail is very similar to the first type of lip lift. It usually does not involve a visible scar.

How much does a lip lift cost?

The average cost for a lip lift procedure is around $3,650. The price for a lip lift depends on the type of procedure, and based on this, the surgeon’s fee or the surgery’s price can go from $2,000 to $8,000. The lip lift procedure is a permanent one, not like the lip fillers which are temporary, and this is why it is more expensive.

  • The price for a direct lip lift procedure can go from $3,500 to $6,500.
  • For a bullhorn lip lift expect to pay around $3,000 and $5,000 or more.
  • A corner lip lift can cost you from $2,000 to $5,000.
  • The Italian lip lift costs between $3,000 to $4,500.

Remember, these are all permanent surgical procedures, and the exact cost depends on the individual.

When choosing a lip lift procedure, you can also opt for a combo lip lift. This may include two types of lip lift, or depending on the clinic, packages with laser or silicone treatment, for better and faster healing. The price for these options can go from $5,000 to $12,000, depending on your necessities.

For example, at Sagar Patel, from Beverly Hills, a surgical lip lift costs $4,999. When the surgery consists of only one procedure, just local anesthesia is enough.

At Allegro Medspa, in Northern California, the average cost for a lip lift intervention can be from $4,000 to $6,000. Here, the cost includes the surgeon’s fee, operating room, surgical supplies, certified anesthesiologist, but also the next appointments. The eventual medication you will need will be charged additionally.

Factors that affect your lip lift cost

Every type of cosmetic surgery is different from individual to individual, and the lip lift procedure is no exception. Here are the factors that will affect the final cost of the lip lift procedure:

  • The type of lip lift procedure;
  • The type of anesthesia used for the lip lift procedure, which in most cases is just local anesthesia;
  • The cosmetic surgeon’s qualification end experience;
  • The geographical location will also impact the final cost, as it depends on the cost of living;

In case you choose a combo lip lift or other cosmetic services, you may be offered, or not, some price packages or deals.

Additional costs

Always do your research regarding the qualification and experience of the cosmetic surgeon, as the lip lift procedure is a very sensitive one. When improperly done, there is the risk for a nostril or the upper lip to remain elongated, or a visible raised scar to remain under the nose. If this happens you will need another intervention that will be an additional cost for you, and at the same time, you want your looks to be in the best hands.

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Many patients opt for multiple services to be done at the same time. These may be a combo of lip lift procedures or a lip lift with implants or lip fillers. You might receive a small discount for these additional procedures, but you will have to pay for any additional services.

Does insurance cover lip lift surgery?

The lip lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure, so it won’t be covered by health insurance.

When and why, should you opt for a lip lift procedure?

When people first look at us, they usually see our eyes and mouth. Therefore, lips play a very important role in how others perceive you.

When you have a long distance between your upper lip and the tip of your nose (2 cm or more), there is a slight or more pronounced facial disproportion and you are an ideal candidate for a lip lift.

In other words, the greater the distance between the upper lip and the tip of the nose, the less attractive the appearance of the face, and sometimes this gives an aged look, even if the person in question is very young.

The benefits of the upper lip lift procedure

Types of Lip Lift SurgeryYou get a younger and more attractive look.

The results are immediately visible.

A lip lift is a permanent procedure. Unlike the implants or fillers methods, which are temporary, you won’t have to go back to the office, so it is also cost-effective in the long term.

The procedure can be done under local anesthesia and in-office, meaning that there are no hospital or facility fees, and no anesthesiologist fee. Besides these, the recovery time is much shorter.

Final words

To avoid that “duckface” aspect, a lip lift is the most appropriate solution, whether it is associated with hyaluronic acid for volume or not.

The lip lift redefines the contour and shape of the lips, giving the mouth a fuller, more attractive, and definitely rejuvenated appearance. The procedure is also associated with lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid. If lip volume is not done correctly, the upper lip can get a swollen appearance over the entire lip size, instead of growing in volume in height.

In case there is too much tissue removed you will remain with an odd smile, a gummy smile. Remember to always look for the best certified cosmetic surgeon and do not look for the cheapest cost, as it is a procedure that it must be done right from the first time.

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