How Much Does a Missouri Athletic Club Membership Cost?

Last Updated on December 29, 2023
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The Missouri Athletic Club, also called the MAC, can be found in St. Louis, Missouri. This is an athletic club and men’s club with notable members that include Charles Lindbergh and President Harry S. Truman.

Mac is considered one of the Premium Clubs of America and provides a very broad collection of benefits not only for its members but also for their close relatives. This private club experience extends to reciprocal clubs as well.

How much does a Missouri Athletic Club membership cost?

The Missouri Athletic Club membership will cost, on average, $800 to $,2500 in initiation fees, and between $350 and $500 in monthly dues. These costs will depend on the type of membership you sign up under, and will be pretty similar to what you’d expect at any other athletic club.

Keep in mind that you can only become a member of the Missouri Athletic Club by invitation. Before you get approved, your application will have to be submitted to the Board of Governors and the Membership Committee so that it can be reviewed. According to past members, you will have to have two sponsors if you want to be considered for membership.

An article in Patch.com talks about this MAC’s pricing, citing a source that talked about an average membership due of anywhere between $350 and $400 per month.

An article in RiverFrontTimes claims that the initiation fees will range between $600 and $2,000, although the article is several years old.

The membership options

  • Junior Resident – This membership type is available for people that are 35 years old or younger that maintain their business or residence within 50 miles of the club.
  • Non-Resident – This membership option was made for members that are older than 21 years old with a residence situated over 50 miles from the club.
  • Resident – This membership is available to people that are 35 years or older and have a business or residence inside a 540-mile radius of the club.
  • Clergy – This membership is designed for any member, regardless of their relegation or denomination, who duly ordains, and is actively engaged in religious work.
  • Associate – This membership is available for members 31 years old or younger that either have a business or a residence inside a 50-mile radius of the club.
  • Emeritus Life – Clergy or Resident members will be able to apply to get this membership when they have been active at least 10 years with the club. They also have to be 65 or older.

Missouri Athletic Club membership and amenities details

Missouri Athletic Club GymThis club has two locations, one West and one Downtown. According to the official website, you can find a billiards room, massage therapy, tanning rooms, locker rooms, saunas, steam rooms, whirlpools, cardio equipment, an indoor track, free weights, handball, racquetball, squash, and basketball courts, gymnasium and a 25-yard indoor heated pool in the Downtown location.

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You will find similar amenities in the West location as well, although the number of courts available as well as the pool and gym sizes might vary.

MAC offers basketball, volleyball, tennis, squash, racquetball, and handball leagues.

As a new member of the Missouri Athletic Club, you will also have access to around 80 other clubs nationally and over 10 international ones. For a full list of clubs, check out this page. Members have access to close to 80 clubs nationally and more than 10 clubs internationally.

What are the extra costs?

Monthly fees aren’t the only things you will have to pay for when joining the club. Members will also be charged an additional fee for things like the food and beverage minimums, Cherry Diamond magazine subscription, parking, fitness center, golf program, and the usage of the outdoor pool.

Several important social and dining events are held throughout the year and you will probably have to pay an additional fee to participate.

If you need the help of a trainer for professional lessons in handball, racquetball, squash, tennis, volleyball, or basketball, you will also have to be prepared to pay extra. You will probably find help with locating a professional trainer in the club’s lobby.

Important things to consider

You will have to follow a rather strict dress code and cell phone policy when going to the Missouri Athletic Club, regardless of the clubhouse location you choose to go to.

If you want to know more about what this club can offer you and its amenities, you can browse its official website.

The club started to accept female members in 1988 when its membership voted overwhelmingly for this approval. Before that, membership had been restricted only to men.

As a member, you can also take advantage of the Clubs Within the Club (CWC), as an opportunity to travel, socialize, and improve in sports, or hobbies or for any other specific interest areas.

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