How Much Does a Mr. Cool Snow Party Cost?

Last Updated on September 17, 2023
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Mr. Cool Snow Parties is a snow company based in Dallas, United States that focuses on offering superior, reliable, fast snow service to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. They can offer you everything you need for a memorable snow party, from snowmen and snow angels to snowball fights. No matter the season, spring, summer, winter, or autumn, with Mr. Cool Snow Party, it will be very easy to plan a great snow party.

How Much Does a Mr. Cool Snow Party Cost?

Actually, it is pretty simple to plan a winter-themed party. Mr. Cool will make all the calculations for you, such as the needed area and the amount of snow based on the number of guests and maybe the ages of the party attendees. According to their official website, you will have to pay $1,500 for 4,000 pounds of snow and an area of 15’ x 15’, as you can see in the table below.

Snow Amount (pounds) Price Per Pound (cents) Area Size (feet) Total Cost (USD) Price Per Square Foot (cents)
4,000 37.50 15′ x 15′ $1,500.00 66.67
10,000 22.00 24′ x 20′ $2,200.00 45.83
15,000 21.00 30′ x 24′ $3,150.00 43.75
20,000 20.00 32′ x 30′ $4,000.00 41.67
30,000 17.00 45′ x 25′ $5,100.00 45.33
40,000 16.00 60′ x 40′ $6,400.00 26.67

Mr. Cool requires customers to pay a deposit of $100 at the time they sign the Snow Party Service Agreement.

The price for most snow parties will depend on what the host wants to offer, but there are some party basics such as party favors, invitations, entertainment or activity, decorations, desserts, serving and tableware, beverages, and food. The snow-themed activity will be provided by Mr. Cool Snow Parties.

Also, Mr. Cool Snow Parties offers the Mr. Cool Luge, which is their teen-foot snow slide with sleds. Moreover, they provide enough snow so your guests can play their favorite snow games such as the classic snowball fight, the snow bowling, the freeze tag, or the hunt for the mitten.

Snow Party Checklist and Costs

Here are the estimated costs of a snow party for twenty guests, based on basic plastic and paper supplies. The cost of any party will be affected by cheaper or more expensive options.

  • Snow party snow (24’x20’ area): $1,600
  • Invitations & postage: $40
  • Party favors: $60
  • Decorations: $65
  • Accessories for activities: $80
  • Tableware: $60
  • Dessert: $55
  • Beverages-alcohol: $210
  • Appetizers & Food: $230

So, for a snow party for twenty adults, you will spend around $2,400. Of course, for children the costs will be lower because there will not be any alcohol, the area for the party will be smaller and the food will cost you less.

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Snow Party FAQs

What is a Snow Party?

Snow Party AccessoriesJust in three words, a snow party is a party with snow. At such a party you host a gathering, event, or party that includes snow as part of the activities.

Does it have to be a cold temperature or a certain time of year for a snow party?

No, and this is why Mr. Cool Snow Parties are different than others. They are able to produce artificial snow for snow parties in Texas all year round, no matter how hot or cold it is outside.

What areas does Mr. Cool Snow Parties provide their services in Texas?

Mr. Cool Snow Parties provide snow party services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area including Frisco, Arlington, Sherman, McKinney, Denton, and every location in between. Also, they offer snow parties in Temple, Killeen, and Waco areas. You should contact them directly through their website or phone to see if they offer service in your area.

How does Mr. Cool Snow Parties make snow for a Snow Party?

Mr. Cool Snow Parties has many years of experience in the industry of artificial snow production and snow party services. They will bring at your party a certain number of ice bags, depending on how much snow you need, then they will put them into a snow machine which grinds up the ice into powdery, fine layers of white snow that look like snowflakes.

What extra services does Mr. Cool Snow Parties offer with the snow party delivery?

Mr. Cool Snow Parties also offers the possibility to rent their Mr. Cool Luge, which is a ten-foot snow slide, for a great sledding experience. In case you have a slope or hill at your location, their staff can make a slide for snow sledding as they produce the snow at your place.

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