How Much Does a Onewheel Cost?

Onewheel is developed by Future Motion and consists of a single, wide, stable wheel embedded in an aluminum plate and maple wood. The control of the board is done from the body and the swing of the legs: if you lean forward, the board starts (no need for momentum with your foot, as with a classic skateboard), and if you lean backward, the speed decreases, until the board stops completely or you can even go backward with it. If you want to turn left or right, you simply lean in the desired direction and the board will perform the change of direction.

How Much Does a Onewheel Cost?

In general, the price of an Onewheel is higher than that of a standard electric skateboard. Though, it falls in line with the high-end e-skateboards like Evolve boards.

This year Future Motion stopped producing their famous XR Onewheel which came at the price of $1,800. At this moment, there are available only the GT which cost $2,200 (if it comes with the treaded tire, it will cost $2,250), the Pint X which is $1,400, and the Pint which is $1,050 and includes just la charger and board. Depending on how customized you want to build the One Wheel, the recommended accessories and add-ons will cost you another $55 to $80.

The cost of bundles ranges from around $50 to almost $380. Usually, lower bundles are fenders only, while the higher-end ones come with a stand, rail covers, and a hypercharger.

Onewheel Pint vs. Pint X Cost

Even though the Pint comes at the price of only $1,050, it is recommended to purchase a Onewheel Pint X, if you are just starting with the one-wheel hoverboard. This model comes with a large battery, which is the same that is used in the XR models. A longer battery life will allow you to have a much better trail riding experience.

If you are thinking about purchasing the Pint only because it has a good price, we recommend you buy a used higher-end one-wheel board. Usually, you can find used XR One wheels or even a used Pint X on the market.

The Cost of Onewheel XR – is used the only option?

The XR model, still the most popular board, performs pretty well and is more stylish. Unfortunately, these are not available for purchase as new anymore, and you will have to look for a GT, which costs $400 more. Depending on the modifications and its condition, a used XR Onewheel would cost anywhere between $700 and $2,000.

If you want to start riding a single wheel gadget, but you are on a tight budget, you should look for a used XR, which is the most affordable option. You may be surprised, but there is a very large aftermarket community where you can find used XRs and transform them into a new-looking one-wheel board. However, you must be aware of your final costs. If these are higher than those of a GT ($2,200), then you need to reevaluate your options.

Onewheel GT Cost – Is it Worth it?

Currently, the standard price of a GT is $2,200 without any accessories. It doesn’t come in different versions but we can compare its cost with other models and see if it worth it.

The GT is just a new single-wheel platform of a size similar to that of an XR. Though, it has a little more footpad and includes some new footpad options such as flat kick and concave. Also, it is heavier and this is the main reason Future Motion increased its cost.

Why does the GT cost more than the XR?

Both, the GT and the XR have the same motor, but the GT is more expensive. This happens mainly due to the battery. The XR model comes with a popular board modification in which you can transform your XR into a JWXR or CBXR.

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These CBXR and JWXR versions are just massive 567-watt/hour batteries installed into the XR battery box. This is a great improvement over the GT and XR batteries. Currently, the original XR runs a 324-watt/hour battery, while the GT has a 525 wH. This is why riders still prefer the XR one-wheel model. If you can find a cheap one, you can convert it into the same range as a GT.

A CBXR is able to travel up to 36 miles, while a GT only around 32 miles. So, that extra $400 charged by Future Motion is worth it as they install a huge battery into the GT model. If you want to modify the battery of an XR, plan on spending around $700 only for the battery and $50 to $100 for a chip (depending on firmware versions, an FMM chip may be necessary on some models). Also, you may have to pay for someone to install the battery.

Is GT a better purchase option than a JWXR or CBXR?

The only way to get a JWXR or CBXR Onewheel is to find a used one or purchase an affordable XR and transform it. The XR Onewheels with firmware pre-4210 are the most sought-after because their battery can be modified without soldering. In case you have to solder the battery yourself, you may damage it or you risk having a solder joint break while riding, which may end in a nosedive.

Expect to pay anywhere between $600 and $700 for a new JW or CB battery. In case you have a 4210 or newer firmware XR, you may have to buy also an OWIE or FFM chip for soldering to the battery, that cost around $100. The installation costs would be anywhere between $100 and $200. Depending on the firmware, board (post or pre-4210) and who installs it, a new CBXR would cost $700 to $1,000. So, wouldn’t be a better option to add new improvements to a used Onewheel instead of buying a GT.

Even though you may find a low mileage XR for less than $1,300 and install all the new accessories yourself, you will get a final cost of around $2,000, saving some hundreds of dollars on a board, it isn’t worth it.

A new board with zero miles will always be a better choice. The GT comes with a one-year warranty and will still be on the market in the future.

But is the GT worth the price compared to other electric skateboards?

Onewheel on Rough TerrainIt is hard to compare a GT Onewheel with other e-skateboards as this is not an electric board or even a hoverboard. Yes, they look like skateboards and are electric, but are self-balancing boards. The main difference lies in the ride quality. You will feel like “floating” on a Onewheel. Also, it comes with some more benefits such as the ability to ride all-terrain, 20 to 32 miles in range (525Wh battery), a 750-watt motor, up to 20 mph, and a large pneumatic tire.

When talking about the costs, an electric skateboard can be bought for around $600. Also, it would have a faster top speed. But, thanks to its unique features and design, the Onewheel GT is the superior “electric skateboard”.

A top-quality electric skateboard that runs in the same price range as the GT ($1,900 to $2,500) is the Evolve skateboard produced by Hadean. These have a top speed of 31 mph, 40 miles range, and 3000-watt motors. Yes, they do outperform the Onewheel GT on every major point but are not as good when it comes to the terrain ruggedness and ride quality.

Even if it has the best suspension, a traditional electric skateboard is not able to ride the same off-road terrain as a GT board with a single large go-kart-sized tire. Usually, a Onewheel doesn’t have a problem with the sticks, roots, or branches. The float feeling while riding a Onewheel, no matter the terrain, is the main reason to spend more on it.

Cheaper Onewheel alternatives to the GT

A more affordable option for the GT is the Pint X model. Future Motion released this board in late 2021 and it came with some great improvements over the original Pint. It has a higher top speed and an upgraded battery.

The top speed of a Pint X is similar to that of a GT (29 km/h or 18 mph). The main difference lies in the range that is 9 to 29 km (12 to 18 miles) for the Pint X. But this is still a great range, so you can buy a Pint X and save some money.

Because the wheel of a Pint X is a little smaller, the ride will fill a little more squirrelly. However, thanks to this small tire, Pint X has great torque.

Another Onewheel model that has the same battery size as a Pint X is the XR, but unfortunately, Future Motion stopped producing it. Though, compared to an XR, the Pint X platform is 3” shorter and half an inch narrower, and this difference can be noticed while riding. As an XR has a larger tire, the riding is smoother. So, a used XR would be another good option for saving on a Onewheel.

Final words

You should budget around $2,200 for purchasing a new Onewheel GT, while for a pretty inferior Onewheel, like Pint X, you will have to pay around $1,400. You will save around $800, but you will get a lower top speed and a smaller board. A better way to save on a Onewheel is to buy a used model. For instance, a used full-sized XR cost anywhere between $1,000 and $1,800.

The main advantage of buying a used XR is that you can find many aftermarket boards. Plus, you can always add new improvements for little extra money. For example, you can convert it into a JWXR or CBXR Onewheel, that will keep up with the GT models.

Onewheel FAQs

Why are Onewheels so expensive?

These are definitely not toy hoverboards or small scooters, so their costs are not comparable. Though, when you see the difference between them, Onewheels look really overpriced. But these can work as an alternative means of transport on all types of terrain. Their cost is justified by their ruggedness, all-terrain use, and massive batteries.

Is a Onewheel worth the money?

Within marketplaces and their groups, Onewheels have a good resale value. Depending on the wear level and mileage, you may get back 50% to 80% of the purchase price. So, Onewheels are worth their price tag.

Does anything compare to Onewheel?

Onewheels can be compared to the off brands such as Magwheel Trotter, but the ride quality offered by these is much lower. Also, the EUC’s (electric unicycles) boards provide a similar “floating feeling”, but in a forward position (skiing-like).

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