How Much Does a Sherp Cost?

Sherp ATVs are more and more popular among enthusiasts lately. As people learn about their capabilities, they become of a lot of people’s wishlists. So how much does a Sherp ATV cost?

How Much Does a Sherp Cost?

The average cost of a  Sherp ATV is anywhere between $120,000 and $350,000. The most popular models are the Sherp Hybrid, the Sherp Ultimate, and the Sherp Pro. When trying a Sherp for the first time, most people are impressed with its capabilities, as this type of ATV has impressive abilities when going off-road. It is even considered a game-changer by some enthusiasts.

Sherp International is a company headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine. It makes all of its ATVs in a factory situated in the same city as the headquarters.

What Makes Sherp ATV So Popular

Its amazing capabilities and features make the Sherp ATV more and more popular. It has no issues going off-road and navigating through very difficult terrain. It also comes with a crane and a winch, making it more versatile than other brands.

The affordable price is what makes the Sherp ATV so desirable for most people. You will be able to buy a Sherp ATV for just a fraction of the traditional ATV cost.

Different Models of the Sherp ATV

The Sherp ATV comes in three different models: There is the Sherp Ark, the Sherp N, and the Sherp Pro.

If you want to get a reliable ATV, then the Sherp Pro might be a great choice for you. It can seat a maximum of four people and comes equipped with a crane and a winch.

Even though it is the cheapest of the Sherp ATV models, you shouldn’t be tricked by the small price tag. It will take you wherever you want, regardless of the terrain, with the help of its powerful diesel engine.

The Sherp Pro is followed by the Sherp N model. It comes with a larger engine, but other than that, it comes with the same basic features. This means that you can get this model if you need more power and performance than you’d get from a basic ATV.

You also have obstacle clearance, speed range, and the ability to go up and down different slopes, just as you have in the Sherp Pro model.

The top-of-the-line model is called the Sherp Ark. This comes packed with all of the features that you usually get on a high-end ATV. It comes with a lot of extras and, of course, an even larger engine. Among the most important extras are an upgraded suspension system, a rearview camera, and a second set of wheels.

Sherp Ark is the model you want to get when you want to impress ATV enthusiasts. It is not only the most expensive of the models, with a full one costing as much as $350,000, as well as the most powerful.

People Reviews of the Sherp ATV

Most people are pretty impressed with what the Sherp ATV has to offer. They talk about its affordability, reliability, and durability. Most online reviews are positive. The comparisons between this brand and ones in the same price point are also positive most of the time.

The Sherp ATV has amazing tires, making it great for all types of terrains. Being made of a special material, these tires have a great grip on the ground, regardless of the terrain type.

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They also have engines made to be powerful, while also fuel-efficient, which is why they are great for long and complex journeys.

Can a Sherp ATV Float?

Yes, Sherps are made to float on water, which makes them completely amphibious. Some people have managed to cross rivers and lakes with them. While on the water, the threads of the tires are used as paddles and the tires themselves provide buoyancy.

Sheprs can also transition without issues from driving on land to moving on ice. This is with the help of their drainage valves, which help them empty out any water quickly.

The Argo ATV Models

Sherp ATV ModelArgo has entered a partnership with Sherp ATV and people say they currently create some amazing models. Argo ATV currently has two premium series. These are the Frontier series and the Aurora Series.

One of the more budget-friendly series is the Frontier Series, with prices that start at $21,000. They offer a lot of value for this cost. These models come with small-block V-twin engines that are fuel-efficient but also powerful enough to handle any type of journey.

The Frontier 700 Scout 8X8 and the Frontier 600 6X6 are among the most popular models of the series.

Argo’s top-of-the-line models are within the Aurora Series and are priced at $41,000 or more. These are the models with the most luxury features and the biggest engines. They usually have cabins and even heated seats. The most popular models of this series are the Aurora 850 SX-R and the Aurora 850 SX.

The Speed of the Sherp ATV

The Sherp ATV has a top speed of 3 mph in water and about 25 mph on land. This speed is enough to get you to your destination, although many people consider it rather slow.

Sherps are considered legal in all 50 states in the US.

How Much Much Fuel Does the Sherp ATV Use?

You can travel up to 100 miles using just 20 liters of fuel with every Sherp ATV, which makes these models very fuel-efficient.

Do Sherp Engines Have EPA Certification?

Yes, all Sherp engines are EPA certified.

EPA certification means that engines will have to meet certain standards in terms of emissions. EPA is short for Environmental Protection Agency. With this certification, the Sherp ATV can be exported to American and European markets.

Do Amphibious ATVs Come With a Warranty?

Yes, amphibious ATVs, both from the Argo brand and from the Sherp brand, come with warranties. Argo offers a one-year warranty, while the warranty you get from Sherp is for years.

Sherp offers a warranty as a way of ensuring the quality and durability of all their ATV models. When it comes to the Argo warranty, this is only for the drivetrain and engine, while the Sherp warranty covers the whole vehicle.

What Is the Cost of Shipping a Sherp ATV?

The cost of shipping a Sherp ATV is anywhere between $1,600 and $2,300 on average, although the final bill will depend on the size of the ATV and the distance it has to be shipped.

Final Words

Sherp ATVs are considered by experts great investments for people looking for an amphibious ATV. They can travel long distances and are low-maintenance and durable. They are very fuel efficient as well.

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