How Much Do UTVs Cost?

How Much Does a UTV Cost?

Last Updated on December 29, 2023
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A utility vehicle (UTV) is a professional vehicle, specially produced for companies and individuals who need a high level of quality, reliability, and performance. Another characteristic that can definitely qualify a utility vehicle is the variety of tasks it can perform and the multitude of different situations in which it can work.

A multitude of configurations are available upon request to allow the vehicle to become perfect for any possible use. For example, a customer who lives in areas where the winter is harsher may request the installation of a snow blade, an accessory for spreading salt, and a powerful heating system.

A company that needs to transport fresh goods can have a refrigerated goods box installed. A company from a tourist resort, which needs to transport people, can request configurations for the transport of passengers and so on.

How Much Does a Utility Vehicle Cost?

The cost of a brand-new utility vehicle would be anywhere between $6,700 and $32,000, depending on the features of the vehicle. The price of a basic model starts at around $6,300 and goes up as you add more features. For instance, the latest John Deere tractor with all features included costs around $101,000.

You should consider purchasing a used model if you want to save money. The price of a used utility vehicle starts at around $1,100. So, you can save $3,100 to $4,100, when buying a used vehicle.

The cost of a UTV is greatly affected by its type. For example, armored vehicles are going to be more expensive because they are bulletproof. For a new vehicle like this, you will have to pay anywhere between $86,000 and $152,000.

The average price of a multi-purpose vehicle or a multi-utility vehicle is $31,000. Typically, in the United States, these are armored, so they have the same price as armored cars.

Depending on its size, an SUV would cost anywhere between $26,000 and $46,000. For instance, larger SUVs cost about $41,000, the mid-sized SUVs are sold at almost $31,000 and the price of a compact SUV starts at $21,500. In case you want a luxury SUV, you should be prepared to pay $46,000 to more than $61,000.

A utility terrain vehicle costs, on average, $14,500. For example, a Can-am Defender is sold for about $18,000, while a Honda Pioneer is around $12,000.

The price range of a crossover utility vehicle is between $26,000 and $51,000. For example, on the more expensive end, we can find the 2019 BMW X4 M40i with the price of $61,000, while at the less expensive end is the 2019 Toyota C-HR LE with the price of $21,000.

There are many different models of UTVs for different levels and purposes. The base models for two passengers called side-by-sides cost less than $7,500, while the base model for four passengers costs around $15,500. The average cost of a four-passenger UTV with all safety features and specifications is $26,000.

Factors affecting UTV prices

The cost of a UTV is affected by several factors, such as the type, the included features, the model, the brand, and others.


Some of the features that affect the price include the cargo/storage capacity, plow, quality of the engine, audio system, towing ability, roof, type of drive, type of lights, built-in navigation, quick flip rear seating, and electronic bed dump.

The essential feature of a utility vehicle for industrial use is its storage capacity. The vehicle will be more expensive if the amount of storage capacity is more significant. A typical utility vehicle is 149 cc.

The cost of a UTV will increase if you are looking for more power. Also, the cost will increase if parental control is installed for controlling the speed kids can drive. You can save on fuel costs if you choose an electric utility vehicle.

In general, UTVs don’t come with great utility capabilities and you may want to purchase a large utility vehicle that meets your needs. The price of a UTV will increase as the towing capacity increases.

UTV ModelThe two-wheel drive UTV is cheaper than the four-wheel vehicle. The four-wheel drive consumes more and is better for off-roading, while the two-wheel drive is suitable for locations with mild weather conditions.

Plan on spending another $1,300 for electronic bed dumps, that help to raise and lower a cargo bed on a utility vehicle.

If you want to add extra seating, such as a quick flip front and rear seating feature, it will cost you another $320.

Depending on the material and size, a rooftop would cost anywhere between $110 and $520. These can be made of polycarbonate, mesh, aluminum, plastic, or steel.

The price of a UTV will greatly increase if it comes with plowing capabilities. Expect to pay around $21,000 for a utility vehicle with plowing capabilities.

The costs are going to go up if you add navigation and other accessories such as extra lighting, GPS tracking, or audio systems.

Brand and model

When shopping around for a utility vehicle, an important factor to consider is the brand. Some brands are best known for specific features. For instance, in 2019 Honda ranked best in reliability, while Polaris and Can-am rated best in power.

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Certain brands cater to industries, such as John Deere, while others cater to clients looking to use their utility vehicles for commercial purposes.

A way to narrow your search is to look for specific models. Certain models are rated for the best value, best for families, best for hunting, best for sport, or best for utility.

For example, Polaris RZR XP Turbo S has been rated best in sport. This means that this model is the best for off-road trail riding and dunes. On the other hand, the Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Limited Edition has been rated best for families thanks to its comfortable five sites and safety features such as debris-blocking side nets.

Certain UTVs have greater hulling power and details in camouflage, so are better for hunting. Others are higher in utility because they come with greater hulling power and towing capacity.

Clients who are not looking for something specific can choose brands that rank high in value. For example, the Yamaha Wolverine is rated best in value thanks to its suspension and good engine and costs around $12,000.

Polaris and Can-am are the most expensive out of the five common UTV brands (that we present below). For example, the price of the Polaris Brutus HD PTO UTV is about $24,000. This model is more expensive because it comes with features that make it able to work in snowy conditions.

The cheapest UTVs out of those five brands are the Kawasaki and Honda. For example, the Kawasaki Mule SX costs around $7,000 because its engine is smaller, causing it to have reduced towing capacity.

You should also consider the brand when you purchase a used UTV. For instance, it would be a good idea to check if the brand of the used utility vehicle is rated high in durability.

Popular UTV brands

UTV Models and Types of UTVs

Utility vehicles are those vehicles made to do specific tasks with much more efficiency than passenger vehicles. You can find many different types of utility vehicles on the market, including:

  • Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV), that are typically all-terrain vehicles with a minimum of two seats, these are also known as side-by-sides.
  • Armored utility vehicles also known as military utility vehicles because they are used for military purposes.
  • Crossover utility vehicles, when compared to SUVs, are sportier on the roads. Also, these have some off-road capabilities.
  • Multi-utility vehicles are larger and have a wider range of applications, so these can perform a range of tasks.
  • Sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are designed for towing tasks and have a great off-road capacity.

In general, sport and crossover utility vehicles are used on public roads, but they also have off-road capability. These are used by many people for personal tasks, while some companies use them for construction site transportation.

For military use, the best ones are multi-use and armored utility vehicles. The last ones are bulletproof.

Utility vehicles that have two passenger seats are referred to as side-by-side vehicles. There are also larger utility vehicles, with four or, sometimes, six seats. These can be used for both commercial and industrial purposes.

It is important to mention that side-by-sides and UTVs are not ATV vehicles. The ATVs are closer to dirt bikes and are typically for one person.

There are utility vehicles for different purposes, such as ranching, hunting, or farming. For recreation and outdoor adventure are used side by side UTVs.

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