How Much Does a Stripper Cost?

Last Updated on December 27, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Bachelors’ party – the perfect moment when the bride-to-be forgets about the stress of organizing the wedding and has a great time with her friends. The event is organized, as a rule, by the maid of honor or the best friend, but sometimes even the person in question can be involved.

Such a party is prepared long in advance, depending on the theme and location, because we are talking about various forms it can have, from pajama parties to trips abroad or even a private party with professional strippers. So, to spice up the last night of freedom, one of the solutions chosen by many is to look for strippers or girls who do striptease to heat up the atmosphere.

But stripper-flavored parties aren’t a thing for bachelor events alone. They are also common for birthday parties or other bigger events in someone’s life.

How much does a stripper cost?

Plan on spending, on average, anywhere between $150 and $500 for a stripper. The cost of a female exotic dancer, for a bikini show would start at around $150. In case you want to book a fully nude or topless show, you should expect prices to range between $200 and $300 for each female stripper. Male strippers are less expensive. You will have to pay only $150 for a strip-o-gram and $200 to $280 for an hour show with a male show.

Depending on the requirements, the prices may change. The cost may also be affected by the number of guests attending the party, the time you want the stripper to arrive, and the location of the bachelorette party or bachelor party. For example, the price would increase if you need the party stripper on a party bus or on a yacht. You should call a booking agent directly and talk about all the details to get an exact price.

Striptease history

Striptease is nowadays one of the most popular forms of dance entertainment. If 200 years ago, there was no artistic act containing too obvious scenes of nudity, the situation changed at the end of the 19th century, with the appearance of performers such as Sally Rand, Gypsy Rose Lee, or Charmion. On stage, they presented their moments partially undressed, dancing lasciviously or performing extremely challenging gymnastic movements for those times.

There are many theories about the origin of this dance. Some voices claim that the Irish writer Oscar Wilde invented striptease in the play “Salome”, which he published in 1893. In his work, the author mentions a young woman who undresses in front of a king to impress him. Other opinions say that striptease was invented at the famous Moulin Rouge, and the first performances involved dancers who undressed in order to catch an imaginary fly on their skin.

At the end of the 1800s, striptease appeared in the USA. One of the first strippers was Charmion, an artist known for her physical strength, but especially for the fact that she appeared naked in a film made in 1901. During her performances, Charmion gradually took off her clothes, while performing trapeze acrobatics.

Striptease show overview

A strip show has at least four stages.

In the first part of the dance, the stripper needs to identify with the character and interpret it perfectly.

In the second part, it is very important to prove that they are a dancer, not a pile of muscles crowded on the human skeleton.

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The third part is the one in which the actual striptease is done – if they do this simply, they are no better than any other individual. The striptease dance must be in accordance with the character, it has to be done to the music and during the dance, the stripper must communicate with the audience.

In the last part, they must detach themselves from the character they are playing and become the romantic, sensual, erotic, and sensitive, which the audience wants.

Important things to consider

Stripper DancingMost categorize strip dancers differently for the simple fact that they strip, but, in reality, these are normal people, most of them have higher education, family, jobs, or even businesses and there is nothing indecent in what they do if this act is taken to the level of art.

To be a successful striptease dancer you need many qualities: ambition, patience, charisma, a pleasant face, a well-made body, not to be shy, modest, emotional, and you don’t have to do this job just for money.

A striptease dancer must be prepared from many points of view, namely: to have many hours of rehearsals, to have developed the character she/he is playing well, to perform movements that only a well-trained dancer can do, to have a collage of well-chosen songs, the body must be flawless, and the costume must be suitable for the chosen theme, and, last but not least, she/he needs charisma.

The difference between male and female striptease is that men rely more than women on the show, choreography, story, etc.

Don’t ignore the tipping part. Most strippers will expect to receive tips during their dances.

Depending on the package you opt for, within the price of the performance, you might get a lap dance or a private dance for the future bride or groom in the case of Bachelor’s parties.

If you don’t want to spend so much on a stripper, then going with your bachelor gang to a strip club might turn out to be a lot cheaper.

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