How Much Does a Walmart Wheel Alignment Cost?

Last Updated on January 5, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Does your car pull to one side when driving or show signs of uneven tire wear? A wheel alignment at Walmart might be the solution. But how much does wheel alignment cost at Walmart auto centers these days? In this guide, we’ll break down Walmart alignment pricing so you know what to expect before taking your car in.

We’ll look at average costs for 2-wheel vs 4-wheel alignment, compare Walmart alignment prices to competitors, and explain what’s included in the alignment service. Read on for the full overview of alignment costs at Walmart.

Key Takeaways on Walmart Alignment Costs

Here are the key points on alignment prices at Walmart:

  • Walmart no longer offers wheel alignment services as of 2022
  • Typical alignments range from $50-$200 based on 2-wheel vs 4-wheel adjustments
  • Other major retailers like Firestone, Meineke, and Pep Boys offer alignments
  • Several factors impact costs like labor rates, vehicle type, and parts needs
  • Ask about any current discounts, coupons, or package deals to reduce alignment costs

Wheel Alignment Services at Walmart Auto Care Centers

Many Walmart auto care centers used to offer wheel alignment services for cars and light trucks. However, Walmart no longer offers wheel alignments as of 2022. The retailer discontinued alignment services after exiting the tire and automotive service business in 2018.

So while you can still do tire installations, tire rotations, and oil changes, Walmart tire alignments are gone. For alignments, you’ll need to visit other retailers like Firestone, Meineke, and Pep Boys which have national footprints. Or explore trusted local auto shops and dealerships in your area.

How Much Does an Alignment Cost?

Proper wheel alignment prices can range quite a bit based on your vehicle and needed adjustments. Here are typical costs:

  • 2-wheel alignment – $50 to $100
  • four-wheel alignment – $100 to $200
  • Parts replacement – $$50 to $500+ if needed

The extent of the adjustments required, vehicle manufacturer, and shop fees all impact the final cost. Many shops quote alignment prices assuming no parts replacements are needed. Ask for an estimate specific to your vehicle before approving work.

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What Does a Tire Alignment Include?

Now, let’s briefly cover what a standard tire alignment means. An alignment aims your wheels and tires perfectly straight to eliminate uneven tread wear, pulling, wandering, and vibration. It includes:

  • Mounting wheels on alignment rack
  • Tire inflation and alignment check
  • Diagnosing alignment issues
  • Adjusting front and/or rear suspension parts like control arms
  • Ensuring proper toe, camber, and caster angles
  • Test driving to confirm alignment

For an accurate alignment, your steering and suspension parts must be in good shape without excessive play or wear. If parts need replacing, additional costs apply beyond the base alignment fee.

Walmart Alignment Cost vs Other Providers of Auto Services

To give an idea of pricing, here are sample alignment costs at major retailers:

As shown above, you can expect to pay $70 to $200 for a standard 2- or 4-wheel alignment at most national chains and local shops. Prices are set by each store and based on labor rates in your city.

What Impacts the Cost of an Alignment?

Several important factors determine alignment pricing:

  • 2-wheel vs 4-wheel – 4-wheel costs more with additional adjustments. two wheel jobs usually mean front-wheel alignments
  • Vehicle manufacturer – More complex suspension systems cost more to align
  • Shop hourly labor rate – Prices higher in metro areas with higher overhead
  • Parts replacement needed – Worn components add to cost
  • Coupons/discounts – Many shops offer wheel alignment coupons and specials

The make and model of your vehicle is one of the biggest factors in alignment cost. Simple, common vehicles are cheapest to align, while complex suspension systems found on performance cars may cost more.

Tips for Saving Money on Alignments

New Wheel AlignmentWhile an essential service, there are ways to get a quality alignment without overspending:

  • Ask about any current wheel alignment discounts or coupons
  • Consider smaller independent alignment shops which may offer lower rates
  • Book alignments in the slower winter months when shops offer deals
  • Buy alignment as part of a package deal when doing other scheduled maintenance
  • Join auto clubs like AAA for access to discounted alignment pricing
  • Use discounts from retailers on your favorite cash back credit card

With some creative planning, do-it-yourselfers can reduce alignment costs while still correcting alignment issues before they accelerate uneven tire wear.

Should You Pay More for Premium Alignments?

Some shops like Firestone advertise more advanced “precision” alignments with digital cameras and laser alignment machines for $40-$100 more than standard alignment. Are premium alignments worth the extra investment? Ask yourself:

  • How new is your vehicle? Older cars may not justify high-end alignment technology.
  • Do you run very aggressive wheels and tires? Performance setups benefit most from precision alignment.
  • Have you modified the suspension? Lowered vehicles should optimally get laser alignment.
  • Does the tech have specialized training on your car? Some vehicles require experienced specialists.

For most daily driven stock vehicles, a standard 2- or 4-wheel alignment likely meets your needs at the regular price of $70-$150. But paying a bit more makes sense on heavily modified vehicles to dial in alignment perfectly.

Final Words

While alignments at Walmart are no longer an option, knowing average pricing helps you budget for this service at other reputable shops. Proper alignment saves money over the long run by reducing uneven tire wear to maximize your investment.

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