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How Much Does An E-Scooter Cost?

Last Updated on May 16, 2023 | Written by CPA Alec Pow
First Published on May 15, 2023 | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popivker

Electric scooters are practical and easy to drive and can help you get to some places even faster than if you used a car. However, even if it may sound perfect, they also have some negative parts, and their price is just one of them. This article should help you decide whether or not it is worth buying an electric scooter.

Nobody wants to spend money when they shouldn’t. You know how much you spend on fuel if you live in a city and travel by car. These costs can be minimized when buying an electric scooter. Yes, you will pay for electricity to recharge your battery at night, but you can also recharge it at work before you go home, which will halve the costs. The best part is that with electric scooters you can avoid traffic jams and save time.

The daily cost of using electric scooters is much lower than the cost of fuel for a car or motorcycle. An electric scooter is not a toy, and high-quality components do not make it an insignificant purchase, but it remains much cheaper than a car or motorcycle, new or second-hand. So how much does an electric scooter cost?

How much does an e-scooter cost?

The cost for an e-scooter can be as low as $100, for kids, or really expensive, between $2,000 and $5,000 or more, for models that offer performance. The average price for most e scooter stands between $300 and $600. You will find many types of e-scooters on the market, but their cost will depend on their quality, battery life, and performance.

A budget e-scooter can be purchased for less than $300, but they are usually for kids. They will have underpowered motors and low-capacity batteries. In this budget category, you can also find proper inner-city e-scooters for a price starting from $250 to $500.

Cheap Electric Scooter Example
Price Top Speed Max Range Weight Max Load
Razor Power Core E90 under $100 10 mph 65 mins 21.62 lbs 120 lbs
Swagtron Swagger 8 under $200 15 mph 12.4 mi 17.42 lbs 150 lbs
GoTrax GXL V2 under $300 15.5 mph 26.4 lbs 31.5 lbs 220 lbs
GoTrax XR Elite under $400 15.5 mph 18.6 mi 31.88 lbs 220 lbs
Turboant X7 Pro under $500 20 mph 30 mi 33 lbs 275 lbs

Intermediate electric scooters include a premium model for which you can spend from $500 to $2,000. They have a higher overall quality, starting from a more powered motor, pneumatic tires, and better battery, to the possibility to travel over rough terrains.

Scooter Model Price (USD)
Turboant X7 Max $549.98
GoTrax GMAX Ultra $878.90
EMOVE Cruiser $1,538.90
Apollo Ghost $1,758.90
Apollo Phantom $1,978.90

High-end electric scooters are performance scooters and can cost from $2,000 up to $5,000 and more. They are bigger, heavier, have long-range batteries for 40-50 miles, and can reach a top speed of 40+mph, and so on.

Expensive Scooter Model Price (USD)
Mantis King GT $2,414.50
Wolf King GT $3,514.50
NAMI Burn-e 2 $3,738.90
Dualtron Thunder 2 $4,728.90
NAMI Burn-e 2 MAX $5,058.90

Electric scooters costs based on the category are as follows:

Scooter Category Price Range (USD)
Cheap Scooter $330 – $770
Commuter $495 – $1,650
Performance $1,650 – $2,750
High-Performance $2,750 – $3,850
Ultra-Performance $3,850+
Rider Category Price Range (USD)
Kids $165 – $440
Teenagers $275 – $935
Students & College $385 – $715
Adults $385 – $1,100
Heavy Adults $660 – $3,850

Additional costs

Servicing & repair costs

It doesn’t matter whether you own a car, scooter, or bicycle, they all need occasional maintenance. The difference stands in the cost of the maintenance, and in the case of an e-scooter, it may include replacing or repairing the brakes, controllers, display, motor, etc.

If you take good care of your e-scooter you can pay for maintenance as low as $10 per low. But, in case that does not happen here are some service costs that you may encounter:

Service Cost (USD)
Tightening Stem $38.50 – $60.50
Replacing Display $38.50 – $60.50
Replacing Brake Calipers $38.50 – $60.50
Replacing Brake Pads $60.50 – $82.50
Brake Tuning $38.50 – $82.50
Replacing Horn / Buttons / Voltmeters $38.50 – $82.50
Tire Changes $82.50 – $165
Replacing Controller $121 – $247.50
Replacing Motor $121 – $247.50
Replacing Stem $275 – $550
Charging cost – a charge costs around $0.165 – $0.22

Scooter accessories – the cost for such accessories vary greatly, but you can spend between $50 and $100 just for lights and a helmet.

Insurance Policy – e-scooters don’t require insurance by law, but if you consider having one it can cost you about $5-$15 per month.

Cost Factors

The amount of money you will invest in this scooter must be justified by your needs. It is important to determine in advance what purpose you will use it for and how often you expect to need it. What is the route you think you will take most often?

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The answer to all these questions is essential to choose a suitable scooter for your budget. This is because a scooter that you are going to use every day will be different from one that you want to use for occasional walks, and they will have different prices.

An electric scooter that will be used daily for commuting or for another purpose will have a stronger structure, larger and more resistant wheels, as well as greater battery life.

All this costs. Instead, if you want an electric scooter that you can occasionally use for walks or when you want to relax, you can settle for a cheaper option, but not as resilient. So the true cost of owning an electric scooter will depend on:

Motor power

The cheapest models can reach between 10 km/h and 15 km/h. If this option is not enough for you, you will be able to easily find models a higher motor power that can move at 20-30km/h, but these are more in the expensive electric scooter category.

Battery power

Being a vehicle that operates on the basis of an electric motor, it is powered by a battery of course. The capacity of the battery or its autonomy interests you especially because it influences how far you will be able to cover in what period of time. We are sure that you do not want to run out of battery halfway, so it is necessary to check this index in advance.

Also, the build quality of the scooter, as well as the wheels, can greatly influence the battery life. The best scooter, therefore, has a battery with as much capacity as possible. You also must not forget that no matter how good a battery is, it is not eternal, and you will need to replace it at a certain time frame.

Braking Power

E-Scooter ModelBraking can be done through a lever or a button. In both cases, it must be very easily accessible. However, do not think of braking as a stopping system, but rather as a system of slowing down the device.

The best electric scooter is equipped with a system that allows the battery to be charged when the brake is activated, following the energy generated. This system contributes to the greater autonomy of the battery but is also more expensive.

Ride quality: this is where we include things like the type of suspension, as e-scooters with no suspension are cheaper than the ones that have; the tires’ type and size, as e-scooters with foam tires will be less expensive than those with tubeless pneumatic tires.


The material from which the scooter frame and handlebar are made is important because it can limit your travel options. On the market, there are both electric scooters with aluminum frames and some made of steel.

As you probably already guessed, those made of steel are stronger, more resistant models, so they are more expensive. They are intended for those who have to travel long distances on roads with bumps or crowds.

Steel is more resistant to blows and can better support a higher weight of the user. However, the scooter will be heavier, and cheaper.

Extra features – Displays play a major role, as they show the speed, battery life, or other settings, and they can set a low price or a high one for the e-scooter. There are displays that can be custom-designed and can cost from $800 to $3,000.

Lights – the price of an e-scooter can also tell the quality of headlights and taillights.

Water-resistance e-scooters tend to have a higher price.

Type of lock – can include digital lock, key-lock ignition, alarm system, etc.

Manufacturers and where do you buy it from

The market’s offers vary greatly and it can be difficult to choose something with all confidence. In order not to make a choice that you will regret later, we recommend that you completely avoid no-name companies and choose something from a well-reputable manufacturer.

We recommend you buy online. This way you can access more information to compare products much more easily to decide which is best for you. You can also consult the opinion of other buyers to get a complete picture of a product.

Thus, having all this information you can choose the best electric scooter for you.

Is it worth buying a used e-scooter?

It is not recommended to buy a used one unless you are sure of its origin, it has a few km to go, and the one who sells it is trustworthy. The truth is that the price difference between a new and a second-hand e-scooter is not so big, so it will be worth buying it new and taking advantage of the guarantee offered. Batteries are expensive, and if the scooter has many km traveled, then you will most likely have to change the battery.

Final words

Price is the main obstacle for most of us. These scooters are quite expensive, especially high-quality ones. The reason behind the high price is the battery, the controller, and the engine. Batteries are expensive and difficult to produce, so scooters with high autonomy will be quite expensive.

If you don’t own a car yet, the idea of an electric scooter seems much more logical. If you already have a car and pay taxes and its maintenance, the cost of a scooter may seem high to you. But in the end, you will be eco-friendly if you choose an electric vehicle.

There are many variables depending on your situation, such as where you work and the money you are willing to spend on a scooter.

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