How Much Does Defy Cost Per Person?

Last Updated on April 22, 2024
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Bouncing over wall-to-wall trampolines, diving into foam pits, and attempting epic slam dunks draws families to Defy Trampoline Parks. With over 20 premier locations across the country, Defy offers endless high-flying fun. But between basic admission, special activities, equipment needs, and more, deciphering what a Defy visit will cost per person can be confusing.

This detailed guide breaks down the per-session costs, packages, discounts, membership benefits, and tips for saving money to help you get the most bounce for your buck.


To summarize, here are the key details to understand when budgeting costs for a fun visit to Defy:

  • Standard open jump sessions start at $15 – $30 per hour
  • Special activities like Foam Zone cost $5 – $15 each
  • Grip socks, wristbands, and lockers add $5 – $10 per person
  • Group, family, and off-peak discounts can reduce admission by 20-30%
  • Memberships offer frequent jumpers the best overall savings
  • Prices vary by location, peak vs. off-peak hours

By learning the pricing structure and taking advantage of the many available discounts and promotions, families can experience the thrilling Defy trampoline park environments on a budget.

How Much Does Defy Cost Per Person?

The basic cost of a standard 60-minute open jump session at Defy locations across the country ranges from $15 to $30 per person depending on time, day, and location. Most parks charge around $20 per person as a baseline price for one-hour general admission and jumping access during normal hours.

Longer session packages are available, usually at a discounted hourly rate when you buy multiple hours up front. For example, a 2-hour bounce pass might cost $35 total versus paying $40 for two separate single hours.

Booking longer sessions can offer more value, especially if you plan to jump for more than an hour.

Special Activity and Attraction Fees

In addition to open jump sessions, most Defy parks offer unique special activity areas and attractions for an extra fee, typically $5 – $15 per person per activity.

Popular add-ons include:

  • Foam Zone: Jump into pits and mountains of foam cubes ($5 – $10)
  • Warrior/Ninja Course: Obstacle and battle elements ($10 – $15)
  • Sky Joust: Bungee basketball and arena games ($5 – $10)
  • Battle Beams: Balance beam battles with foam swords ($5)
  • Rock Climbing: Climb and jump from platforms ($5 – $10)
  • Arcade: Video and redemption games ($5-$20 in gameplay costs)

Budget an additional $10 – $20 per person if you plan to take advantage of these special activities beyond basic open jump time.

Required Safety Gear and Equipment

Beyond standard admission fees, most Defy locations require additional purchases for safety gear and equipment:

  • Grip socks are mandatory and can be rented for $2 – $5 per pair. Buying your own socks for repeat visits can save money long-term.
  • A few locations require jump wristbands for entry, around $2 each.
  • Some parks offer locker rentals to store belongings for $5 – $10.

While small per item, these costs add up, especially for large families. Factor gear expenses into your budget. Members can get free grip sock rentals with no equipment fees.

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Discounts and Special Offers for Families

Defy offers many discounts and budget-friendly options to help families save on visits:

Group Discounts

Booking as a group typically provides a discount. Most Defy locations offer 10% off sessions and activities for groups of 10 or more people. Organizing a group outing can lead to big savings.

Family Packs and Bundles

Special family pack deals bundle admission for a family of 4-5 people together at reduced rates. Family packs offer per person prices 20-30% below standard rates.

Off-Peak Pricing

Visiting during off-peak hours on weekdays and at earlier times generally provides discounts around 20-30% off peak weekend pricing.

Birthday Packages

According to the official website, DEFY Trampoline Parks also offer birthday party packages, including the Mega VIP package, which requires a minimum of 10 jumpers and costs per jumper. The package includes 120 minutes of jump time and 60 minutes in a private party room with pizza, drinks, presents, and cake.

Booking a Defy birthday party includes admission, food, amenities, and socks for all guests at special discounted group rates. Packages start around $25 – $30 per child.

Seasonal Specials

Limited-time seasonal deals around holidays and school breaks will offer reduced pricing or value-added bonuses. Check the website for current specials before booking.

Taking advantage of these discounted opportunities can reduce per person costs to $15 or less for big savings on your Defy adventures.

Membership Benefits and Savings

For enthusiasts who visit Defy frequently, a park membership offers great ways to save money regularly:

Free Socks and Locker: Eliminate rental fees for every visit

Discounted Hourly Rates: Typically $3 – $5 off regular open jump prices

Bonus Jump Time: Earn extra minutes added onto paid sessions

Free Guest Passes: Bring friends at discounted member rates

Members Lounge Access: Complimentary drinks and amenities

For heavy bounce park users, memberships can provide significant savings that offset the $10 – $20 monthly fee. Running the numbers for your family’s typical usage can determine if joining makes financial sense.

Price Variations by Location and Peak vs Off-Peak

Defy LocationDefy ticket prices do vary somewhat based on location factors and time/day you visit:

Location Differences

Defy parks located in major urban areas like Chicago, San Francisco, or Los Angeles generally charge $5 – $10 more per hour than parks in smaller suburban or rural locations. Overhead costs are higher in big cities.

Peak vs Off-Peak Rates

Visiting Defy during peak hours on weekends, holidays or evenings will mean paying full standard pricing. However sessions booked during off-peak times like Tuesday mornings or weekday afternoons provide 20-30% discounts automatically.

For example, a 2-hour pass at the Defy near LA on a Friday night could be $50 per person whereas the same session in the Inland Empire suburb on a weekday morning would be just $35 per person.

Check each location’s online price calendar to identify the lowest-cost time slots before booking.

Tips for Booking Online to Maximize Savings

Here are some tips for reserving your Defy sessions online to maximize savings:

  • Look for coupons, promos, and special discount codes to apply at checkout
  • Purchase bounce passes and activity packages well in advance online for lowest rates
  • Carefully select off-peak times and less busy weekdays to automatically get discounted pricing
  • Take full advantage of loyalty programs, member discounts, and family rates
  • Call the park directly if the website doesn’t reflect a current deal you want to use

Also consider visiting during broader promotional periods like “Back to School Bash” weeks or holiday family events when standard rates are reduced across the board.

Cost Saving Strategies for Defy Visitors

To recap, here are some key strategies for getting the most value on your family’s Defy spending:

  • Buy required grip socks separately instead of renting each visit
  • Book longer session packages of 2+ hours to get discounted hourly rates
  • Organize a group outing to qualify for 10%+ discounts
  • Schedule visits on off-peak weekdays to get the lowest admission rates
  • Join as a member if you’ll visit frequently enough to offset the fees
  • Follow Defy on social media for limited-time special offer announcements

With the right planning, Defy’s high-energy trampoline park experiences can fit into almost any family’s budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do grip socks cost at Defy?

Grip sock prices at Defy typically range from $2-$5 per pair depending on location. Buying multi-packs can lower the per-pair price. Members enjoy free grip sock rentals with every visit as a valuable perk. Bringing your own socks avoids all rental costs.

Can you wear normal socks at Defy?

No, standard socks are prohibited on the trampolines at Defy for important safety reasons. Defy trampoline courts require specialized grip socks with rubber traction pads on the bottom to avoid slips and falls. Always wear regulation grip socks for the best jumping experience.

How do I cancel my Defy membership online?

You can cancel a Defy membership anytime by logging into your online account portal and accessing the “My Account” section. There you’ll see options to pause, cancel or update billing details for your membership. Cancellations are effective after the current paid month ends. Processing usually takes 1-2 billing cycles to go into effect.

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