How Much Does it Cost to Rent a School Auditorium?

Last Updated on February 20, 2023
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One of the most expensive units in most school buildings is the auditorium, even though it is also one that is almost always used to the least advantage in promoting anything education-related. Most schools will keep the auditorium idle for the biggest part of the day, while some will only use it for meager educational aims.

As auditoriums are constructed to be governed by activities that will be carried on in them, most schools will have no issues renting it to groups outside of their educational activities, especially when the room is rented by a group with educational needs.

Of course, activities related to the school or its curricular and extracurricular activities will always be considered first, and rental to other groups will only be possible if no students need it. But how much would it cost to rent a school auditorium?

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a School Auditorium?

The cost of School auditorium rental will vary quite a lot depending on factors such as the school, the group that needs to rent it, and the duration of the rental. While some schools will offer this space for as low as $25 or even free for NGOs and school-approved groups, others will charge as much as $750 for just the first four hours.

Madison Public Schools in Madison Connecticut, for example, rent their Auditorium hall for $750 for the first four hours, and $70 per hour after that.

The Logan City School District will charge $180 per hour when renting its auditoriums for commercial purposes, and $90 per hour when renting them to Charities or Non-Profit organizations. They also have per-day rates, which are $1,200 when the auditoriums are rented for commercial purposes, and $600 when they are used by Charities or Non-Profit organizations.

The Milan Area School rates are between $20 and $60 per hour for the building and additional fees for technical assistance, technicians, and so on.

The Johnson Community School District charges $100 per hour for local non-prot/private interest groups and $250 per hour for out-of-district private interest groups and organizations, for its Performing Arts Center Auditorium.

Lubec School Department has no charge for using their auditorium. They state that the board considers that this fee is already paid by taxpayers. They still have a $25 key usage fee when you return the key. This is because they found that keys are not returned most of the time and this fee has been designed to fix the issue.

Additional costs to consider

Security Fee

If you’re hosting an event that has more than 100 participants or you’re having it on a holiday or during the weekend, you might be required to get security, although most events will be waived this requirement. If you hire a security team employed by the school, you might only be charged $35 to $50 per hour, while a third party might charge you more and should be approved by the school beforehand.

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Personnel Fee

Auditoriums that have a kitchen will usually require that you use their kitchen personnel, which will usually charge around $40 to $50 per hour.


If instead of using the auditorium kitchen you opt for outside catering, then the cost of food per guest should be considered. This can be cheaper or more expensive depending on what you can afford.

Sound technician

If you need complex sound and video systems, then you might need the help of a sound/video technician. These professionals are usually paid by the hour as well and will charge more during the weekend or national holidays.

School Auditorium Rental Overview

school auditorium feesMost schools won’t charge a fee for the usage of the auditorium for groups or activities that are directly related to the school itself and its curricular or extracurricular areas, including music, debate, athletics, and so on.

The rental fee you pay will go directly to the District for making its school facilities available. Of course, the money will go towards utilities and cycled and planned maintenance fees. The amount being charged will be based on the type of organization needing to rent the room and other factors, as said above.

Among the most important factors used to determine the fee amount will be whether the building is within its normal operating hours and is staffed by a custodian, the type of use, and the type and size of the activity.

How can you save on auditorium rental?

Shop around. As different schools will have different fees, getting in touch with multiple schools might give you an idea of which place is cheaper for your needs.

Bigger auditoriums will cost more, as they also have bigger expenses related to cleaning and utilities. So, depending on how many people will participate, opt for a smaller one to save some money.

Consider going outside your School District. If possible, consider going for auditoriums that are farther away from you, so you have more options in terms of places you can rent.

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