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How Much Does It Cost to Shrink Wrap Outdoor Furniture?

Last Updated on February 7, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Protecting your outdoor patio furniture with shrink wrap is an excellent way to maintain its quality and extend its lifespan. But what is the typical cost for shrink wrapping outdoor seating to keep it looking pristine?

Here’s a detailed overview on pricing, materials, and factors that influence the total cost of shrink wrapping your outdoor furniture.

How Much Does It Cost to Shrink Wrap Outdoor Furniture?

The average cost to shrink wrap outdoor furniture ranges from $3 to $8 per square foot depending on several factors. For a standard 5-piece outdoor furniture set, expect to spend about $150 to $400 for shrink wrapping services.

The final price depends on the size and shape of your furniture, the amount of labor required, whether you take a DIY or professional approach, and the quality of the shrink wrap materials used.

At Mr. Shrinkwrap, the initial price of $408 includes materials and up to 1.5 hours of labor for shrink wrapping up to 10 pieces of outdoor furniture. Each additional piece is $13.50. The company puts air vents in all wraps to help prevent mildew and promote air circulation within the cover.

The cost of shrink-wrapping patio furniture at Jersey Shore Shrink Wrap starts at $200, while the cost of shrink wrapping a gazebo or pergola is $425.

According to Oakland Shrink Wrap & Marine Services LLC, the cost of shrink wrapping patio furniture varies based on the size of the furniture.

For example, the cost of shrink wrapping patio furniture size 14 is $38, while the cost of shrink wrapping patio furniture size 26 is $38. The cost of shrink wrapping a gazebo or pergola is $425.

Why Shrink Wrap Outdoor Furniture?

Encasing your outdoor sofas, chairs, tables, and other furniture with a tight shrink wrap provides many benefits compared to leaving furniture exposed or just using basic covers:

  • Complete weather protection – The plastic shrink wrap forms a completely waterproof barrier that prevents rain, snow, sleet, and moisture from saturating and damaging your furniture’s cushions, fabrics, and internal frames. This protection prevents mildew, mold, and rot from developing over wet winters.
  • Preservation – A pristine shrink wrap seal also blocks UV rays, pollution, dirt, and debris that can cause exterior damage. This prevents rust, corrosion, peeling paint, and fading on your furniture’s frames and fabrics. Proper shrink wrapping keeps your patio set looking new and extends its usable lifespan.
  • Enhanced durability – Shrink wrap reduces the wear and tear that occurs when furniture is left unprotected and exposed to the stresses of harsh weather and the elements year-round. Keeping furniture properly shrink wrapped will keep it structurally intact for more years of use.
  • Convenient outdoor storage – Shrink wrapped furniture can be left neatly outside on the patio or deck all winter long without concern. The protective wrap eliminates the need to store bulky furniture indoors for months during the offseason.

For prolonging the life of prized outdoor furniture, shrink wrapping is a smart investment compared to replacing entire furniture sets every few years if left unprotected from the elements.

Factors That Influence Total Shrink Wrap Costs

If you decide to shrink wrap your outdoor furniture, several variables will affect the total project cost:

  • Shrink wrap materials – The thickness, quality, and formulation of the plastic sheeting used impacts costs. Standard shrink wrap plastic films cost approximately $0.20 to $0.40 per square foot of material. More advanced engineered films with extra strength against punctures and UV rays range from $0.40 on the low end up to $2 per square foot for highly durable, long-lasting commercial grades used by professionals.
  • Labor fees – Professional shrink-wrapping services require more man hours and equipment, so labor costs factor into the total job price. DIY wrapping at home takes more time and physical effort per piece wrapped. Professionals work faster with commercial equipment.
  • Square footage required – The size, shape, and quantity of outdoor furniture you need wrapped determines the total square footage of shrink wrap required for full coverage. More surface area and pieces to wrap equals more time, labor, and materials for a higher end cost.
  • DIY vs professional – A DIY approach costs significantly less in materials, but requires you to supply the wrapping tools, put in the time and elbow grease, and accept a more amateurish wrap finish. Professional services cost more but provide expert results.

DIY Shrink Wrap Cost Savings vs Professional Quality

DIY Shrink Wrapping – The Budget-Friendly Option

  • Costs about $3 to $5 per square foot on average for materials.
  • Requires a standard heat gun or a high-power hair dryer to tighten and shrink the plastic sheeting around furniture.
  • Need basic supplies like a heat tool, strong tape, scissors, gloves, and the shrink wrap material.
  • Takes 2 to 4 hours of active time to wrap a standard 5-piece patio furniture set.
  • Results may have a messier, looser appearance with more wrinkles and gaps than professional grade wraps. DIY wraps can also lack durability depending on materials used.

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Hiring Professionals – Pay for Quality and Convenience

  • Costs around $6 to $8 per square foot on average for materials, labor, and expert service.
  • Experienced companies use commercial-grade industrial heat tools and blowers to properly shrink the plastic tight to furniture profiles without burning.
  • Professionals work quickly and neatly to provide smooth, tight, seamless wrap coverage. Results have a polished appearance.
  • Saves you time and labor. Professionals wrap sets in about 1 hour versus DIY.
  • Provides peace of mind knowing furniture is securely protected for winter by experts.

While DIY shrink wrapping costs less upfront and can be a fun weekend project, professional shrink-wrapping services provide the best results and time savings for people who want quality.

Take your furniture’s value into consideration when deciding between DIY versus professional shrink wrap services.

What to Look for in a Professional Shrink Wrap Service

Shrink Wrap TerraceTo identify reputable professional shrink-wrapping companies, here are traits to look for:

  • Industry experience – Select a provider that specializes in and solely focuses on shrink wrapping services. Companies with 10+ years of experience are best able to properly shrink wrap outdoor furniture.
  • High-quality materials – The company should use thick 8-12 mil commercial-grade plastic durability films, not flimsy plastic sheeting. Industrial strength materials withstand winter storms.
  • Positive reviews – Search online for reviews and examples of the provider’s past shrink wrap projects to judge their quality and service reputability.
  • Insurance – Confirm the company carries insurance that covers any damages that could occur to your property during the wrapping process or over winter.
  • Bundle services – Some shrink wrap companies offer handy add-on services like furniture cleaning prior to wrapping or offsite winter storage facilities to simplify the winterization process.
  • Seasoned experts – Well-trained shrink wrap technicians have the skills and know-how to properly wrap challenging furniture shapes and sizes.

How to Prepare Furniture for Shrink Wrapping

To prepare your outdoor furniture for the shrink-wrapping process:

  • Remove cushions, covers, and umbrellas to reduce bulk and make wrapping easier. These detachable soft pieces can be stored elsewhere.
  • Take sets apart by disassembling pieces if possible. Often tables can separate from chairs. This allows for tighter wrap coverage of individual components versus bulky assembled sets.
  • Clean grime and debris from furniture frames to prevent trapping dirt and moisture under the wrap.
  • Let frames fully dry if washing before wrapping to prevent moisture-trapping. Wet surfaces impede the plastic from properly shrinking tight.
  • Place small spacers like blocks between tightly grouped chairs and pieces. This allows for air circulation under the wrap which prevents moisture condensation and rust.
  • Clear surrounding areas of sharp objects or clutter that could tear the shrink wrap material once installed.

Taking time to properly prep furniture makes the wrapping job easier for both DIY and professional application. The materials adhere tighter to clean, dry surfaces.

Maintaining and Caring for Wrapped Furniture

Once your treasured patio and outdoor furniture is shrink wrapped for the winter, take measures to keep it in optimal shape:

  • Inspect periodically during cold months for any rips, openings, or gaps that may appear in the plastic protective seal from weathering. Re-wrap any compromised sections immediately before exterior damage starts.
  • Avoid dragging or snagging sharp yard tools or equipment across the shrink wrap when working in the area. This can cut the material. Lift and carry objects over wrapped furniture instead.
  • Remove fallen leaves or heavy snow buildup if accumulations become excessive to prevent over-straining furniture joints and frames.
  • Unwrap with care come springtime to avoid damage after months of disuse. Inspect for any impairment that may have occurred over winter before reusing furniture.
  • Check for rodents or insect nests under wrap. Reseal any chewed holes that compromised the protection.

With proper winter maintenance and care, quality shrink wrap materials can safeguard outdoor seating for years of use.

Final Words

The cost to effectively shrink wrap standard outdoor patio furniture or full sets averages approximately $3 to $8 per square foot depending on if you utilize professional services or take a DIY approach.

While shrink wrapping yourself costs significantly less upfront, hiring experts provides tighter sealing and overall better protection with less hassle. Thoroughly preparing furniture before wrapping also helps the materials adhere tightly.

Investing in high quality, durable shrink wrap materials is recommended for getting through harsh winters in top condition. Although an added cost, this can save money over time by preventing expensive damage issues that would require replacing entire furniture sets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does shrink wrap last outside?

Quality shrink wrap can last 4-6 months through regular weather exposure. Check periodically for rips and re-wrap damaged sections as needed. With proper maintenance, shrink wrap can protect furniture for an entire winter season.

How much heat can shrink wrap take?

Most shrink wrap plastic sheeting is resistant to temperatures from -60°F to 230°F before it may become damaged. This makes it very durable under hot and cold outdoor conditions.

Is shrink wrapping necessary?

While not mandatory, shrink wrapping is highly recommended to extend the life of outdoor furniture. It provides ample protection compared to just using furniture covers or letting furniture sit exposed.

The small upfront investment in shrink wrapping saves money in the long run by preventing expensive damage to your patio set.

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