How Much Does Mystic Tan Cost?

Last Updated on June 18, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

With the growing popularity of sunless tanning, many people are curious about the costs of treatments like Mystic Tan. This spray tanning option can provide beautiful, natural-looking color without exposure to UV rays.

But what exactly does it cost for those golden glow results? In this guide, we’ll break down Mystic Tan pricing, which ranges from $15 to $50 per session, and tips for getting the most out of your tanning budget.


To summarize this extensive pricing guide, here are the key facts:

  • Single Mystic Tan sessions range from $25-$50 but packages offer 20-40% per session savings
  • Pre-tan exfoliating and post-tan moisturizers add $15-$60
  • Memberships with unlimited monthly tanning provide the lowest rates, as low as $10 per session
  • Carefully compare pricing between salons to find the best intro deals and packages
  • Budget wisely, track spending, and leverage coupons, deals, and rewards to maximize savings
  • DIY self-tanners can be cheaper than in-salon spray tans

How Much Does Mystic Tan Cost?

For a single Mystic Tan session with all the extras, expect to pay $40-$75 depending on the amenities and products offered at your chosen salon.

Let’s look at the cost breakdown covering all the typical pricing tiers:

  • Single session: $25-$50
  • 5 session package: $100-$150 ( $20-$30 per session)
  • 10 session package: $150-$200 ( $15-$20 per session)
  • Unlimited monthly membership: $50-$100 per month
  • Basic membership – $20/session
  • Premium membership – $15/session
  • VIP membership – $10/session

Many salons offer first-time discounts like $10 off or free eye protection goggles. Packages and memberships offer the lowest per-session pricing, up to 50% savings.

Additional costs to factor into your Mystic Tan budget:

  • Pre-tan exfoliation: $10-$20
  • Post-tan moisturizer: $15-$40
  • Eye protection goggles: $3-$5 per use or purchase your own pair for $20
  • Upgraded tanning solution: $5-$20 for specialty bronzers

The Paradise Island Tanning website offers detailed pricing for Mystic Spray Tan services. For a light Mystic Tan, the cost is $40 for 2 sessions or $75 for 5 sessions. For a medium Mystic Tan, the cost is $50 for 2 sessions or $100 for 5 sessions. The website also provides pricing for a dark Mystic Tan, which ranges from $60 for 2 sessions to $125 for 5 sessions. Additionally, the website offers monthly and annual packages for Mystic Tan services.

The Haute Skin Spa Tanning website lists the cost of Mystic Tan services. A single Mystic Tan session is priced at $32.95, while a package of 5 sessions costs $124.95, which represents a savings of $39.80. The website also offers a UV-free Sunless Pass for $59.95 per month, which includes up to 4 spray tan sessions.

The SunCare Spray Tan and Skin Care Salon website provides pricing for Mystic HD spray tan services. The cost for a single Mystic HD session is $37, while packages of 5, 10, 20, and 30 sessions are available at discounted rates, ranging from $27 per session for a 5-session package to $16 per session for a 30-session package.

Factors Influencing Mystic Tan Prices

Mystic Tan session prices can range anywhere from $15 on the low end to $50 per session on the higher end. Exact pricing depends on several factors:

  • Location – Mystic Tan costs more in major cities and affluent geographic areas compared to rural locations. Higher demand allows salons to charge premium pricing.
  • Salon quality – Upscale salons and luxury spas charge more than basic tanning chains or budget establishments. You pay for the overall experience.
  • Package deals – Individual sessions cost significantly more than packages of 5, 10, or unlimited monthly tanning. Providers offer discounts to encourage repeat business.
  • Membership levels – Basic memberships run around $20 per session, while premium/VIP memberships yield the lowest per-session pricing.

You’ll also pay more for add-ons like pre-tan exfoliating treatments and high-end lotions. Frequency matters too – sporadic tanners will pay higher per-session rates compared to monthly members.

Mystic Tan Sunless Tanning Overview

Mystic Tan BottleTo start, let’s look at what Mystic Tan is and why people choose it over traditional tanning beds. Mystic Tan utilizes a spray tanning booth and misting system to evenly apply sunless tanning solution across the skin. This provides a flawless bronze color in about 30 seconds, without any UV light. The active ingredient DHA reacts with skin proteins to create a tan that lasts approximately 5-7 days.

Mystic Tan booths are found in many tanning salons and spas nationwide. Benefits of this sunless solution include:

  • Avoiding UV damage from the sun or tanning beds.
  • Getting quick, customizable results in less than a minute.
  • Achieving a more natural-looking color than self-tanners.
  • Ability to maintain a tropical glow year-round.

Now that you understand the basics, let’s break down the costs and pricing structure involved in detail.

Finding Affordable Prices

Don’t pay full retail price if you can avoid it! Here are some insider tips for finding affordable Mystic Tan costs near you:

  • Compare prices online – Check out salon websites and call around for current pricing before you book. Look for online-only deals.
  • Ask about first-timer specials – Many places offer intro packages for new Mystic Tan clients, like $10 off or a free session.
  • Buy packages in bulk – The more sessions you prepay, the lower the per-session cost. Packages can save 20-40%.
  • Inquire about membership tiers – Monthly unlimited tanning can average just $10-$15 per session with premium/VIP memberships.
  • Watch for sales and coupons – Check social media, retail sites, and deal sites for limited-time specials. Sign up for salon email lists.
  • Go during off-peak times – Avoid weekends and evenings when demand is highest. Morning and weekday appointments may be cheaper.

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The same Mystic Tan service might range from $15 to $50 depending on specials, packages, and time of day. Do your research to keep sunless tanning costs low!

Mystic Tan Prices at Different Salons

To demonstrate the cost differences depending on provider, let’s compare two fictional Los Angeles salons:

Salon A is a high-end spa charging $50 for a single Mystic Tan session. Their 5 session package is $200 ($40/each) and 10 sessions cost $300 ($30/each). They offer an unlimited Premier Membership for $100/month ($10/session).

Salon B is a budget tanning chain with Mystic Tan priced at $25 per session. Their packages are 5 sessions for $100 ($20 each) or 10 for $150 ($15 each). They don’t have membership levels.

Salon C is a mid-range salon with single sessions at $35. But they run $20 new client specials often. Their 5 session package is $140 ($28/each) and 10 sessions cost $180 ($18/each). Their unlimited membership is $60/month.

The best deal depends on tanning frequency. Occasional tanners should use Salon B’s 5 session package. Members who tan 1-2x/week would save most with Salon C’s membership. Frequent tanners get the best value at Salon A with the $10/session Premier Membership.

This example demonstrates the importance of comparing pricing and specials across multiple salons in your area!

Budgeting Tips

Spray tans definitely aren’t cheap. But you can make Mystic Tan work on different budgets with some planning:

Decide on frequency first. Figure out realistically how often you’ll tan before purchasing packages. Don’t overbuy!

Balance cost and quality. The cheapest deal isn’t always the best. But high prices don’t guarantee good results either.

Track spending over time. Know exactly what you can spend over a month or season. Monitor expenses to avoid surprise overages.

Take advantage of deals. Use new client specials, coupons, sales events, and rewards programs to reduce out-of-pocket costs.

Consider DIY alternatives. Drugstore self-tanning products can save substantially if you don’t mind applying them yourself.

With smart budgeting habits, you can enjoy Mystic Tan’s benefits while controlling your overall tanning costs.

Is Mystic Tan Worth it?

There are compelling pros and cons to investing in Mystic Tan services:


  • Avoid UV damage from sun exposure or tanning beds
  • Get quick, customized bronzing in 30 seconds
  • More natural look than self-tanning lotions
  • Can be very affordable with packages/memberships
  • Available year-round for maintaining tropical glow


  • Requires repeat sessions to maintain color
  • Risk of streaks or missed spots from uneven application
  • Higher cost than self-tanners (but more foolproof)
  • Must go to salon instead of tanning from home

Overall, Mystic Tan delivers beautiful sunless tanning results if it aligns with your beauty budget. With some smart shopping, packages can be very affordable.

Final Words

Know your budget, research prices locally, and take advantage of specials. With some effort, quality Mystic Tan services can fit into most beauty spending plans. Discuss session costs and packages with your local providers to find an option accessible for your tanning budget and frequency.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a Mystic Tan last?

On average, a Mystic Tan spray tan lasts 5-7 days before noticeably fading. Proper exfoliation prior to tanning and keeping skin moisturized afterward maximizes longevity. With appropriate prep and care, some can get a Mystic Tan to last 7-10 days.

How long after a Mystic Tan can I shower?

It’s recommended to wait at least 4-8 hours after a Mystic Tan session before showering or swimming. This allows the DHA bronzer to fully develop and absorb into the skin. Showering too soon can cause rapid fading and uneven, patchy results.

Does Mystic Tan stain clothes?

Yes, Mystic Tan and other spray tans have the potential to temporarily stain or discolor clothing, linens, and other materials. To prevent stains, wear loose dark clothing after your session. Avoid contact with light fabrics and upholstery for 8-12 hours. Any stains should fade after thorough washing.

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