New York Yacht Club Membership Cost
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How Much Does New York Yacht Club Membership Cost?

Founded in 1844 by a group of yachtsmen of the time, the New York Yacht Club is one of the oldest clubs in New York. Sailors say that this is the best yachting club in the world. It is located in New Port, Rhode Island, and New York City.

By now, the club has more than three thousand members and the membership is available only by invitation.

 How Much Does New York Yacht Club Membership Cost?

The costs for joining the New York Yacht Club are not publicly available because this is a private club. However, based on our research, the initiation fee is less than $26,000, while the annual membership fees are pretty low as well. These are just some estimates offered by a third-party source and can not be considered accurate. You should contact the club directly to find out more information about the exact costs.

According to several websites, the cost of membership depends on the one you choose as the club offers multiple options, including honorary, regular, junior, and intermediate membership. For instance, the Regular Membership is the most expensive one, with annual dues of $12,000 and an initiation fee of $26,000.

The Intermediate Membership is only available for those who are between 21 and 39 years old and has annual costs of $6,000 and an initiation fee of $7,500. The Junior Membership is available only if you are under 21 years old. The annual costs for this membership level are $1,000 and the initiation fee is $1,000 as well. The Honorary Membership is available only by invitation and does not require annual dues or an initiation fee.

About the New York Yacht Club and Clubhouse

According to the website, the headquarters provides high-end dining options, libraries filled with many books, and patios.

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Also, according to, the primary clubhouse has a Model Room, that features a very large display of model ships.

The New York Yacht Club is known for starting the Americas Cup yacht race.

The headquarters of the New York Yacht Club is located on 44th Street in Manhattan, in a six-story stone-front building. As we mentioned above, aside from this location, the club has one more location on the water in Newport, Rhode Island.

Important things to consider

NY Yacht Club InsideIf you want to join the New York Yacht Club, you must be nominated by a current club member. This nomination has to be supported by a minimum of four other members and should contain a statement of the nominee’s qualifications.

Also, you will be required to have three letters of recommendation and applicable boating experience. If you are approved for membership, you will be allowed to attend a reception ceremony organized at the New York Harbor Court, in spring if the weather permits it, or in the fall at the Clubhouse at 44th Street.

Usually, there is a waiting list for the New York Yacht Club membership, particularly for the Regular Membership. The length of the waiting list would vary depending on the type of membership and other factors.

As a member of the New York Yacht Club, you will have several benefits such as access to the facilities of the club, which include sailing centers, dining rooms, meeting rooms, and a bar. Also, you will get access to the Club’s art collection, impressive library, and archives. Moreover, the Club organizes several social events throughout the year, including receptions, regattas, and dinners.

You can transfer your New York Yacht Club Membership to somebody else, but the transfer process must be approved by the Board of Directors. There is a transfer fee that is based on the current membership value and must be paid by the new member.

In general, refunds and cancellations are not available as membership in this club is a binding commitment. However, in some specific situations, such as a significant change in a member’s financial situation or a move to a distant location, the membership can be canceled.

The club has a formal dress code, especially in the dining areas. Women should wear suits or dresses, while men should wear ties and jackets.

According to the official club’s brochure, 54% of the members own a yacht. 614 out of these are powerboats and 1,116 are sailboards. The rest of these are yachts with a length that ranges from 22 to 289 feet.

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