How Much Does Tavistock Country Club Membership Cost?

The Tavistock Country Club can be found in New Jersey, Delaware, in a town called Haddonfield. It is located in a small private neighborhood, in its own borough, being one of the more exclusive family-oriented clubs in the area. It acts as a self-governing town called the Borough of Tavistock.

This country club was incorporated on December 10, 1921. This happened shortly after 19 of the residents of this brand-new borough received the blessing of the state governor.

How much does a Tavistock Country Club membership cost?

The Tavistock Country Club membership costs about $25,000 in initiation fees and roughly $5,000 in annual dues, which comes down to about $440 per month, according to past members for the top-tiered membership. Lower-tier memberships like the social membership, for example, will be considerably cheaper. So these membership fees will ultimately depend on the type of membership you will sign up for, as with most country clubs.

However, you won’t be able to become a member without being sponsored by current club members. You will have to complete an application form for the application process, which will be followed by a letter of confirmation from your sponsor, and four other letters from current members that are meant to second the member nomination of the applicant to the club. All of these documents are reviewed by the membership chairman who would then make a decision and communicate it with the applicant and their sponsors.

The membership options

Active – The active membership refers to members that are older than 21 and comes under three classifications:

  • Class A – Class A is an Active membership for a full member who owns a certificate of ownership and has full golfing privileges.
  • Class B – Class B is an Active membership type is an active membership type for members that don’t have ownership and only have limited golf privileges.
  • Class C – Class C is an Active membership for the children of a full member. They have no ownership certificate but they still have full golf privileges.

House – As a member of the House membership you have a certificate of ownership and enjoy all of the social privileges provided by the club.

Social – Becoming a Social member will require you to be at least 21 years old. You will enjoy all of the clubhouse and social privileges, although you will only have limited golf privileges and you will only be able to play golf five times per year. As with all other types of membership, this too will require sponsorship from an active club member before you can become a member.

Tavistock Country Club overview

The amenities offered by the Tavistock Country Club include the 160-acre 18-hole golf course, a fully-stocked pro shop, practice facilities, tennis courts, swimming pool, and the two-story clubhouse that comes with multiple dining options. The dining options are the Men’s Lounge, the Outdoor Patio, the Elizabeth Haddon Room, the Lounge, and the Samuel Fulton Room. There are private dining room options as well, including the Ball Room, the Board Room, and the Findlay Room.

Tavistock Country Club Wedding Packages

Tavistock Country Club Wedding PackageThe Tavistock Country Club can offer you the perfect place for your “Extra Special Occasion.” Regardless of whether you’re looking for a large reception with several hundred guests or a small gathering with just a few friends and relatives, they can offer you that personal attention to every detail that you’d surely use on such an important day.

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This will guarantee the success of your big day. Some people call it the most outstanding wedding reception location in New Jersey, and it offers features like:

  • Gardened terrace, perfect for cocktail receptions
  • The elegant ballroom with an amazing balcony with golf course vistas
  • A free detailed tour of available venues from your Personal Wedding Consultant
  • Professional staff trained and committed to only offering exceptional service
  • Although you will get suggestions when it comes to wedding features, you have the flexibility to change almost anything you want
  • Wedding Reception Packages will be exclusive of gratuity and tax
  • The menus can be tailored to individual requirements
  • The space is fully handicap accessible
  • Keep in mind that prices that are quoted will be subject to change as the market trends fluctuate
  • Having your wedding on a Saturday evening will require a 150-person minimum

What are the extra costs?

Members that don’t have golf privileges will have to pay green fees.

You will have to pay a minimum food and beverage fee, although the fee isn’t public at this time.

You will also be faced with an additional fee for leagues, clinics, tournaments, and lessons.

You will spend additionally for any social events that are held throughout the year.

Important things to consider

When inside the club, you will have to abide by strict dress code rules. You can find more information about this on their official rules PDF.

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