How Much Does Zero To Dangerous Cost?

Zero To Dangerous Cost

Steven Kotler is a man that millions of people follow and his organization, Flow Research Collective, is one of the world’s leading organizations studying the state of flow. Steve has several books that are New York Time bestsellers and many fans follow him with great interest on social media.

The state we enter when we work is called in psychology a state of flow, a state of maximum productivity, creativity, and inspiration, which each of us experiences from time to time or even more often.

But how do we get into this state more often? Not to ignore our daily needs or worries, because for such a state you actually lose a lot of contact with the surrounding world, but for that amazing speed of the connection between neurons, for that informational and inspirational flow in which everything happens by itself, as natural, and we are only an instrument through which action is carried out.

How Does Zero to Dangerous Work?

From Zero to Dangerous is an online course that takes place over a period of 8 weeks. During this time, you should focus and prepare yourself as you’ll need at least 45 minutes a day, 6 days a week to study.

Zero to Dangerous is based on three components in order to help you achieve your goals, no matter what they are.

  1. Daily Content & Exercises
  2. Intimate Neuroscience Based Coaching
  3. Lifetime Group Coaching & Community

How much does Zero to Dangerous cost?

According to a user, who booked an application call, the first answer was that it costs $6,000, but the final quote was $5,000, which is also the most common price people pay.

The user said he was determined to do the course but $6,000 seemed too much. He was aware that his future was now being decided and he knew that he cannot function as before. As in any other domain, he knew that if you pay for your education, you treat it with maximum respect and you do your job, you’re more likely to succeed.

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The person went on to say that while he was thinking about all this, the person from the other line said that if he pays the whole amount with the card at that moment, it was only $4,000.

Another option offered was to pay the course in installments, with a final cost of $5,000, more exactly, 10 installments of $500.

How to sign up?

The registration form takes about 5 minutes, but you do not receive the price.

You get a calendar to choose a day and an hour to talk to Troy, their representative.

You get a zoom meeting with Troy and the man asks you who you are, what you do, and why you need the course.

The representative will keep telling you that he will get to the price right away, but first, he will tell you what happens in each of the 8 weeks of the course.

What is the course From Zero to Dangerous?

Zero To DangerousTop performance training based on neuroscience for entrepreneurs and leaders struggling with distractions, self-sabotage, and uncertainty.

The McKinsey Institute found a 500% increase in productivity for people accessing flow states

Harvard found that their students had 3 days of increased creativity after a day of accessing the flow state.

Advanced brain monitoring DARPA found a 490% increase in the development of flow skills.

In short, From Zero to Dangerous is an 8-week course with 56 lessons that promises that:

  • You become much more productive.
  • You work less time.
  • You are happier.
  • You are more present in family life.
  • You earn more money.
  • You prioritize much better.
  • You can achieve all your dreams.
  • You regain your mental health.

Flow status

Steven Kotler concludes that the state of flux occurs in the emotional center between boredom and anxiety, in the so-called flow channel, where the task to be accomplished is heavy enough to require us without exhausting us.

The question that arises is how hard it is for something we are doing to put pressure on us, not to get bored or drop out. Studies by Kotler show that the percentage of difficulty above the level of our habitude required to enter the flow is 4%. That means the challenge must be 4% more difficult than the skills we have. Therefore, you reach your potential by slowly forcing yourself, 4% outside of the skills you have. As with computer games, to move to the next level you have to do something that requires you to work on, but not enough to make you give up.

The same goes for performing tasks. If what you have to do is below your level, you get bored, blazed, or give up. If it is too hard and you see that you are not in any way able to do the work, you demoralize yourself and give in one form or another. But if they ask you to put in a little effort, that 4%, you have every chance of developing to the level of potential and entering the state of flow.

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