How Much Does Zero To Dangerous Cost?

Last Updated on April 25, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

The ‘Zero to Dangerous’ program is a revolutionary high-performance training system focused on helping participants master the flow state to become more productive, focused, successful, and fulfilled. By tapping into ‘flow’ – the optimal state of consciousness where you feel totally immersed in an activity – Zero to Dangerous aims to unlock new levels of performance, achievement, and satisfaction. But what exactly is the investment required to enroll in this intensive learning and transformation experience?

This article provides a comprehensive breakdown of the costs, pricing, and value of investing in the Zero to Dangerous program. We’ll be taking a deep dive into what’s included, financing options, cost comparisons, and whether the program offers a worthwhile ROI that makes it money well spent.

But this intensive training that promises radical performance upgrades comes at a cost. So, what exactly does Zero to Dangerous charge for enrollment? What pricing options are available? And most importantly, could it really be worth it if you have the budget available? Let’s break it down.

How Much Does Zero To Dangerous Cost?

The total cost of the Zero to Dangerous high-performance training program ranges from $4,997 to $7,495 depending on options selected.

Core Tuition Fee:

  • The base tuition fee is $4,997
  • This covers 15 days of seminars and all printed materials
  • Access to the online learning portal for 12 weeks
  • 3 private coaching calls

Retreat Fee:

  • The immersive 3-day retreat costs $995
  • Includes wilderness activities, adventure-based challenges, group flow training
  • Accommodation and meals included

Flight & Accommodations:

  • Plan around $600 – $1200for flights and hotels
  • The retreat takes place in Colorado or California
  • Most attendees budget $800-$1000 with shared rooms

Online Learning Portal:

  • 12 months access is $495(optional)
  • 6 months access is $295(optional)

1-on-1 Coaching:

  • Sessions are $150/hour(optional)
  • Most participants budget 1-4 extra sessions ($150-$600)

So, at a minimum, budget $5,992 to complete Zero to Dangerous. With all the optional extras, the total cost can reach up to $7,495.

DayNinja Method mentions that the cost of Zero to Dangerous is around $5,000.

Zero to Dangerous typically costs $1,500 for the online course and coaching program. Additional coaching and mentoring packages may vary in price, with some reaching up to $7,000 or more. These prices are based on information from some Reddit users which claim some paid $6,900 for the whole program or $600 per hour with an executive coach.

Overview of Zero to Dangerous

Zero to Dangerous is a multi-week coaching and training program designed by Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal of the Flow Research Collective. The immersive curriculum consists of workshops, seminars, one-on-one coaching, and online learning.

Participants learn techniques and strategies for activating flow states consistently so they can achieve peak productivity. The program focuses on neuroscience-based training to upgrade mental performance. Coaches include experts in psychology, leadership, innovation, and flow. Past participants include entrepreneurs, executives, athletes, and creatives looking to actualize their potential.

Let’s understand what’s included inside Zero to Dangerous:

The Curriculum:

The Zero to Dangerous curriculum consists of:

  • 15 full days of workshops and seminars
  • A 3-day immersive wilderness retreat
  • 12 weeks access to the online learning portal
  • 3 one-on-one coaching calls
  • Detailed training manuals and workbooks
  • Assessments, reflection exercises and integration support

The Training:

  • Research-based techniques grounded in neuroscience, psychology and flow science
  • Strategies for activating flow states consistently
  • Upgrading daily habits, mindsets, and routines
  • Leadership, innovation, and creativity modules
  • Real-world application and behavior change

The Coaches:

  • Led by founders Jamie Wheal and Steven Kotler
  • Experts in psychology, leadership, innovation, and peak performance
  • Additional guest coaches and facilitators

The Participants:

  • Entrepreneurs, executives, creatives, and professionals
  • Seeking exponential productivity, fulfillment, and life enhancement
  • Willing to invest time, effort, and money into growth

What’s Included in the Cost?

For the significant investment, Zero to Dangerous delivers immense value through:

Unparalleled Access To World-Leading Coaches

15 full days of direct access to coaches like Jamie Wheal and Steven Kotler is truly priceless. Their expertise in peak performance, flow science and training the world’s top athletes and executives is world-class.

Intensive Curriculum Grounded In Cutting-Edge Research

The training goes far beyond surface-level workshops. Participants receive science-backed techniques to fundamentally upgrade their productivity, performance, and wellbeing.

Ongoing Support For Sustainable Growth

This isn’t just a one-time event. Participants receive months of follow-up coaching and access to online resources to drive lasting behavior change.

An Immersive Retreat That Departs From Everyday Life

The remote wilderness retreat is designed to completely shift participants out of habitual patterns and plunge them into flow. This fast-tracks transformation.

For driven individuals, the promise of exponential returns on life enjoyment and fulfillment justifies the investment. But how does Zero to Dangerous compare with other high-end corporate training programs?

Comparison with Other High-Performance Programs

Zero to Dangerous competes in the premium market for corporate training, executive coaching and professional performance programs. Some comparisons:

  • McKinsey Leadership Program – $12,500
  • MIT Sloan Executive Education – $13,150 average
  • Singularity University Executive Education – $14,500
  • EY Beacon Executive Leadership – $12,000
  • Harvard ManageMentor Premium – $13,000
  • Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate – $15,000

The differences with Zero to Dangerous are:

Deep Focus On Flow, Creativity, and Innovation

Zero to Dangerous goes beyond generalized leadership or management training by specializing exclusively in cultivating flow states. This gives participants a competitive edge.

Retreat Immersion Intensive

The remote wilderness retreat differentiates Zero to Dangerous from solely classroom-based programs. Deep nature immersion fast-tracks transformation.

Small Group Sizes And Personalized Attention

With cohorts capped at 40 people, Zero to Dangerous offers intimate access to coaches. This ensures personalized guidance.

Modern Methodologies Like Neuroscience And Biohacking

As pioneers in flow, Zero to Dangerous stays ahead of the curve with science-based training. This gives participants an advantage.

For professionals and leaders seeking next-level performance, Zero to Dangerous offers great value compared with other premium corporate training options.

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Analysis of Potential ROI

While the upfront investment is significant, Zero to Dangerous delivers immense value through:

Boosting Productivity And Drive

Participants report doubling their productivity, focus, and output after mastering flow skills. This enables them to achieve more in less time.

Accelerating Career Progression

Many graduates experience fast-tracked promotions, higher salaries, and greater leadership opportunities after boosting their performance.

Growing Existing Businesses

Entrepreneurs report 25-30% increases in profits, sales, and growth by improving their execution, productivity, and drive.

Happier, Less Stressful Lives

By gaining access to flow states consistently, participants reduce stress and experience greater enjoyment in their work and personal lives.

While hard to quantify, even minor improvements in performance, productivity, and wellbeing compound over a career. The long-term ROI of upgrading your daily flow capacity is invaluable.

Financing Options and Payment Plans

Zero to Dangerous offers flexible payment plans to improve affordability:

Payment In 3 Monthly Installments

Pay tuition in 3 installments over 3 months to ease cash flow.

Payment Plan Over 6 Months

Stretch tuition payments evenly over 6 months.

12 Month Financing Via Partner Bank

Get approved for 12-month financing at competitive rates through Zero to Dangerous’s partner FutureFinance.

Corporate Group Rates

Special pricing available for enrolling 5+ employees from the same company.

Get in touch with the Zero to Dangerous team to discuss customized financing and budgeting solutions.

Scholarships and Discounts

Zero to Dangerous offers discounted and subsidized pricing for certain applicants:

Students Receive 25% Discount On Tuition

Verified students currently enrolled in college or graduate school get 25% off standard tuition.

Non-Profit Employees Get 15% Off

Those working at registered non-profits or social enterprises receive a 15% discount on tuition.

Group Rates For 5+ Colleagues

Enroll with 4+ coworkers and receive 10% off standard tuition per person.

Scholarships For Veterans, Teachers, and Public Servants

Veterans, teachers, and public servants are eligible to apply for partial tuition scholarships.

When you submit your application, be sure to apply for any relevant discounts you may qualify for.

Every little bit helps when budgeting this level of professional development investment.

Long-Term Benefits and Follow-Up

A great benefit of Zero to Dangerous is the extended coaching and integration support after the core curriculum finishes. This ensures participants implement changes in the long term.

6 Months Of Email Support With Coaches

Continue asking questions and troubleshooting challenges with your coaches via email.

Access To Private Online Community

Connect with your cohort in the private Zero to Dangerous Facebook group for accountability.

Discounted Alumni Rates

Graduates receive discounted enrollment for future seminars and coaching to reinforce their skills.

Annual Refresher Retreat

After completing the program, alumni can attend an annual 1-day refresher retreat at a reduced rate.

For participants seeking lifelong behavior change, the ongoing support makes the investment even more worthwhile.

Zero to Dangerous course review

Zero To DangerousThe Zero to Dangerous Program offers top-performance training done by experienced coaches, based on neurobiology and neuroscience for entrepreneurs and leaders struggling with distractions, self-sabotage, and uncertainty.

The McKinsey Institute found a 500% increase in productivity for people accessing flow states

Harvard found that their students had 3 days of increased creativity after a day of accessing the flow state.

Advanced brain monitoring DARPA found a 490% increase in the development of flow skills.

Enrollment Process

To enroll in Zero to Dangerous, applicants must:

Complete The Online Application

The application form covers motivation, goals, and background.

Schedule A Consultation Call

Speak with a coach 1-on-1 to determine fit for the program.

Satisfy Payment Requirements

A deposit, payment plan or financing must be arranged to confirm enrollment.

Commit 8-10 Hours Per Week

Participants must commit around 8-10 hours per week to actively engage in the training.

Zero to Dangerous accepts new cohorts every 6 months, with start dates in January and July. Apply at least 2 months in advance to secure your spot.

Is Zero to Dangerous Worth the Investment?

Zero to Dangerous requires a significant financial and time investment. But for professionals and entrepreneurs seeking world-class training to reach new levels of performance, the potential benefits justify the cost.

Consider not just the price tag, but the value derived and ROIs like:

  • Increased productivity, focus, and drive
  • Faster career progression and promotions
  • Higher business revenue and profits
  • Greater personal fulfillment and life enjoyment

Then determine if your budget can support this investment in your future. Speak to past participants about their experience.

Final Words

There’s no doubt that Zero to Dangerous represents a major financial and time investment. But for professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs absolutely committed to reaching the next level in their performance and life, the program can deliver immense value.

From leveraging world-class coaching to a science-backed curriculum to forging deep focus, productivity, and flow skills, Zero to Dangerous promises to upgrade your output, results, and fulfillment.

While not everyone has the budget or motivation, for driven individuals who want to maximize their potential, Zero to Dangerous offers an unparalleled experience with the potential for lifelong rewards.

If you’re ready to seriously amplify your performance, this intensive training promises to equip you with the mindset, skills, and competitive edge to thrive in business and life. The investment may just prove to be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Zero to Dangerous happen?

Zero to Dangerous takes place at dedicated training facilities in California and Colorado tailored specifically for flow performance training. The 3-day wilderness immersion retreat happens at varying remote locations designed to switch off distraction and immerse participants in nature. Attendees travel to these destinations for the in-person components, then continue virtual training.

Why does Zero to Dangerous exist?

Zero to Dangerous was created by flow experts Jamie Wheal and Steven Kotler to give high-achievers access to the life-changing benefits of flow states. By providing proven training to activate flow consistently, the program aims to significantly upgrade professional and personal performance, productivity, creativity, and fulfillment.

What is The Flow Research Collective?

The Flow Research Collective is the organization behind Zero to Dangerous, founded by Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal. It brings together experts in psychology, neuroscience, leadership, and peak performance with a mission to study flow states and teach people science-backed techniques to access them.

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