How Much Does a Jade Putter Cost? – Prices of Jade Putters

Last Updated on November 17, 2023
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Golf is a sport that can be played individually and in teams, with the aim of putting the ball inside all the holes with the help of a club.

This sport is considered by many a “game for the rich”, mainly due to the high costs, not so much for the equipment, but to have access to the golf course.

One of the most important pieces of equipment in golf is the jade putter. A putter is a club that is used on the green to insert the ball into the hole. The green/putting green is the specially prepared grass surface that contains a hole and a flag; the putter is used on this surface to insert the ball into the hole. So how much does a jade putter cost?

How much does a jade putter cost?

If you want you can custom-build your own putter according to your preferences. You should be prepared to spend anywhere between $130 and $160 for a custom-made putter in the USA. This cost is variable and depends on the material among some other factors. The labor costs are included in this price range.

You can purchase a jade putter from an online or offline store for $200 to $250. For a jade putter made of an expensive grip material and with a precious stone you will have to pay around $1,000 if not more.

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You can find a jade putter in many online shops; with a large variety of options; you can choose between different models depending on the quality of the shaft and the putter head. The price will be greatly influenced by the length of the shaft and the material it is made of. The costs start at around $130 and there are many different shapes and looks of putters.

For instance, you will have to pay anywhere between $920 and $1,300 for a graphite-headed jade putter. But there are even more expensive jade putters on the market. Their cost will be affected by the material of the putter head.

However, the average cost of a jade putter would be anywhere between $320 and $470.

Factors that affect the Jade putter cost

A putter is a club that is made of wood or metal shafts and a stone head, so these two factors will greatly influence the cost.

The market currently offers you graphite-made putter heads and heads made from various other expensive stones as well. For example, the price of a graphite head putter is more than $1,000, while for a regular and average stone-headed putter you will have to pay less than $360.

Moreover, the price of jade putters will be affected by the material of the shaft. Expect to pay more than $110 for an aluminum or fine steel shaft, while the price of a wooden shaft is anywhere between $65 and $80.

Custom-made jade putter cost

Unique nephrite Jade Putter for golfYou will be able to save with the custom-made jade putters because these offer the advantage of choosing the grip and the material. On the other hand, a custom-made jade putter can cost you thousands of dollars. If you would like to use the finest, high-quality raw material you will have to get more than $2,200 out of your pocket.

However, as these putters offer you the advantage of choosing the material, you can purchase the putter you can afford. Also, these custom-made putters offer the benefit of having the perfect fit. The putter head and the angle of the shaft have to be perfectly aligned for the golf player’s technical help.

The cost of the putter will be highly influenced by the stone chosen as the head material of this item. The prices will be higher for metal or precious stones. Also, the cost will be affected by the material and length of the shaft.

Used putter cost

You may be able to afford a good quality jade putter at a lower cost if you look for a used one on websites like eBay, for example. You will have to spend only a few hundred dollars for a used jade putter, depending on its condition. The price of a well-built putter which is still in good condition is around $130. Though, the average cost of second-hand jade putters is $220.

So, there are options even for those who are on a tight budget when talking about the money spent on golf. You can find used jade putters or even gold accessories at an affordable cost on many online sites. Make sure you pay attention to all features of the putter when buying it. Still, old jade putters, as long as they are old enough, could be considered vintage, which would make them even more expensive than new ones.

FAQs on Jade Putters

How much does the headcover of a putter cost?  

Plan on spending anywhere between $25 and $65 plus any shipping fees when ordered online, for the headcover of a putter, depending on the material and quality.

It is possible to make a DIY jade putter, like a professional?

It is recommended to let the professionals do this job.

Where can I purchase a used jade putter?

You can purchase a used nephrite jade putter from some offline shops or online from stores such as Global Golf.

How much does a graphite jade putter cost?

Expect to pay anywhere between $720 and $1,200 for a graphite jade putter, or even more than $1,500 for a better-reinforced material.


The most precise part of the golf game is the putting. The putters are clubs used to shoot the golf ball at a pretty short distance on the green.

When talking about the costs of a jade putter there are some factors, you should consider such as the material it is made of and its condition. You can purchase a used putter for less than $200 or you can spend some thousands of dollars on a high-quality jade putter.

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