How Much Does a Jericho Terrace Wedding Cost?

Last Updated on March 6, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Nestled in the charming Huntington countryside on Long Island, New York, the picturesque Jericho Terrace venue provides a sweeping, elegant, and timeless backdrop for couples to celebrate their happiest day surrounded by natural beauty.

But hosting your dream wedding at this sought-after and renowned venue does come at a very real cost that requires careful budgeting.

All in, expect total wedding costs at Jericho Terrace to run anywhere from $15,000 on the lower end up to $50,000 or more depending on your desired aesthetics, number of guests, menu options, and what additional features and amenities you wish to include beyond their standard packages.

Gaining a thorough understanding of Jericho Terrace’s complete cost breakdown – including detailed venue rental and service fees, tiered wedding package offerings and inclusions, any required deposits and payment schedules, estimates for essential vendors, and strategies for maximizing value – allows engaged couples to thoughtfully plan and host a gorgeous, seamless wedding celebration within their total budget.

Their team is also happy to provide customized quotes outlining projected expenses so you can map out costs in advance. With mindful planning focused on your priorities, you can craft an utterly elegant affair at Jericho Terrace that provides wonderful lasting memories without breaking the bank.


  • All-in cost for a wedding at Jericho Terrace typically ranges from $15,000 to $50,000+, sometimes more for lavish affairs
  • Major expenses include venue rental fees, catering costs per head, bar service fees, any desired entertainment/music/design services
  • Additional costs like photographer, videographer, rentals, and other vendors should be calculated
  • All-inclusive packages simplify coordination and provide tiered offerings based on budget
  • Consider off-peak days, trimming guests, and simplifying elements like decor to reduce expenses

How Much Does a Jericho Terrace Wedding Cost?

Jericho Terrace charges the following rental fees and service costs to host your wedding at their breathtaking grounds:

  • Venue Rental Fee – This ranges from $3,500 on the low end up to $10,000 or more depending on the specific wedding package selected, date of your event, number of guests, and any custom rental needs. Their fee includes full use of the indoor and/or outdoor event spaces for up to 5 hours, existing tables and chiavari chairs, standard white linens, a spacious dance floor, basic string lighting, sound system and tech amenities, onsite event manager and staff to assist through the evening, as well as heating and air conditioning. Any additional rental time beyond the 5 hour event booking, extra staffing needs, specialty furniture rentals, or elaborate lighting and decor incur added rental costs.
  • Catering Costs Per Guest – Their catering for both cocktail hour selections and plated reception dinners ranges from $60 per guest on the more budget-friendly end up to $150 per guest for higher-end or customized menus. Final food and beverage costs depend heavily on your menu choices and number of guests.
  • Bar Service Fees – Bar packages range from a basic beer and wine-only offering at around $15 per guest up to premium top-shelf open bar service at approximately $30+ per person. Upgrading to specialty signature cocktails and champagne toasts adds further bar costs.
  • Event Design, Decor, and Floral Costs – These vary greatly based on your desired floral arrangements, decor elements, color schemes, lighting enhancements, and level of event production. Work within your budget or splurge for luxury design services.
  • Entertainment Fees – While you’re free to hire your own DJ or live music, their in-house entertainment partners start at $1,500+.

Your selected wedding package and estimated number of guests are the primary drivers of your total venue and service costs. Do note higher pricing applies for peak demand dates like Saturdays in wedding season as well as surcharges for major holidays.

Reviews of Jericho Terrace are available on WeddingWire, providing insights from 305 reviewers about their experiences at the venue.

Overview of Jericho Terrace’s Wedding Packages

Rather than piecing together every individual element separately, Jericho Terrace offers convenient all-inclusive wedding packages to simplify planning. Their packages include:

The “I Do” Package – This package represents their budget-friendly option, starting at $130 per guest depending on factors like menu selection. The I Do Package includes the basic venue rental, your choice of a cocktail hour menu and two-entree dinner service, 5 hours of basic bar service, standard tables/chairs/linens, and onsite coordination. For a smaller cost-effective wedding, this package provides essentials to commemorate your nuptials gracefully.

The “Love and Laughter” Package – This mid-range package begins at around $160 per guest and comprises the venue space for 5 hours, full china/silverware/glassware, upgraded catering choices like a three-entree dinner and premium bar, basic centerpieces, and additional amenities. It offers enhanced elegance and comfort for guests at a moderate price point.

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The “Timeless Romance” Package – As their premium all-inclusive offering, this package starts at approximately $200 per guest and includes the most luxe details – specialty reception tables, upgraded floral centerpieces, extended event time, elaborate menus, top-shelf open bar, extra design features, and more. For no added coordination hassles, this package provides an indulgent upscale event.

Evaluate your budget, vision, and priorities carefully when selecting the ideal all-inclusive package tier or opting for fully customized a la carte offerings instead. Jericho Terrace’s team provides itemized quotes explaining projected costs based on your wishlist.

Additional Wedding Costs

Beyond Jericho Terrace’s own venue fees and wedding package costs, also be sure to make allowances in your total budget for supplemental vendor expenses like:

  • Photography and Videography – You’ll want to invest in professional wedding photography with complete coverage plus potentially cinematic videography to memorialize the entire day, starting from $2,500+ each for quality services.
  • Music and Entertainment – Options like a professional DJ, live band, or even a small chamber ensemble if desired will range from $1,000 to $5,000+.
  • Floral Design – Bouquets, ceremony decor, centerpieces, and reception floral often range from $2,500+ with a high-end florist.
  • Specialty Rentals – Any specialty furniture rentals, draping, etc. beyond what Jericho Terrace offers start around $500+.
  • Transportation – Providing guest shuttle service from local hotels or to the ceremony venue costs $300+.
  • Wedding Cake – Multi-tier cakes cost $500+ from quality bakeries.
  • Invitations – Custom-designed wedding stationery averages $500+ for save the dates, invites, welcome bags, signage, etc.

Aim high when initially budgeting to avoid any financial shortfalls or stress down the line. The natural beauty and lifelong memories you’ll create at Jericho Terrace are absolutely priceless.

Cost Savings Tips for Jericho Terrace Weddings

Jericho TerraceIf you need to scale back certain expenses to meet your total budget, consider:

  • Opting for a Friday or Sunday wedding if Saturdays are at peak demand premium pricing
  • Carefully trimming your guest list if necessary to match your affordable per-head costs
  • Sourcing several quotes from trusted wedding vendors to comparison shop for the best pricing
  • Prioritizing photography and video over costly elaborate floral designs if needed
  • Capitalizing on Jericho Terrace’s existing scenic beauty and simplify decor rather than over-embellishing
  • Provide your own table centerpieces crafted from affordable grocery store blooms
  • Skip the limo service and have the bridal party carpool from the hotel

With mindful yet creative cost management tactics, you can craft an utterly elegant affair within your budget. The memories made here will far outlast any prices.

Payment Schedules and Cancellation Policies

To secure your wedding date, Jericho Terrace requires:

  • A 50% non-refundable deposit based on your estimated event costs as a retainer
  • The remaining estimated balance is due 21 days prior to your wedding date via bank check or accepted credit cards
  • Date transfers are sometimes allowed if notified 6+ months out with a $500 transfer fee
  • Event cancellation within 90 days forfeits any payments made

Be certain of your plans before putting down deposits as they are non-refundable if you need to cancel. Understand all payment policies upfront.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in Jericho Terrace’s basic venue rental fee?

The base rental fee covers your exclusive full use of the event space itself for up to 5 hours, existing tables and chairs, standard white linens, a spacious wood dance floor, string lighting, basic sound system for music or speeches, onsite manager and staffing, as well as heating/cooling and bathrooms. Any extra time, additional layouts, specialty rentals, extensive decor, or elaborate lighting incur added rental, labor, and service fees.

What wedding package discounts or cost-saving incentives does Jericho Terrace offer?

Jericho Terrace provides select specials like reduced Sunday or Friday pricing, discounts for booking your wedding within 30 days of touring, off-peak discounts in their slower winter season, and occasional limited-time percentage discounts if you book by a certain deadline. Inquire with their team about any possible current specials when planning.

When is the final balance due for a Jericho Terrace wedding?

After paying your non-refundable deposit to reserve the date (50% of estimated event costs), the remaining projected wedding balance must be paid in full 21 calendar days prior to your wedding date before late fees apply. Jericho Terrace accepts bank checks or most major credit cards for final payments.

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