Jericho Terrace Wedding Cost

Jericho Terrace Wedding Cost

Last Updated on September 14, 2023 | Written by CPA Alec Pow
First Published on November 25, 2020 | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popivker

Jericho Terrace, situated in Mineola, New York, is known to be Long Island’s premier wedding event and occasion venue and is perfect for those looking for a smooth, elegant and memorable wedding event.

According to the location, its offering of several ballrooms, a choice of local Long Island suppliers, and acclaimed food can all make any future couple’s dream come to life.

Just how much does it cost to have a wedding event at Jericho Terrace?

Like lots of wedding event locations, the specific expenses can not be found on the main site given that many aspects can significantly impact the expense; rather, the business asks that you complete the online form in order to get an individualized quote from one of their agents. Nevertheless, like the majority of our research, we looked around to get quotes from several third-party resources we were able to find online and added our findings below. What we can say is that the typical rate for an overall bundle will be in the $105 to $150+ per person range. Once again, these are only price quotes and must be utilized as such.

Just like any wedding event location, the expenses will depend upon the time of year in which you want to book the place, the day of the week, your added requirements, the number of visitors and any premium add-ons you want to be added to your plan.

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According to one member on a Weddingwire online forum thread, for instance, they were given a quote of $105 per person, plus another 6% service fee and 8.625% tax, bringing the grand overall to $121 per person for a Saturday wedding event in June. With this quote, they would get a cocktail hour with food, top-shelf alcohol, a martini bar, a 4-course dinner with 5 meal alternatives, 5 different types of red wines, a wedding event cake, and a bridal attendant.

On one Yelp review, a bride-to-be specified she paid $14,000 for 100 visitors or about $140 per individual.

WeddingSpend was given a quote of anywhere from $100 to $125 per person for their required package within the Penthouse space, a charge which would include the event, cocktail hour, and reception. If you were to schedule a wedding event here for 150 visitors, the overall location expense would be around $22,000 in total.

What should be included in the cost?

According to WeddingWire, the reception place cost will consist of access to the bridal suite, all chinaware, an event planner, linens, tables, chairs, cleaning up of the space, lighting/sound, and parking access for people invited. With basic details on the site, the venue does tell us that they will supply you with an individual wedding organizer at no extra expense.

Jericho TerraceAside from this, the cost considered above must also include the food, drink bar, hors-d’oeuvres throughout the cocktail hour, and on some occasions, the red wine and alcohol.

All ballrooms, based on the main website, will also have an option between different lighting effects to make the best ambiance for your occasion. Whether it’s setting one color for the wedding event theme or offering a light show, the location has the ability to accommodate the ideal environment at no additional fee.

All spaces also feature individualized video screens, giving you the possibility to show photos in a montage and/or play video presentations.

Valet parking, a doorman, toilet attendants, mixed drink and cocktail centerpieces, a complimentary coat check and white-glove attendants are all available also.

These additions can considerably differ, significantly depending upon your individual circumstances. For this reason, we do suggest you talk with the occasion organizer for a total breakdown regarding what would be included in your final cost.

Ballroom choices

  • Penthouse Room
  • Dome Room
  • Skylight Room
  • Skylight Terrace Room
  • Oak Room

Cocktail space choices

  1. Garden Space
  2. Terrace Space

Tips you should remember

To see which suppliers the place usually works with, you can do so by checking out the list provided on the main site.

To see more photos of the ballroom and mixed drink space choices, along with descriptions and images of each, we urge you to go to the main site to see everything in detail.

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