Lightbridge Academy Tuition Cost

Lightbridge Academy Tuition Cost

The Lightbridge Academy, previously called the Rainbow Academy, is an early child care education daycare and development center that offers programs for babies to Kindergarten-aged kids along with summertime camps for older kids.

Developed in 1997 with locations in New Jersey, New York City, and Pennsylvania, these franchise-owned centers create a real, caring relationship with every member of the family, ensuring education success along with the well-being and happiness of your kid.

Just how much does the Lightbridge Academy cost?

If you browse the official site of the Lightbridge Academy, you will notice that they didn’t publish the costs, however, instead, they ask that you get in touch with the closest location to arrange a visit for more details about program features and rates. A number of the reviews we found online specified you should book a visit to one of the centers in order to get a price sheet.

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While the Academy website did not publish the costs, during our research we were able to find numerous third-party reviews and some blog posts that went over the rates that someone would expect to pay. Like the majority of daycare centers, the expenses mostly depend upon the age of your kid, the program you register for, the length of time you need the services, and the location you pick as each place is individually owned by a franchisee.

Searching through online reviews, you’ll see that most parents that have sent their children to the Lightbridge Academy will note that the average rates to expect to enroll full-time in the program are anywhere between $1,200 and $1,600 per month.

We did find one news article via the New York Daily News, where a mom stated she paid $2,500 a month for both of her kids, which was considered to be $400/month more than similar daycare centers in the area.

Care.com approximates the price to be $279 a week based upon the typical rates of daycare centers in the area.

Price Source
$1,400 a month for her 15-month-old Yelp review for the Clifton, NJ location
$600 a month (part-time) Yelp review for the North Brunswick, NJ location
$950 a month (on a subsidy called ECC) for six months old Yelp review for the North Brunswick, NJ location


Lightbridge Academy InsideAccording to the program’s main site, the centers utilize a few of the “biggest minds” in youth education such as Fredrich Fröbel, Howard Gardner, Loris Malaguzzi, Maria Montessori, and Jean Piaget, among others, bringing all of these minds together to develop a curriculum that has the ability to influence a young individual in several ways.

All of the program’s lesson plans are built on the abilities a child gets at differing ages and evolution phases, in accordance with the theories of Piaget, and as each child gravitates throughout time, she or he is afforded the chance the take in info as they naturally should. Together with the ideas of Montessori, the center concentrates on a kid’s advancement, and as Malaguzzi recommends, all observations made are utilized to prepare for child-led exploration.

Aside from this, the business takes a multi-sensory approach, concentrating on all parts of your kid’s development, consisting of STEM principles, reading/writing preparedness, singing, learning the essentials of Spanish and Sign Language.

Programs available


A program developed “all about baby”, the Academy provides a baby curriculum, consisting of establishing fine motor skills, expressing language through the use of American Sign Langauge, motion skills, developing social abilities, and managing cognitive capabilities.


For kids aged 18 months to 3 years of age, toddlers, through the Academy’s toddler program curriculum will learn through games, including innovative arts, language/literacy, and mathematics, among others.

Preschool and Kindergarten

Preparing 3 and four-year-olds for kindergarten, the preschool curriculum, like the toddler program will concentrate on vital developmental parts, such as innovative arts, mathematics, science, and cognitive capabilities. The preschool instructors are known to be devoted early youth specialists who aid your kid to thrive in numerous ways.

Summertime Day Camp

An enjoyable and exciting program created for elementary-aged kids throughout the summer season, providing theme camps, with a brand-new theme every week and a safe area to check out, permitting kids the flexibility to stay entertained. The Academy provides prolonged hours from 7 a.m. up until 6:30 p.m., alternatives for lunch, and a parent eCommunication app, keeping you informed of their kid’s development throughout the day.

Back-up Care

All centers, according to the official site, provide backup care for kids aged 6 weeks to ten years old, permitting you to drop your kid off for either one day or for several weeks.

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