Los Angeles Country Club Membership Cost

Los Angeles Country Club Cost

The Los Angeles Country Club is one of the clubs still surrounded by mystery and hearsay and you won’t usually find a lot of information about it anywhere online. This also means that figuring out the prices of the memberships or even the different types of memberships will usually be outside the normal individual’s reach. The only thing the official club staff talks about extensively is the rules that governate the activity on the club’s premises. Some of the most important rules are those related to the club’s private nature and all of the policies put in place to protect the information of its members from the outside world. Among these rules are:

  1. You will be forbidden to write any references about the club, its members, staff or board, activities and practices, and most importantly, anything related to it becoming accessible to the public audience. This refers to the usage of any posts, comments, hashtags, or check-ins.
  2. No member of the Los Angeles Country Club will be allowed to share any photos or videos of this club and its members or facilities on any social media platform.
  3. As a member of the Los Angeles Country Club, you will also have to avoid talking about any of the club’s activities, its rules, by-laws, and policies, any events or membership changes, especially on media platforms like professional news outlets or social media websites.

Although it took some work, we were able to find some info on the actual fees of the Los Angeles Country Club, and you will see everything we could find on its membership levels below.

Los Angeles Club Membership Costs

The first thing you should know is that the official website for the club will have no information on the individual types of membership or their prices, but this is very much expected. Most of the private clubs will have no reference for membership levels and prices readily available on their websites.

Our sources tell us that you will be expected to pay an entry fee on the membership that will be around $25,000. This is also confirmed by Golf Digest in an article. This fee is also accompanied by monthly expenses of around $100 – $150 per month.

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Although a big sum, it will surely be worth it because it is said that becoming a member will entitle you to a small share of the club’s profits. With a minimum of 800 members registered at any given time, The LA Country Club has a value of $20 million.

Becoming a member of the LACC is surely going to a lot of patience and the whole process will take a few years to complete. To make sure you’ll get accepted, you will first need to find an active member to sponsor you. You will then have to be helped by said member to go through the process which is surely not a simple, or straightforward one.

Among the required steps for membership approval, will be gathering letters of recommendation from some well-established members, followed by a thorough vetting of your professional network and social media accounts, and, of course, extensive interviews with the membership committee. Along with going through all of these steps, you will also be required to pay somewhere around $200,000 for the equity membership, according to our sources.

The History of the Los Angeles Golf Club

The LA Country Club is considered among the oldest country clubs in the US, with a history that started in 1897. Being one of the oldest clubs also means it has one of the oldest golf courses. This course was built by the popular architect George C. Thomas, who also added his unique bunkering style to it.

The positioning of the club is also very interesting, being located inside the area considered the most expensive real estate worldwide, in the heart of Beverly Hill. A funny way of putting this in perspective is that a strongly hit ball can easily land around the Saks Fifth Avenue Area.

The North Course underwent some renovations not very long ago and the club employed Geoff Shackelford, Gil Hanse, and Jim Wagner for this job. The resulting course is a lot more appealing visually, but most people will only get to see it in 2023 when the club will host the year’s US Open.

The Club’s Long List of Restrictions

Los Angeles Club Golf CourseThe LACC has a bunch of rules that all members and guests will have to follow, so make sure you know about them before getting on the club’s premises. This is because you can easily get in trouble if you don’t follow all of the rules, and if you are a guest, the member inviting you will also get in trouble if you don’t follow the strict guidelines.

Most of the rules imposed by the club will be around the clothes of men, women, and children on the premises. One example is the rule that states that men will have to wear jackets in the evening, tuck their collared sleeve shirts and wear tailored slacks throughout the day.

The Los Angeles Country Club also finds some wearable pieces completely unacceptable on its premises. The rules state that you will be forbidden to wear:

  • Any apparel with visible slogans
  • Gym clothing, leggings, warm-up shirts, jogging, or cargo pants
  • Jerseys and other athletic-type t-shirts
  • Nu culottes, skorts, or any types of shorts
  • No clogs, beach shoes of any sort, or flip-flops. You will also not be allowed to change shoes in the parking lot

There are some rules related to the usage of any electronic devices including smartphones as well. As a general rule, you won’t be allowed to talk on the phone especially in the clubhouse and on the golf course and you won’t be allowed to take any kinds of photos either.

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