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Menards Truck Rental Cost

Truck Rental cost at Menards

Perfect for carrying home big purchases made in-store, Menards uses the “Pick-Up & Go” truck and freight van, enabling you to take your acquisitions directly home so you do not have to wait on delivery. However, even if you do not buy at the shop, they will still permit you to rent out the vehicle as no acquisition is needed to schedule one.

Like U-Haul, Home Depot, and other firms that enable you to rent a truck, it will come with a cost, however.

How much does a Menards vehicle rental cost?

To rent a vehicle at Menards, you will need to rent to very first 75 mins at a minimum, which, no matter what truck you pick (truck or freight van), starts at $18.95 but after the 75 mins end, you are then charged $5 for each added 15 mins, rounded to the following quarter of an hr, plus $0.30 for each mile driven. These prices are written on the main Menards website and should be accurate at the time of this publishing.

  • The first 75 minutes – price starts at $18.95 (depending on location).
  • Each added 15 mins – + $5 per 15 mins, rounded to next quarter hr.
  • Each mile driven – $0.30 per mile.
  • Weekend or holiday? – An additional charge may pop up, said to be 10-20% or more typically.

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Menards truck rental summary

Rental Car from MenardsTo reserve a vehicle or freight van, a $50 rental down payment is collected at the time of your rental, which, upon returning, will be reimbursed as long as the vehicle is without any type of damage. This rental down payment should be placed on a charge card.

Renters must be 21 years or older, have an active legitimate driver’s license as well as have proof of insurance coverage.

All rentals need to be returned at the end of the business day.

Truck brand and also the model will differ by store. If worried about this, call the rental services at your local Menards to see which alternatives are readily available.

Be sure to have a look at the store’s main locator before heading to the shop to make sure they also provide vehicle rental services.

Are trucks from Menards any good?

Menards is a big brand, which means that they usually offer professional services and dependable trucks. Most of them are pretty new and they will help you a lot to move big packages. There can be instances where a truck might have some issues, but that’s nothing to worry about. If the truck has an issue that keeps you from using it, just call them and they will make sure to replace it and fix it without any additional charges.

During our research we called a bunch of Menards shops to see if there’s any difference in price between them, and, as far as we could see, the prices on the website are accurate across all the Menards shops. TThere were trucks available for rental in all shops we contacted, so you shouldn’t have to worry about availability. There are cheaper competitors on the truck rental market, but they aren’t always dependable and you might have a hard time finding a truck when you need one, so Menards is one of the safer choices.

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