Merry Maids Cost

Merry Maids is a house cleaning company founded in the United States in 1979, with more than 1,300 corporate-owned locations and franchises all over the country.

This company is well-known and appreciated for the professional services they offer. They have a proprietary cleaning system, use safe cleaning products, and hire only well-trained and screened employees.

How Much Does Merry Maids Cost?

Like with any professional cleaning service, the cost of Merry Maids is affected by several factors such as the place where you are living, the number of pets inside the house, the type of rooms that have to be cleaned, the number of rooms that have to be cleaned, the square footage of your home and whether you want any extra services such as carpet cleaning, refrigerator cleaning, oven cleaning or window washing. According to the company’s official website, Merry Maids does not offer packages, but they will customize their price offer according to your home needs and personal requirements.

Though, we were able to use their online calculator and can offer you an estimate that is presented in the table below in case you would go for a recurring service. But if this is a first-time visit you will have to multiply these numbers by at minimum four for a deep cleaning session because this means more work and the company will provide more services as we mentioned below. To get an estimate for your home, add the total at the right for each room that has to be cleaned.

What do you want to have cleaned?

Bathroom +$18~
Bedroom +$10~
Dining Room +$10~
Family Room +$16~
Foyer +$5~
Half Bathroom +$8~
Hallway +$5~
Kitchen +$20~
Living Room +$10~
Office +$8~
Stairs +$5~
Storage/Attic +$8~
Sun Room +$8~
Utility Room +$5~

Additional services

Carpet Cleaning $220~ per 250 square feet (4~ rooms)
Oven Cleaning $40~ per
Refrigerator Cleaning $40~ per

Note: Keep in mind that this is just an estimate and can be used only for follow-up visits. It is recommended to contact the office directly to get an exact price. Also, the first-time visits will cost four to five times more than the amount presented above.

Average quotes we received

5 bedroom, 4 bathroom $250-$400
3 bedroom, 2 bathroom $130-$240
1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment $100-$180
Studio apartment $90-$175

According to a member of the online forum Yelp, the cost per hour for Merry Maids service is around $140. Another member said that he paid $630 for cleaning the entire house, including the refrigerator, the window tracks, and the blinds.

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What should be included in your first and recurring visits?

Merry Maids CleaningOn its first visit, the Merry Maids staff will detail all of the rooms inside your house according to the order report and will wash the window and door sills, cabinets, doors, and baseboards. Also, they will dust all the furniture, light fixtures, blinds, and fans inside of your house. In case you ordered some certain house cleaning services, then these will also be done at this time.

On the other hand, if you choose a recurring service, that can be monthly, weekly, or every other week, then on these visits, the Merry Maids staff will dust all furniture, light fixtures, blinds, and fan blades, and will vacuum all furniture and carpets. Also, they will wash the floors, except the carpets.

In case you are not satisfied with the services offered by Merry Maids, you can contact your local office within 24 hours to schedule another visit at no additional charge. You can visit their official website and read on the “cleaning service” page to find out more about what they will clean during your appointment.

Important things to consider

Merry Maids is a very environmentally friendly company and they use SHINEFFECTIVE maintenance products, that are known for containing less volatile organic compounds.

If you want to know if there is a Merry Maid in your area, you can use the locator tool on their website.

How can I save money?

Merry Maids usually offers coupons and discounts for their services. So, make sure you check their website for a price discount before your purchase.

What do you need to know about types of cleaning?

Depending on the type of cleaning, the requirements you have to address to the company/person vary. That’s why, to ensure that at the end of the visit the home looks as you would like, we have created a small description for each type of cleaning.

Light cleaning

This type of cleaning is done in every room, being a housekeeping cleaning, with weekly regularity. Depending on the room, the tasks may vary. The order agreed upon by most people who offer cleaning help is the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room.

General cleaning

This type of cleaning is a deepening of light cleaning. Generally, this cleaning is done once a month.

This stage includes washing the windows, thoroughly cleaning the carpets, and removing cobwebs or dust from the walls.

In the general cleaning stage, it is desirable to insist on removing dust from hard-to-reach areas or from those areas that are out of sight like radiators, door edges, frames, blinds, etc.

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