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Just as individuals can’t wait to know what color will be the hype every year, they also want to know what ombre color their locks must have. Ombre hair is a very popular trend where the color is cast much deeper at the roots and lighter at the ends.

The trend began a few years ago but it has shown no obvious signs of it decreasing for now. Many people try to find the best color mixes recommended for each and every year. What is even better for this hair pattern is the fact that you will only color your hair strand ends and keep the root color. So, if you ever think that the appearance isn’t for you any longer, you just have to wait up until it outgrows you.

Considering that the demand for this hairstyle is quite high, beauty salons may have actually modified their ombre hair costs to the existing market rates. But what exactly is this year’s cost of ombre hair? It is budget-friendly and will not cost you an arm and a leg. This is why women will certainly go again and again at the hairstylist and request this particular service.

If you’re brand-new to this bandwagon, we’ll break down the quotes of some hair salons that offer this service. So, to have that two-shaded hair color, you might ask yourself just how much does ombre cost.

Typical Ombre Hair Dyeing Cost

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If you believe it’s too much work to go to the hair salon or the rates are unreasonable, a Do It Yourself technique would take you somewhere around $10 or more. When done by a professional hairstylist, ombre hair prices end up being somewhere around $80 to $500, depending upon the length of your hair and the amount of work that has to be done. Here we have quotes from various beauty parlors to give you an idea about the cost of ombre hair:

  • Considering that they have some different ombre styles, the costs at Capelli D’Oro Great Neck Hair Salon in New York City will vary considerably. For instance, their dark to light hair ombre style with balayage dyeing will start at $80 and might reach $120 or more depending upon the length of the hair and its texture. Their soft ombre, called sober, costs $110 to $150 due to the fact that it is done with gloss and glaze. The molten ombre service is that Malibu beach blonde hair which includes balayage, highlights, and glaze, and will have a price of around $200 to $350.
  • Just how much will ombre cost in Bubbles Hair Salon? At Bubbles Beauty Salon in Virginia, the Ombre balayage style will have a cost that starts at $130. For anything from partial highlights to a full-head color, they charge $70 to $90.
  • The Salon LLC in Los Angeles has ombre services that include color cutting, replacement, and a customized cut to top it off. Lightening services will cost about $85 and toners for $35. To get a cleaner cut, finishing touches cost around $50 to $75.
  • Mane Obsession Hair & Nail Studio in Mesa, Arizona charges Ombre styles as highlights. A blending add-on will cost about $35, while a full head coloring will have a price that starts at $55.
  • Maxine Hair Salon in Chicago has made it very clear that their ombre hair costs include the price of time to get the job done, products used, and competence of the stylist. Typically, their balayage ombre done partly will cost you around $150 while the full head will start at around $183. If a base color is included in the service as per your request, you’ll be required to pay another $75.
  • Meche Hair Salon in Beverly Hills. will charge for an ombre with a base color, around $125. The same amount will be added again when clients will wish to add highlights and balayage.

Other quotes in different cities

These are some ombre hair rates we have found while researching around different other cities. As you can see, though they might look different, they all run at a nationwide average cost of $135. Check them out in your city if they have branches around you.

  • The Fig on Third Beauty Salon’s ombre services will start at $145 and go up from there.
    At Gamine the price of an ombre hair hairstyle starts at $165. Rates will go way up for any extra services you will request.
  • Salon Pure. This Californian hairstyling location will provide you an ombre session for around $175 or more.
  • Kiwa Salon situated in New York and is considered one of the pricier choices. It’s still seen as a great cost when the beauty salon offers you the service at $160.
  • Fox & Jane Lower East Side has prices that vary from $193 to $223 and up. Many people still go in as they trust the F&J stylists to color their hair.
  • Adullop is great for your basic ombre requirements. You will usually have to pay $115 for the services.
  • The Cutlery will offer their ombre dyes for as low as $140.
  • Cetana Salon Spa offers hair color services that do not include the roots at prices of around $150 while if the roots also need to be touched, it’ll cost you $230.
  • XO Studio from Chicago charges you only $100 for ombre services. Any extra services you will need will cost you $150.
  • Kala Hair Salon charges just around $135 for the ombre hairstyle.

Are you thinking of doing it yourself?

How To Ombre HairThe chances of you doing ombre dying in the comfort of your home and getting it right aren’t in your favor, therefore there will be some chaotic results. You will need to have accuracy lest you don’t mind it being a huge mess. Going to a beauty salon is very much recommended. Having an expert hairstylist taking care of your hair and offering you some suggestions will be worth the price. After all, you’re not just paying for their time, you’re paying for their services and knowledge.

You might think that there are Google, Youtube, and other websites to aid you, however, the truth is that it’s a tiring process and you’ll really need more hands to help you out to do it properly. Contact a specialist or a salon. Do not rely only on the internet.

Managing your locks before dyeing them

Coloring your hair might require chemicals added to it. If you have damaged hair, it would be a better idea not to have it colored. For all we know, you might end up needing to buy Minoxidil. Although it’s unlikely to happen, you would still probably cut off your hair due to a bad lower coloring. You need to have healthy hair before going for any hair coloring treatments.

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