How Much Does an Onyx Collection Shower Cost?

Last Updated on May 22, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

With their luxuriously smooth feel, polished and brilliantly lit finish, and eye-catching elegance, Onyx Collection custom shower systems have become a top focal point and sought-after splurge for discerning homeowners designing their dream bathroom retreat. But these high-end tailored showers do carry a notably higher price tag versus conventional acrylic, tile, or fiberglass stall options.

While premium in nature, Onyx showers reward owners with unmatched quality, durability, low maintenance, and an unparalleled spa-like ambiance for both mind and body. Carefully reviewing your overall bathroom remodeling budget and goals allows you to make informed choices when planning the ideal customized shower design to fulfill your needs and vision.

How Much Does an Onyx Collection Shower Cost?

The total cost of an installed Onyx Collection shower can range from $3,500 on the low end for a basic neo-angle enclosure up to $20,000 or more for an expansive fully custom curbless wet room design. Most homeowners spend $5,000 to $15,000 for a typical Onyx shower approximately 30-60 square feet in size with some custom upgrades.

The primary cost factors are the panel quality and design, size, features like seating, specialty doors and fixtures, required modification work, and local labor rates which can vary widely. With smart budgeting and design choices, Onyx Collection offers stunning statement showers merging luxury, beauty, and function.

Onyx Shower Wall Panels and Surrounds – $600-$2500+ per complete panel kit depending on the total size, configuration, selected finish, and material grade. Expect to need 2-3 panel kits minimum for a fully enclosed shower surround area.

Shower Base Kits – $800-$3000+ for the floor pans, linear or slotted designer drainage systems, with costs varying based on the dimensions required and additional features like molded-in tile surfaces or bench areas.

Glass Shower Doors – Frameless tempered glass slab doors start around $1000. Stylish door frames, hardware, and more intricate specialty doors add $500-$5000 for high-end finishes.

Plumbing Shower Fixtures – Your choice of thermostatic valves, body jets, rainfall and hand-held showerheads, body sprays, and more cost a total of $500-$5000+ depending on features, flow rates, styles, and brands selected. Treat yourself.

Lighting Features – Waterproof LED lighting built into panels or ceilings averages $300-$1000 depending on intricacy. Some panels come with customizable lighting integrated directly into the Onyx slabs.

Professional Installation Labor – Onyx Collection partners, fabricators, and bathroom contractors typically charge around $65-$150 per project hour for expert installation services, design consulting, permitting, demolition, plumbing and electrical work, waterproofing, assembly, wall anchoring, and leak-testing. Total professional labor fees often range from $2000-$10,000 depending on the project scope and complexity.

Reddit features a discussion thread where a user in Minneapolis, MN, sought advice on the cost of retiling a small corner shower using Onyx Collection products. Estimates from contractors ranged from $14,000 for white SimTile to $18,000 for Onyx Collection, excluding glass walls/doors.

Amazon.com lists Onyx Shower Base Prices, with prices ranging from $289.99, discounted from $449.99. The available products include shower bases like the Kingston Brass VTSB603221R Grenada Shower Base and the DELAVIN 36″ x 36″ Single Threshold Shower Base, with prices varying based on the specific product and features.

The Home Depot offers a range of Black Onyx showers with prices varying between $500 and $1000. The available options include the CASTICO 60 in. L x 42 in. W x 1.125 in. H Solid Composite shower base, with prices ranging from $500 to $1,000 depending on the specific model and features.

Factors That Impact Onyx Shower Costs

Material Grade, Quality, and Type – Higher priced Onyx shower wall panels and bases fabricated using finely polished natural stone, solid surfaces, or glass exceed $1000 or more per component, while high-density quality polymer resin panels still offer luxury at $500 to $800 per kit. The core material grade greatly impacts overall cost.

Shower Size, Shape and Layout – Larger and more ornately shaped neo-angled, curved, or frameless glass walk-in Onyx showers demand far more raw materials, fabrication expertise, and installation labor, easily averaging $5000-$15,000+ for a complete installed premium shower, whereas more space-efficient standard sized stalls with some partial clear glass walls or standard shower doors can cost as little as $3500 if opting for one of the more economical Onyx material grades.

Special Features, Upgrades, and Accessories – Adding designer features like integrated bench seating, specialty lighting, glass brick accents, water resistant Bluetooth sound systems, customized and artistic shelving niches, grab bars, and high-end showerheads increases costs notably depending on the extent of upgrades, adding anywhere from $500 all the way up to $5000+ for intricate luxury packages to your total depending on components selected.

Installation Complexity and Prep Work Required – Relatively simple 30–60-hour expert installations in spaces with readily accessible plumbing and electrical cost less than intricate multi-day custom fabrication projects involving significant framing, moving walls, electrical upgrades, specialized plumbing modifications, tile-work, which can add $1000-$5000 more in expenses depending on the variables at play.

Regional Labor Rates Among Contractors – Higher hourly or square foot fabrication and installation charges exist among contractors in expensive metropolitan areas like New York City or Los Angeles versus smaller rural regions where build costs are lower. Be sure to consider local market rates when budgeting your project.

Ongoing Maintenance Requirements – While durable, Onyx does require occasional professional surface treatment, resealing, and color enhancement every 1-3 years to maintain its lustrous polished shine depending on use, at a cost of around $200-$500 per service.

DIY Installation vs Hiring a Professional

DIY Onyx Shower Installation

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  • Materials Purchase Costs Only
  • Very Challenging Without Prior Experience
  • Higher Risk of Leaks or Visible Seam Imperfections
  • Precision Cutting and Fabrication Defects More Likely
  • Permitting Inspection Hurdles in Many Regions

Onyx High Gloss StoneProfessional Full-Service Onyx Shower Installation

  • $2000 to $10,000+ for Skilled Labor
  • Expert Design Consulting and Sourcing
  • Precise Panel Fabrication and Framing
  • Reliable Waterproofing Procedures
  • Meticulous Plumbing, Electrical, Tile Work
  • Peace of Mind from Satisfaction Warranties
  • Correct Building Code Procedures and Licensed Trades

Given the complexity, safety considerations, precision, and need for expertise in wall finishing and waterproofing, hiring a qualified design/build contractor or bathroom remodeling company is strongly recommended to ensure proper installation resulting in an Onyx shower that provides endless, trouble-free enjoyment for decades rather than headaches.

Often, permits mandate professional work anyway. The difference in quality shows.

Onyx Showers vs Similar Brands

  • Kohler Custom Showers – More affordability but less ultra-customization available.
  • Coastal Shower Doors – Lower cost pre-fab and modular options but far fewer style choices.
  • Dreamline Luxury Shower Packages – Very competitively priced shower kits but lighter glass doors and fewer surfacing options.
  • Fleurco Signature Series – Comparable pricing to Onyx with greater enclosure configuration flexibility but fewer exotic material selections.

While certainly an upper tier purchase requiring serious budgeting, discerning homeowners agree the Onyx Collection provides a cut above competitors when it comes to delivering nearly endless pure customization possibilities, including curbless zero-entry designs, exotic stone finishes, and stunning seamless glass styling.

The substantial quality, durability, low maintenance, and sheer artistry of installation justify the premium expense for most.

Planning Tips for Onyx Shower Installations

  • Get at least 3-5 itemized estimates before finalizing your contractor or fabricator selection so you understand competitive market pricing.
  • If flexibility allows, consider timing your bathroom renovation strategically around annual promotional sales periods when discounts on materials may be offered.
  • Take advantage of packaging bundled pricing if incorporating your Onyx shower into a whole master bathroom or half-bath remodel rather than a standalone project. Volume discounts on labor and supplies may apply.
  • Carefully size your new shower space only as large as functionally needed rather than maxing out the whole area to minimize unnecessary expenses from extra material requirements.
  • Focus your design budget allocation strategically on visible front-stage surfaces and glass doors vs. deprioritizing back walls or secondary spaces where smart cost-saving substitutions won’t impact the overall luxury experience for users.
  • Research and potentially pre-order your own preferred plumbing fixtures, hardware, and glass doors independently online to take advantage of competitive market pricing from suppliers before install. Just be sure your selections integrate seamlessly with the rest of the design plan.

Final Words

There’s no denying an Onyx Collection custom shower represents a significant upfront investment for your home. But for design-focused homeowners seeking an everyday oasis offering the utmost in quality, beauty, and therapeutic relaxation through design, the sheer enjoyment and added property value over decades of ownership make the expense well justified.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is onyx good for shower walls?

Yes, onyx is an excellent shower material. When properly sealed, onyx resists mold, mildew, stains, and damage. The non-porous surface wipes clean easily. Onyx adds luxury and beauty exceeding tile, acrylic, or glass options. For long-lasting performance and sophistication, discerning homeowners frequently select onyx.

What is the best way to clean an Onyx shower?

For routine cleaning, use a soft microfiber cloth with mild soap and water to gently wipe down onyx shower walls and surfaces. Avoid harsh chemicals. About once a week, go over the entire shower with an onyx-specific cleaner and sealant to retain the glossy finish and prevent soap scum buildup.

How big can an Onyx shower base be?

Onyx Collection bases can be fabricated up to 100 square feet for dramatic large open showers if space allows. Most homeowners opt for more standard sizes between 25-45 square feet. The modular polymer bases can be cut to any layout, allowing creative curbless designs. Surprisingly large designs are possible.

Do onyx showers need to be sealed?

Yes, it’s recommended to seal your onyx shower using a penetrating sealer product every 1-2 years to maintain the protective coating. Resealing helps prevent etching, pitting, and discoloration over time. For heavy use showers, reseal even more frequently. Proper sealing preserves the polished surface and waterproof properties of onyx.

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