Personal Chef Cost

personal chef cost

The concept of personal chef appeared in the US 15 years ago. Since then it has spread to Canada, the UK, France, and Italy. What should you do to get a personal chef? Well, you call him and set the dinner details. For example, from what area you want the menu to be, how many people will be attending, and at what time you want to eat. Do not worry if you don’t know exactly what menu to order because he can create a customized meal plan.

A personal chef is hired by different people, he can shop for all groceries, makes a number of recipes that are previously required or established with the client, cooks at the client’s domicile, and cleans up the kitchen.

Some people hire personal chefs due to restrictive diets or sophisticated tastes that are not satisfied by other catering services. Personal chefs are increasingly being in great request by people without free time and who are not willing to eat at the corner of the street, on the run, shawarma, or some greasy fries. They are the ones who want to taste some of the most sophisticated recipes; they have serious claims and complex requirements.

If we talk about the professional experience, most of them were chefs in restaurants, hotels, catering and they all have studies.

The average cost that a personal chef charges is typically between $240 and $550 per meal.     

Typical costs:

Usually, a personal chef charges depending on how many meals he has to prepare, how sophisticated the menu is, and how much time does he have to spend doing it. For example, depending on how many recipes he uses, for a four to six individuals meal, a certain personal chef (Natural Kitchen Chef) charges from $150 to $250. Another personal chef (Chef Victoria) from Southern California, also depending on the recipe number and how many persons will eat, charges from $265 to $395.

Grocery expenses are not included in the chef’s fees. Usually, the client establishes the budget with the personal chef depending on the menu. A typical grocery cost is estimated somewhere between $75 and $175 per cook date.

What should be included:personal chef

A personal chef will offer to client health information and options for a nutritive meal.

There are many other services that a personal chef offers, besides cooking certain meals:

  • Buys the ingredients he needs to prepare the meal (customers have the assurance that he will buy fresh products at their best quality);
  • Adviser in gastronomy (the chef does not cook entirely, he can just help the client learn to prepare some recipes);
  • Arranges and decorates the plates;
  • Packs and storages the food he prepared in optimal conditions of hygiene and temperature.

Additional costs:

A typical extra cost is the delivery fee to cover fuel expenses, somewhere between $25 and $40 per month if the client is a frequent one.

Many personal chefs ask for an initial deposit for their services

You should know that a personal chef is not the same as a private chef, the last one being employed exclusively by only one client.

Would the average working Joe afford a personal chef?

Although the price for one meal might seem reasonable for some people, remember that if you add all the expenses for a month’s worth of meals for the entire family, you’ll get to really high costs.

Our advice? Don`t get a personal chef if you’re only relying on an average wage in the US.

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