How much does a registered nutritionist cost

Personal Nutritionist Cost

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A nutritionist, also known as an RD or dietitian, is someone that helps people build a diet to lose weight or eat healthier food, to prevent or overcome illnesses and conditions like heart disease, diabetes, fibromyalgia, or high cholesterol.

How much does a nutritionist charge?

If you have health insurance, then you will spend around $20 to $60 per visit or consultation. People with no health insurance or with health insurance that doesn’t cover nutritionist consultations will pay around $100 to $250, if not more, for a first visit. If you’ll need to go back for other visits, they will be cheaper, around $50 to $200 each. The consultation will cost more if the nutritionist comes for a house visit or if the consultation will extend for more than one hour.

You should get health insurance that covers nutritionist or dietitian consultations especially if you’ve been diagnosed with heart disease, diabetes, or anything else that will require you to change your habits.

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Before going to a registered nutritionist, it is a great idea to keep a written food diary for at least one week. During the consultation, it’s not uncommon for the dietitian to interview you about the meals and snacks you like or to ask you for a detailed list of what you ate in the week before the visit. This will help him see what’s wrong in your diet, find deficiencies or excess eating in your eating habits and prepare a diet personalized for your needs and based on what you’re trying to achieve.
There are registered nutritionists that offer consultation by phone, email, or even skype, but it’s usually a better idea to schedule a visit at their office, to go over your eating diary and have detailed consultations.

Other costs you should take into account:

  • Your registered nutritionist or dietitian might recommend that you take healthful cooking classes. Those will cost around $10 – $20 or more per class.
  • Some nutritionists will encourage you to buy and take natural supplements along with your normal meals.Other costs when going to a nutritionist
  • Some professional dietitians offer services as pantry stocking or grocery shopping, which could cost $300 or more, with the price of the groceries not included.
  • Depending on your condition or illness you might be required to register and work out at a gym.

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You can expect to spend less if you book multiple sessions right from the beginning, rather than paying for each individual consultation.

You will usually spend less if you go to a newer nutritionist because they usually charge less than a popular one.

A nutritionist is registered after they complete a four-year degree program and internship. They will also be required to go through regular training to keep their credentials. A DTR or dietetic technician will only need a two-year degree program and go through a national examination before practicing.

Should the average working Joe visit a registered nutritionist?

If you’re suffering from an illness or condition that requires you to change your daily eating habits, then you should visit a registered dietitian or nutritionist. Nutritionists can also help healthy people that want to stay in shape. If you want to eat healthier or go through a detox diet, then be smart about it. Take the advice of a professional dietitian, instead of browsing the web, because a bad diet could do more harm than good.

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