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How Much Does a Philadelphia Cricket Club Membership Cost?

Last Updated on November 1, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

The Philadelphia Cricket Club, established in 1854 and considered one of the oldest country clubs in America, has been a staple for cricket enthusiasts.

The cricket club was created by a group of students who played the game while studying at the University of Pennsylvania. The personal goal for these men, after their graduation, was to continue playing together, so they formed this club.

However, in 1924 there were major changes that led to them disbanding the club. It was renewed and relaunched again in 1998 with the help of an American tennis director who grew up in New Zealand where cricket is to this day very popular.

This is an exclusive club in the heart of Philly and to become a member of the Philadelphia Cricket must be by invitation only.

How much does a Philadelphia Cricket Club membership cost?

From what we were able to find during our research, a full member at the Philadelphia Cricket is charged $10,000 for the initiation fee and annual dues are close to $9,500, which would come down to about $791 per month. These prices were sourced from one job posting on GACMAA’s website. The annual fees and initiation charge will depend on the type of membership you go for, as well as your age.

Junior memberships are often less, priced at $1,500 to $4,000 a year. One member of GolfWRX says he played with a college student who said his membership was actually more expensive than that though – $4,500 for the entire annual fee! The forum thread doesn’t state if any required minimums were included in this fee or not.

The club’s director of membership can provide full details on current payment options, annual dues, initiation fees, food minimums, and the guest fee structure. Members also must adhere to all club rules and regulations.

Membership Categories

Full Golf Membership – This membership provides unrestricted access to the Wissahickon and Militia Hill golf courses, all athletic facilities at St. Martins, dining facilities, social events, and the fitness center. However, please note that this membership category is currently at full capacity.

Intermediate Membership – With this category you can enjoy unlimited access to all athletic facilities at St. Martins, dining facilities, social events, and the fitness center. You also have the privilege of playing up to eight rounds per year on the Wissahickon and Militia Hill golf courses, with the payment of a guest fee.

National Golf Membership – Exclusively available to members who spend fewer than 30 days within a 75-mile radius of the club grounds during the calendar year. This membership includes 16 rounds per year on the golf courses. National Golf members have the flexibility to play Wissahickon or Militia Hill on weekdays and after 12:00 pm on weekends and holidays.

Cricket Membership – It offers access to the cricket pitch and sports facilities like the tennis courts, swimming pool, and fitness center. No golf.

Social Membership – Provides dining facility and the ability to attend social events only, with no access to golf or sports facilities.

Weekday Membership – This membership at the Philadelphia Cricket Club offers the same privileges as Full Golf but with golf restricted to weekdays only and with lower fees.

Young Professional Membership – Discounted membership for those under the age of 45 with some restrictions.

Active Military Membership – Special pricing for active duty and reservist service members with full privileges.

Surviving Spouse Membership – Members may use continued membership privileges if the partner passes away, plus it has lower fees.

Candidates are subject to review by the admissions committee regardless of sponsorship prior to membership approval.

Golf and other sports amenities

Philadelphia Cricket ClubAthletic facilities at Philadelphia Cricket include two 18-hole golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools, fitness centers, squash courts, and more.

One of two 18-hole courses is ranked nationally according to Philly Mag and comes equipped with a nine-hole course for those looking for more recreational fun. The cricket club also has an eight-lane swimming pool, four paddle tennis courts, 34 different types of tennis court surfaces (9 clay, 21 grass, 2 indoor), trapshooting, croquet fields, and even a fitness center.

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The club’s clubhouse, which is capable of accommodating up to 250 guests at a time and features five dining spaces, can be found right on campus.

The club aims to maintain premier athletic amenities and service while preserving traditions of integrity. Prospective members should contact the membership director to better understand requirements and privileges.

Any additional fees to consider?

The Club’s membership requirements include meeting an annual food minimum, which is around $800, and the payment of the guest fees for those who don’t have an active membership.

The cost of social events, club memberships, and other programs won’t be included in the monthly dues and varies depending on the type of event. You’ll need to budget accordingly for everything from clinics and tournaments to private lessons or personal training sessions. Children’s activities will also come with an additional expense.

Important things to consider

The club has always supported the American Lawn Tennis Association, being one of its founders back in 1881.

The Philadelphia Cricket Club is the only one of its kind in America to have opened a new course each century. The St Martin’s Course was open for play somewhere in 1898 and hosted two US Open Championships back then, in 1907 and 1910. Flourtown Golf Course followed suit 24-odd years later with its opening in 1922 while Militia Hill Golf Club has been around since April 27, 2002.

Philadelphia Cricket Club has the rights reserved to its name, assets, and intellectual property. Members and guests are expected to respect their privacy policy and observe proper terms of use for club facilities and communication channels.

Individuals who have questions and are just visitors and were never members can send an email to “Request My information”.

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