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How Much Does Riviera Country Club Membership Cost?

Last Updated on March 29, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Nestled along the coveted Southern California coastline in Pacific Palisades, Riviera Country Club exudes prestige. As one of the most acclaimed country clubs in the nation, Riviera exudes luxury, prestige, and exclusivity. Gaining membership into this esteemed club is no easy feat, reserved only for those accepted through a rigorous vetting process.

Naturally, those pursuing the privileges of Riviera Country Club membership wonder – how much does it actually cost? The answer is not cheap. Total first year expenses easily reach into six figures depending on membership type.

This article provides an in-depth examination of the costs associated with Riviera Country Club membership. We will break down the initiation fees, monthly dues, additional charges, and total investment required across the various membership categories.

We’ll also benchmark Riviera’s pricing against nearby elite clubs and offer tips on maximizing value as a member. Read on for insights to help determine if the benefits justify the substantial investment required to join Riviera’s esteemed ranks.

How Much Does Riviera Country Club Membership Cost?

Riviera Country Club membership requires paying substantial upfront initiation fees starting at $30,000 up to over $300,000, coupled with monthly dues ranging from approximately $1,600 to $40,000+.

So exactly how much capital is required to claim your place among Riviera’s elite ranks? Here is a detailed breakdown:

Upfront Initiation Fee

Upon admission, new members must pay a hefty initiation fee:

  • Full Golf Membership$125,000 initiation fee
  • Sports Membership$75,000 initiation fee
  • Social Membership$50,000 initiation fee
  • Corporate Membership$100,000 initiation fee per member
  • Junior Membership$30,000 initiation fee

This sizable upfront investment joins the member into the club’s prestigious circle. It is mandatory and non-negotiable.

Monthly Membership Dues

In addition to initiation, Riviera members must also pay monthly membership dues:

  • Full Golf Membership$1,250 per month
  • Sports Membership$750 per month
  • Social Membership$450 per month
  • Corporate MembershipApproximately $1,000 per month per employee member
  • Junior Membership$350 per month

These recurring dues provide general access to club amenities and facilities. Annual billing options offer a small discount.

Other Common Member Expenses

Typical additional member fees include:

  • Guest fees– $100+ per guest per day
  • Golf cart fees– $20+ per player per 18 holes
  • Tennis court fees– $25+ per court per hour
  • Dining minimums– $150+ per month
  • Spa services– $175+ per massage or facial
  • Pool cabanas– $250+ per day during peak season

A la carte services, activities, and dining quickly add up for active members and their families.

AS.com states that the membership rates for the Riviera Country Club include a tax-exempt initiation fee of $300 plus annual dues of $1600 per individual or $2400 at a reduced family rate.

CountryClubMag.com reports that annual Riviera Club membership fees are estimated to range anywhere from $25,000 to $40,000 a year, with initiation fees reported at $250,000.

JamesRespondek.com points out that the initiation fees for the Riviera Country Club membership are in the $300,000 range, and it highlights the exclusivity and costs associated with becoming a member at the club.

Sportscasting.com mentions that the initiation fees for the Riviera Country Club membership are around $300,000, emphasizing the high costs associated with joining the club and playing golf at this prestigious venue.

Overview of the Riviera Country Club Membership

Let’s first gain context on the different membership options and privileges at this world-class club:

Membership Categories

Riviera offers tailored memberships designed for varying needs:

  • Full Golf Membership– For golf enthusiasts seeking full course access and amenities. Top fees.
  • Sports Membership– Focus on tennis, fitness and pool access without golf. Reduced fees.
  • Social Membership– Grants dining, events and clubhouse access only. Most affordable level.
  • Corporate Membership– Companies can enroll employees under one account. Customized fees.
  • Junior Membership– Discounted for younger members under age 40. Limited access.

Member Benefits and Amenities

Members enjoy access to outstanding facilities like:

  • An acclaimed 18-hole golf course hosting professional championships.
  • Elite instruction programs led by PGA certified golf and tennis pros.
  • 12 perfectly-maintained Har-Tru tennis courts.
  • State-of-the-art fitness center, Pilates studio, and cycling studio.
  • Stunning pool complex with dining patios and cabanas.
  • Five-star dining room and casual outdoor California grille.
  • Lavish spa, salon, and overnight guest accommodations.
  • Glamorous calendar of member-only events and galas.
  • Exclusive entrance into the iconic Sunset Boulevard clubhouse.
  • High-powered networking among LA’s most prominent figures.

This world-class lifestyle carries a world-class price tag, as we’ll now explore.

Total First Year Investment at Riviera

Tallying up these expenses, here is the approximate estimated first year cost across the main membership categories:

  • Full Golf Membership$150,000 to $170,000
  • Sports Membership$90,000 to $110,000
  • Social Membership$55,000 to $60,000
  • Junior Membership$40,000+

This includes the one-time initiation fee plus the first year of monthly dues, excluding variable à la carte charges. Joining Riviera requires serious capital.

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Benchmarking Against Nearby Elite Clubs

For context, Riviera’s fees compare to other top-tier country clubs in the Southern California region as:

  • Bel Air Country Club
    • Initiation fee: $200,000+
    • Annual dues: $24,000+
  • Los Angeles Country Club
    • Initiation fee: $200,000+
    • Annual dues: $18,00+
  • Hillcrest Country Club
    • Initiation fee: $125,000+
    • Annual dues: $14,400+

While every club is unique, Riviera’s fees fall competitively within the general range expected for L.A.’s most prestigious country clubs. The substantial cost reflects the unmatched amenities and Hollywood allure Riviera offers.

Maximizing Value as a Member

Riviera Country ClubTo make the most of the substantial investment into Riviera Country Club membership, be sure to:

  • Use the golf, tennis, fitness, spa, and dining facilities frequently. Don’t let them go unused.
  • Host guests often and showcase Riviera’s splendor.
  • Attend member events like speaker luncheons, wine dinners, and holiday balls.
  • Get kids involved in the respected Riviera junior golf and tennis programs.
  • Serve on committees to help shape Riviera’s future direction and forge connections.
  • Participate in the many hobbies, sport, and special interest member groups.
  • Refer new candidates for membership to earn rewards and expand your network.

Being an engaged, active participant in club life helps justify the membership investment.


Those accepted gain access to world-class amenities and elite Hollywood networking unmatched elsewhere. Weighing the benefits versus substantial cost is an individual decision. For prospective members see eking an application, contact Riviera Country Club directly to start the process and invest in the club’s legacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear shorts at Riviera Country Club?

Riviera typically prohibits denim and workout attire. But tailored shorts are allowed in many areas of the club. Members should check the club’s dress code guidelines for specifics on shorts length, rise, and fit – improper shorts are grounds for removal from club facilities.

Who lives around Riviera Country Club?

Riviera Country Club is located among some of the most affluent communities in L.A. like Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Beverly Hills and Bel Air. Nearby residents include high-powered executives, celebrities, and tycoons drawn to the area’s prestige.

How does one become a member at Riviera Country Club?

Prospective members must be proposed by an existing member and complete a formal application process including background checks and interviews. Admission is highly selective – only about 100 new members are reportedly admitted per year. Legacy family membership and deep financial means are beneficial.

Who are some famous Riviera Country Club members?

As an icon of old Hollywood glamour, Riviera Country Club has counted many celebs among its members through the years like Walt Disney, Glen Campbell, Humphrey Bogart and more. The club keeps its roster confidential, but members certainly still include prominent figures in sports, business and entertainment.

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