Scamp Trailer Cost

Scamp Trailer Price

Founded in 1972, these trailers are aerodynamic and are developed with light-weight, hard shell fiberglass that is durable and makes them exceptionally easy to tow.

Depending upon the size, the functions, the design, and where it’s bought from, the expenses are going to differ.

Just how much does a scamp trailer cost?

Usually, the costs for a Scamp trailer are going to vary anywhere from as low as $2,000 for a secondhand model to as much as $21,500 if brand new with all of the premium add-ons included. Like many travel trailers, a used model is going to cost a lot less than a brand new one, and the majority of second-hand trailers will be around $4,000 to $7,000.

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When it comes to a brand-new trailer, the expenses will significantly differ depending upon the options and features that are included beyond the base cost. Common brand-new Scamp trailers, according to the many classified advertisements and car dealerships we took a look at, can vary from $8,000 to $18,000. For instance, the base rate for a 13-foot scamp trailer retails for around $8,000 while a 16 footer has a price that only begins at around $11,000. Keep in mind that this is the base rate, and as functions and options are included, the rate will increase.

Check out our table below to see the typical MSRP for some models:

Model Average Price (with no add-ons)
Scamp 13′ Bath Package $7,900 to $13,895
Scamp 13′ Deluxe Bath Package $12,600 to $20,800
Scamp 13′ Deluxe Front Dinette $8,500 to $15,600
Scamp 13′ Package $7,500 to $11,900
Scamp 16′ Deluxe $12,600 to $31,200
Scamp 16′ Standard $10,100 to $17,000
Scamp 16′ Standard Front Dinette $10,400 to $17,500

KEEP IN MIND: These rate ranges, thanks to the online Guides, are for the standard designs alone. If you were to include any premiums, as we dive in deeper below, it can increase the rates by the thousands. has advertisements that vary anywhere from $2,500 for a 2003 16 footer to as much as $10,000 for a 2009 13 footer. These are the costs for second-hand scamp trailers, and if you were to click the link, you can take a look at the typical secondhand prices based upon your geographical area. This business was founded in 1972, so the years will vary anywhere from the early 70s to present times. A lot of advertisements on the internet, nevertheless, are normally from the 1990s and 2000s.

One member on stated that they were given a quote of about $15,500 after all the options that they needed were included.

Scamp trailer details

Typical sizes are going to be the 13, 15 (older designs), 16 and 19 feet long, which is measured from the end of the tongue to the rear bumper, which means the length inside is much shorter than the defined length.

Unlike conventional travel trailers, Scamp trailers are constructed with fuel expenses in mind. They are created to be pulled by trucks, vans, and SUVs due to the lighter weight and aerodynamic style. Their weight can vary from 1,200 to 2,800 pounds, depending upon the size.

Their layouts, depending upon the size, will usually consist of a table that transforms into a bed, different storage items, a smaller-sized kitchen area, restroom, shower, closet, and a couch that converts into a bunk bed. Other standard specs, according to the sales brochure, are the lp tanks, awning, tv connection, 120v outlets, water tank, hot water heater, gas range, roofing vent, drapes, sink, electrical brakes, electrical supply cord, and a spare tire.

Premium choices, much like for a Recreational Vehicle, can consist of a range of add-ons, like upgrading the air conditioning system, home appliances, home entertainment alternatives, generators, jacks, batteries, awning, electronic devices, paint, window awnings, and more.

What are the additional expenses?

Scamp TrailerIf your present car does not currently have a hitch, this can lead to extra costs. Check out the specifications of your automobile to make sure that it is capable of pulling something this size.

It might be possible to ask the seller to bring a scamp trailer to your house, however, you must prepare yourself for the extra cost that they might charge you. If you purchase a brand-new one, the majority of dealerships, specifically if you bought in your area, will ship it free of charge.

Although the scamp trailer is created with fuel performance in mind, you will still see an increase in fuel consumption when pulling a scamp trailer.

While optional, you might wish to think about storing your scamp trailer during the winter season instead of leaving it outside in the harsh weather. This storage will be an additional expense, however, it might also aid to keep the trailer in good condition.

Tips to keep in mind

Ensure that you know what your SUV or truck can handle in terms of towing. It is recommended to consider a light-weight class since cars and trucks with light-weight scamp trailers can drive a lot easier than cars and trucks with heavy trailers. Heavy trailers can also reduce your speed and make it difficult to break.

How can you save some money?

Purchasing a used scamp trailer online can aid you to save some money due to the fact that some sellers provide lower rates compared to acquiring it straight from the factory. Nevertheless, if you are going to buy online, it is very important that you see it in person to ensure everything is in working order.

Like acquiring a car or truck, costs are never ever set in stone. Never ever hesitate to bargain.

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