How Much Does a Scamp Trailer Cost?

Last Updated on February 21, 2024
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Scamp trailers have been invented in 1972 as lightweight, aerodynamic solutions made with hard shell fiberglass. This makes them very easy to tow and incredibly durable.

The costs of these types of trailers will depend on several factors, including where you buy yours from, its design, and the needed features.

How much do scamp trailers cost?

The usual Scamp trailer costs anywhere between $11,000 and $30,000 depending on factors like the make and model and the needed features. Smaller 13′ models will cost $15,000 in general, while the 16′ models will be priced at around $20,000. The 19-foot model costs $23,000 or more depending on the same factors.

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As with any new type of vehicle, the prices can vary considerably depending on the needed features and additions that you want to include, which will add up over the base cost. Your usual new Scamp trailer will be priced between $10,000 and $30,000, according to ads from known car dealerships.

The expected base price of a 13-foot scamp trailer, for example, will be around $10,000, with the price of the 16-footer not too far ahead, at just $13,000. This is, of course, just the base rate, which won’t include the price of any features or additions you might want.  But we’ll go over the prices of new and used scamp trailers later on in this article.

The table below lists the usual MSRP for some models:

Model Average Price (with no add-ons)
Scamp 16′ Standard Front Dinette $11,400 to $19,500
Scamp 16′ Standard $11,100 to $19,000
Scamp 16′ Deluxe $13,600 to $33,200
Scamp 13′ Package $8,500 to $12,900
Scamp 13′ Deluxe Front Dinette $9,500 to $16,600
Scamp 13′ Deluxe Bath Package $13,600 to $21,800
Scamp 13′ Bath Package $8,500 to $13,900

KEEP IN MIND: These prices are an average of the offers we found online during our research and are subject to change. These costs can easily increase by the thousands with every new feature you need., for example, features ads with prices that vary anywhere between just $2,500 for a used 2003 16-footer to as much as $15,000 for a 2013 13-footer. Of course, these are not new scamp trailer prices. They are used models. If you’re looking for a second-hand trailer, then this website will show you any options you have in your geographical area.

According to a member of, they were given a quote of about $15,500 for a new scamp, but for the price, all of the needed features were included.

The Price of a New Scamp Trailer

On average, a new Scamp trailer will cost between $15,000 and $30,000. As we said in the lines above, this price is dependent on the models of the Scamp, its length, the features you’re going for, whether you need it delivered to your location, and so on.

So what is the difference in terms of price between Scamp trailers and other RVs?

Average RV Cost by Type

Type Average Cost (New)
Truck Camper $6,000 – $55,000
Travel trailer $22,000 – $85,000
Pop-up camper/Teardrop $11,000 – $22,000
Class-C $55,000 – $160,000
Class-B (Camper van) $75,000 – $165,000
Class-A $55,000 – $320,000
5th wheel $40,000 – $135,000

Considering a used Scamp trailer? Then the next part of the article will tell you how much one would cost.

How Much Does a Used Scamp Trailer Cost?

You are most likely to spend between $8,000 and $20,000 on a used scamp trailer. Usually, Scamp trailers keep their value quite nicely, so if you want a really good deal, you should look for a model that is 15 years old or older, because newer models will be very close to new ones in terms of their price.

Let’s see how a used Scamp trailer compares to other types of RVs in terms of price.

Average Used RV Cost by Type

Type Average Cost (Used)
Truck Camper $1200 – $33,000
Travel trailer $12,000 – $55,000
Pop-up camper/Teardrop $2,400 – $16,000
Class-C $34,000 – $80,000
Class-B (Camper van) $45,000 – $125,000
Class-A $33,000 – $185,000
5th wheel $33,000 – $120,000

So the cost of a used Scamp trailer will be similar to other types of trailers that have a similar size.

The Cost of Renting a Scamp Trailer

If you only want to give a try to the RV lifestyle then you might be better off just renting a camp trailer instead of buying one. Rental is also a better option when you want to enjoy the thrills of camping in a trailer but you aren’t interested in taking on annual insurance and maintenance costs.

But how much do Scamp travel Trailers cost to rent on average?

Renting a Scamp trailer will cost anywhere between $70 and $150 per night. This price will usually vary quite considerably based on the location, length of rental, time of year, the size of the vehicle, and its features.

When considering the camper rental option for a vacation, you will also need to factor in the things below to get to the real cost:

  • Campground fees: Campgrounds fees are nothing to ignore, as they can start at just below $15, but they can also go over $100 per night, depending on the provided amenities and location. If you want to save money, you can try to dry camp, although this means no amenities. Dry camping is usually free.
  • Price-per-mile: When you use the Scamp Trailer to travel, some RV owners and rental companies will also charge a per-mile fee on top of the daily rental fee.
  • Fuel expense: During your travel, you will also need to account for the gas you put in your tow vehicle. These expenses will slowly add up as you travel for more miles. The good part is that Scamp trailers aren’t too large, so they can be towed by smaller vehicles as well.
  • Delivery fee: There are RV owners that will be able to deliver the trailer to you for an additional fee.
  • Prep fee: If the camper owner needs to do a lot of things to prepare the trailer for your trip, they might charge an additional prep fee.
  • Rental insurance: Most reputable RV rental companies will charge a rental fee.

These expenses should be considered beforehand so that you have a better grasp on what the total costs will be before going for rental for your trip.

The Cost of Scamp Trailer Ownership

The bad news is that your expenses won’t stop at the actual cost of the scamp trailer. You should also be prepared for the costs related to the ownership of an RV, and these can easily pile up.

But, what is the cost of owning a Scamp trailer?

As long as this isn’t the first trailer you’re looking to buy, you might have an understanding of what causes additional expenses when it comes to ownership.

But for first-time travel trailer owners, here’s a list of things that might add to the costs of owning the RV so you can prepare for them.

Scamp Trailer Maintenance

A Scamp trailer will need regular maintenance just as other vehicles do. Among the most common tasks related to maintenance will be:

  • Sanitize the water tanks
  • Replace seals
  • Regular washing and waxing of the exterior
  • Filter cleaning/replacement
  • Propane tank refill/replacement
  • Battery testing and replacement
  • Tire replacement

And repairs should also be considered. Things will eventually break and when they do, you will have to fix them either yourself or with the help of a professional.

Water heaters are among the parts you should expect to break first, along with tail lights burning out and window screens tearing.

It shouldn’t be a problem to find replaceable as Scamps have all the needed consumables on the official website, along with video tutorials to give you a hand with the repairs and replacements.

Is Scamp trailer maintenance considered expensive?

Most RV owners will spend between $500 and $2,000 per year on maintenance alone and this doesn’t include any emergencies or hard-to-fix issues. Warranties can help cover some costs, and getting a professional inspection performed on your RV prior to purchase can help protect you and your wallet.

Fuel Costs

Fuel costs can also add up, although they will usually vary depending on the type of vehicle you will use to tow the trailer, the cost of gas per gallon, and the distance you travel.

You can limit fuel-related costs by using an economical tow vehicle.

RV Insurance

Just like your car or home, your RV can also have insurance to keep it protected from bigger costs that might hit you later on.

Insurance-related websites point toward an average annual cost of about $500 for the usual RV for an insurance policy. You can also get a liability-only policy, which will have a starting price of just $135 per year.

Of course, the actual price of the insurance policy you will get will depend on factors like your driving experience, the features of your trailer, its type, and your location, among others.

Are There Any Hidden Costs Related to Owning a Scamp Trailer?

Along with the above costs, there are what some would consider “hidden” costs to owning a camper trailer. Or costs that many tend to overlook (but can add up quickly).

  • Depreciation: THis isn’t considered a direct cost, but owning most types of vehicles will cause you to lose money as they lose their value in time. A scamp trailer will lose a lot of its value in time, especially if you pay a really high price when getting a new one. You will lose the most money within the first few years, after which your Scamp trailer will likely hold its value quite nicely. Of course, a way to avoid this is by getting a used Scamp, that already went through its initial depreciation.
  • Upgrades: Any upgrade will come with its own costs. So for example, adding anything from a satellite dish to a wifi signal will add up.
  • Supplies: You will also need some basic supplies like cleaning supplies, food, kitchen utensils, and so on. You will use the trailer as your mini-home while on the road so you want to make sure you have everything you need.
  • Registration Fees: There are states that require you to pay a registration fee when owning an RV. Iowa is one example, where Class-A recreational vehicles with a price of over $80,000 will have a registration fee of $400 per year.

Travel trailer details

Typical sizes are going to be 13, 15 (older designs), 16, and 19 feet long. This is measured from the end of the tongue to the rear bumper, which means the length inside is much shorter than the defined length.

Unlike conventional travel trailers, Scamp trailers are constructed with fuel expenses in mind. They are created to be pulled by trucks, vans, and SUVs due to their lighter weight and more aerodynamic style. Their weight can vary from 1,200 to 2,800 pounds, depending upon the size.

Their layouts, depending upon the size, will usually consist of a table that transforms into a bed, different storage items, a smaller-sized kitchen area, a restroom, a shower, a closet, and a couch that converts into a bunk bed. Other standard model specs, according to the sales brochure, are the lp tanks, awning, tv connection, 120v outlets, water tank, hot water heater, gas range, roofing vent, drapes, sink, electrical brakes, electrical supply cord, and a spare tire.

Premium choices, much like for a Recreational Vehicle, can consist of a range of add-ons, like upgrading the air conditioning system, home appliances, home entertainment alternatives, generators, jacks, batteries, awning, electronic devices, paint, window awnings, and more.

What are the additional expenses?

Scamp TrailerIf your present car does not currently have a hitch, this can lead to extra costs. Check out the specifications of your automobile to make sure that it is capable of pulling something this size.

It might be possible to ask the seller to bring a scamp trailer to your house, however, you must prepare yourself for the extra cost that they might charge you. If you buy a new one, the majority of dealerships, specifically if you bought in your area, will ship it free of charge.

Although the scamp trailer is created with fuel performance in mind, you will still see an increase in fuel consumption when pulling a scamp trailer.

While optional, you might wish to think about storing your scamp camper during the winter season instead of leaving it outside in harsh weather. This storage will be an additional expense, however, it might also aid to keep the trailer in good condition.

Camper tips to keep in mind

Ensure that you know what your SUV or truck can handle in terms of towing. It is recommended to consider a lightweight class since cars and trucks with lightweight scamp trailers can drive a lot easier than cars and trucks with heavy trailers. Heavy trailers can also reduce your speed and make it difficult to break.

How can you save some money?

Purchasing a used scamp trailer online can aid you to save some money due to the fact that some sellers provide lower rates compared to acquiring it straight from the factory. Nevertheless, if you are going to buy a scamp trailer online, it is very important that you see it in person to ensure everything is in working order.

Like acquiring a car or truck, costs are never ever set in stone. Never ever hesitate to bargain.

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